Voices for Freedom’s Alia Bland interviewed by Rodney Hide

Voices for Freedom’s Alia Bland interviewed by Rodney Hide

Yesterday was a red day for New Zealand.

The Platform, set up by much-maligned journalist, Sean Plunkett hosted a 3 hour special with ex-leader of the ACT Party, Rodney Hide who gave the people who have been mandated out of jobs and injured by the mRNA jab a chance to tell their stories – an absolute first time ANY mainstream media outlet has allowed this. 24 hours later the podcast has not been posted anywhere and I am doubtful that that is going to happen. 

Because I suspect the same might happen again I have recorded the show and uploaded to a video.

Throughout much of my life Rodney Hide would have been a political enemy.

But I have discovered a warm, compassionate man who sincerely cares about his fellow humans.

2 thoughts on “Voices for Freedom’s Alia Bland interviewed by Rodney Hide

  1. I can’t forgive Rodney. He was a leader in the ” free market ” rubbish and part of ACT that’s screwed a once great place to live. He’s an affable old dog now who has no bite left,so we should love him!?

  2. The point he makes about the party of supposed individual freedom (Act) condoning the mandates is a good one. But I recollect he ‘dropped’ his woman dance partner on the dance floor in a TV show sometime ago …not good enough. Good however to see him baring a few teeth on the mandates issue more publically… so few politicians have shown any honesty or ethical honesty on this matter

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