WarNews24/7 coverage of Kerch Bridge attack

WarNews24/7 coverage of Kerch Bridge attack

From WarNews24/7

Ukrainians launch massive attack on Crimea: British underwater robots blow up Kerch Bridge – Knocked it out for months! (video)

Did an American drone guide the Ukrainian attack?

The blow received by the Kerch bridge is quite serious, as admitted by B. Putin and other Russian Officials. According to the data so far, the bridge was hit by underwater autonomous drones-robots of British manufacture.

Part of the bridge has collapsed. The Russians say at least two explosions went off under the bridge at 3:04 a.m. and 3:20 a.m. local time.

In fact, the Russian Ministry of Transport and Communications said that the 155th pillar of the bridge on the Crimean side has been damaged.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Kushnulin said the bridge would be fully repaired by November 1.

He did not admit that any piers of the bridge were damaged in the attack, but said that a section of the roadway was completely destroyed and would have to be built from scratch.

He added that road traffic will resume in one direction of the road by September 15, with road traffic in both directions restored by November 1.

New Russian information indicates that one lane of the bridge was completely destroyed and will be replaced with a new one, the second has been displaced by 70% and will probably be restored. In addition, one railway line of the bridge was damaged.

The British have opened the “window of opportunity” for the Ukrainians to launch a massive attack on Crimea in the next two months. It remains to be seen if they will succeed. It is also clear that yesterday Ukrainians and British were looking for the vulnerable points of the Russian defense on the bridge of Kerch.

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Did the Ukrainians use British underwater drones?

The attack on the Crimean bridge was carried out with the help of the British REMUS 600 autonomous underwater robot with an additional load of explosives, Russian and Ukrainian sources say.

Until today it was known that the British delivered to Kiev the REMUS 100, but not the more advanced REMUS 600.

This drone is easily controlled via a laptop and was launched from a civilian vessel in the Black Sea.

The robot can move underwater at a depth of up to 600 meters, has a sailing duration of about 70 hours at a speed of up to 5 knots. With increased transport capacity it can cover 286 nautical miles, almost 500 km.

“The British intelligence service again played a role in the escalation of the war in Ukraine, and new underwater drones have shown their effectiveness,” the same Russian sources note.

A few hours before the attack on the bridge, the Sentinel-2 L1C satellite recorded 4 objects moving at high speed at a distance of 75 km southeast of Fidonisi towards the Crimean coast.

These could hit the Crimean bridge or be the carriers of the drones.

Video: Presentation of REMUS 600


Did an American drone guide the Ukrainian attack?

According to Russian media, on the eve of the Ukrainian attack on the Crimean bridge, an American MQ-9 Reaper drone circled over the Black Sea.

At night, the drone operated in international airspace and could be used to coordinate the actions of Ukrainian special services.

“No more guesswork. It was a naval drone strike. One axis of the bridge fell, the second bent. The bases are intact. At night, a US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance and strike UAV flew over the Black Sea,” Russian sources said.

It is no coincidence that the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, accused Britain and the USA today.

“Today’s attack on the Crimean bridge was carried out by the Kiev regime. This regime is terrorist and has all the characteristics of an international organized crime organization,” noted the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Decisions are made by Ukrainian officials and the military with the direct involvement of American and British intelligence and politicians. The US and Britain lead a terrorist state structure ,” Zakharova noted.

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