Voices for Freedom NZ: Employment Law Webinar with Sue Grey and Derek Gilbert

Voices for Freedom NZ: Employment Law Webinar with Sue Grey and Derek Gilbert

Join us for this important live webinar hosted by Voices For Freedom co-founders (Claire & Alia) with special guests Sue Grey and Derek Gilbert on 28 September 2021 to outline your rights, obligations and options currently available to you in New Zealand if your job or study is affected by No Jab, No Job mandate.

If you are facing a workplace jab mandate right now, have received a letter of termination, or if you can see one on the horizon, don’t miss this very important event. (And even if you have already been jabbed you may find the information shared to be of assistance going forward.)

You can find all the resources referred to in this webinar at https://voicesforfreedom.co.nz/employment

DISCLAIMER: The information in this webinar is provided general information and educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal or medical advice. The matters discussed and any resources provided need to be considered by you with respect to your personal situation. Anything you say or do based on information provided in this webinar you do on your own account. We recommend that you seek professional legal and/or medical advice with respect to your own situation.

Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc (biochemistry and Microbiology), RSHDipPHI
Sue Grey is a New Zealand qualified lawyer with her own practice specialising in emerging issues, based in Nelson. She has worked for Department of Health in the mid 1980s – which included infection disease investigation and contract tracing, quarantine, health and safety in those days.

Sue ran the first High Court “vax challenge” in May which resulted in the government changing the ;law within 24 hours of Justice Ellis’ decision. She is back in both the employment authority and High Court, challenging the Covid Public Health response Vaccination Order “the No Jab No Job” law.

Derek Gilbert is an Employment Advocate in Christchurch. He is a father and grandfather with a vision for the rights and freedoms of our sons and daughters. Derek’s experience comes as a union delegate in the telecommunications industry for more than 35 years. Negotiating and enforcing collective and individual employment agreements with large corporations and small businesses provided him with unique, robust and character building skills and experience.

Derek has a wealth of experience appearing before the Employment Relations Authority and in the Employment Court. More recently, Derek has been working on cases involving the Covid19 orders and government mandated policy on forced medical procedures.

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