Virus is ‘endemic” so why bother testing any more?

Virus is ‘endemic” so why bother testing any more?





The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have declared the Coronavirus 

outbreak in the Seattle, Washington Area, to be“Endemic.”  This means the 

CDC considers the disease to be “regularly found in the region among the 


As such, testing for this new, deadly disease . . .  which has never been seen 

before on the planet, never mind the fact it has NEVER been “regularly found” 

among __any__ population — will NO LONGER BE TESTED FOR in Seattle.

Here is the official announcement from Evergreen Health in Seattle:

This is a stunning development. Think about what this means: No test=No 

Epidemic! No test=No Tell. Can’t cause the stock markets to plunge if there is 

no outbreak to worry about!

For those who are paying close attention, this says the opposite: CDC is 

throwing in the towel because they know it’s out of control and can’t stop it 

because they dropped the ball (repeatedly) and didn’t halt travel from infected 


It also tells people markets are going to suddenly and completely collapse, 

when workers are too sick to work (or dead) and production must shut down . . 

. . financially wiping out millions of people. But no one will get to see the run-up 

to that collapse because . . . . no testing to prove it.

There is deep extreme fuckery afoot.

Extreme and viciously cunning malevolence behind all of this.

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