Voices for Freedom silenced in New Zealand

Voices for Freedom silenced in New Zealand

Jacinda’s cronies shut down Voice for Freedom website in New Zealand.

This is what Voices for Freedom website SHOULD look like.

Instead, this is what you get if you try to find the website from New Zealand.


It looks very much as if, when the TRUTH is getting out to more and more people Jacinda Adern’s cronies have censored the website, which was one reason I shifted to an Iceland-based domain some months ago.

From the ever-unflappable people from Voices for Freedom.


We are experiencing highly unusual network issues.

As of 7am this morning many New Zealand Internet Service Providers appear to be unable to provide access to our website at www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz 🚫

We’re aware that some people find that using a virtual private network (VPN) like Express VPN works to access the site via an overseas location. 🌎

We will post up a tutorial video on how to do this in a little while.

Steps to follow to set up a VPN:

1. Set up an account with VPN of your choice.

2. Download VPN to phone or computer (or both).

3. Log in and choose a country overseas to connect to and dial in from.

4. Once connected, go to your browser and navigate to the VFF site.

Note: if the site won’t load from a country and you still get an error message, simply disconnect and choose another country to try. 🇨🇷🇿🇦🇺🇲

In the meantime we will be working on other solutions and we will let you know as soon as things are ready. 🤓



One of the great things Voices for Freedom, in addition to helping those affected by the jab, have done is set up a video channel which contains some excellent resources HERE

2 thoughts on “Voices for Freedom silenced in New Zealand

  1. There is nothing that sums up our current situation and predicament as searching for something called “Voices for FREEDOM” and only getting a 403 FORBIDDEN response.
    I found this a few days ago after watching a Dr Chetty video you posted.
    When this thing finally explodes in an orgy of truth and consequences,God help the people who did this.

  2. This is a dark day for west, and NZ specifically. Shame on Jucinda. She has crossed a line that hasn’t been crossed in a very long time. All moral high ground lost. Nothing good will come of this.

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