Voices of Freedom: Covid response survival kit

Voices of Freedom: Covid response survival kit

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It’s Claire here.

I’m popping into your inbox for a VERY special announcement..

The government has said it’s rolling out a “National Vaccine Campaign” this coming Monday. I’m pretty sure they’ve already been firing propaganda at us as fast as they can?! But, blow me down – apparently there’s more, dripping with All Blacks and celebrities. A whole lot more..

Which is perfect timing. Because guess what? Here at Voices For Freedom we’ve just finished creating the most awesome resources for you!

We know you have A LOT of questions going unanswered. Critical data is being censored, and reasonable voices like yours and mine are being ignored, or worse, vilified..

The only way things are going to change is with action. 

That’s why you, and -thousands more kiwis just like you, are mobilising and connecting country-wide like long-lost friends: to take massive action..

We all want our country, our lives, and our freedoms back to the way they were before 2020 happened (or even better)..

We know they won’t hand back our freedoms on a silver platter. Powerful forces are seeking to prevent that. But one thing’s for sure, they will give them back – when we work together..!

The Exciting News Is..

We have people trained in communication, marketing, medicine, science, and law (like me), as well as all manner of “fed up” Kiwis, flocking to Voices For Freedom in droves. They’re stepping up and helping to gather the power we need to influence real change..

Plus, we’re also highly organised and are about to launch a brilliant plan..

It all begins with our brand new “Covid Response Survival Kit”. 

It’s your essential resource toolkit to help you know your rights, stay grounded, and maintain control of your life in a world gone mad – made especially by Kiwis, for Kiwis 😉


Image 1
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When you peek inside, you’ll see it contains:   

  1. Covid Virus Fact Sheet exposing the lies, cover ups, and inconsistencies the Government is peddling to keep putting us back into lockdown, with links to the reliable evidence so you can share with confidence.
  2. Covid Vaccine Fact Sheet revealing the safety shortfall, dubious effectiveness, and real risk profile of this experimental vaccine that you won’t get from the GP – again with links to evidence you can rely on..
  3. Masks Fact Sheet exposing their questionable protection rating and the real health risks of wearing one for extended periods of time, backed by real science that the Government is suppressing.
  4. Mask Exemption Facts revealing all the scenarios when you don’t have to wear one, even when they have you believe it’s “mandatory” for all.
  5. Voices For Freedom Printable Flyer to share with friends, family, neighbours or even strangers to introduce them to who we are and what the resistance looks like here in NZ.
  6. Know Your Rights Template Kit with fill-in-the-blanks letters to use for home, work, school and even managed isolation/quarantine, when you’re being pressured to take a PCR test or a vaccine.
  7. Employer Fact Sheet detailing your rights and responsibilities around the Covid vaccine so you’ll be better placed to know what you can and cannot make employees do. This is also vital information for you to know as an employee, so you don’t feel coerced to take a vaccine you don’t want.
  8. Employee Informed Consent Kit packed with suggestions of what to say & do when you’re told that you’re “required” to have the vaccine.
  9. Smart Activist Checklist designed to hone your effectiveness as an activist with friends, family, or strangers without holding signs or shouting into microphones – so you can free more people from the “Covid trance”, and maybe even be thanked for your effort.
  10. Printable Truth Bombs like “bite-sized truth morsels” and are the perfect way to capture someone’s curiosity and wet their appetite for the whole truth. Download and send to friends on email, share on social media, print, hand out, or drop in mailboxes. Spread them far and wide.

Think of it like a cross between “ninja training” and a “first aid kit” that you can keep at the ready to defend yourself, or help someone out of their Covid-madness..

If someone challenges you about not wearing a mask, you’ll be ready to defend yourself..

Or if you have a friend or family member thinking of taking the vaccine, you’ll have the key facts ready to resuscitate and challenge their critical thinking..

Whatever you do, don’t leave home without it..

DOWNLOAD Your “Covid Response Survival Kit” Here

(Print it out, memorise its contents, and keep it with you at all times.)

But There’s More..

We’ve got a plan to meet the Government’s propaganda campaign head-on.

We’ll tell you all about it tomorrow evening.

Make sure you check your email..

Including your spam!!

Speak soon,

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