Warning about la Palma tsunami

Warning about la Palma tsunami

This was sent to me by someone I trust. I have not read this in full but am posting this as is.

Zero Dark Tsunami: Last Chance to Seek High Ground before a Mega-Tsunami Forms and Destroys Coastal Areas Globally

Ghion Journal,

15 October, 2021

UPDATE: Friday, October 15th, 2021, 5:38 M EST

I am not writing this as a journalist but as a fellow human being who is now extremely terrified that the tsunami I have been warning about for almost two weeks will materialize in short order. I have not been able to sleep the whole night and the few times I dozed off, I kept having dreams of death and destruction that made me wake up in tears. I have family members in DC, New York, Los Angeles and beyond whom I was not able to convince to evacuate from coastal areas; their lives as well as the fate of millions of people are now in the balance.

Where I could not succeed on my own, I am turning to you—the reader—to amplify the message you are taking in so that more people can have a fighting chance to leave vulnerable areas (anywhere within 100 miles of coastlines) and make a beeline towards the nearest mountains and get on the other side of them. Mainstream media will not sound the alarm until it is too late; it’s almost as if they are deliberately trying to create massive traffic jams of people trying to flee from the incoming tsunami so they can be washed out into the ocean.

If you leave after mainstream media declares a tsunami warning, you might as well not leave your house, you will be stuck on the highways. If you are going to leave do so now to beat the rush

I’ve always said that a hundred voices working towards one purpose and with the same determination to make a difference can match the reach of any mainstream media outlet. Let us put that theory to test; I beg you to be a part of #Hundred4Humanity by making it your purpose to spend the day reaching out to as many people as possible to warn them about the prospects of an incoming tsunami that could wipe out the east coast and lay waste to the west coast.

URGENT! La Palma volcano continues to deteriorate at alarming rates, we are one violent and deliberate explosion away before a large chunk of the Canary Island falls into the ocean and creates a mega-tsunami. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

Share this article everywhere including social media, text messages, emails and of course the oldest and most effective means of communication by picking up your phone to call loved ones or talking to random strangers to direct them to this article. You don’t have to pass out 4,000 flyers of this article like I did, that is a bit too much which is why I feel like I put on 50 years to my life in the past month alone. Just make it a point to warn 12 people, give them the full info and then tell those 12 people to do the same. If we create a network effect for this article, we can reach millions of people in a blink of an eye.

I turn to three truth-seekers I admire to lend their voices to this article and lend credence to what I wrote by virtue of their stellar reputations. Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi, I greatly admire both of you for the courage and tenacity you exude in chasing down stories without regard to your own safety—you truly keep the spirit of muckrakers alive. Edward Snowden, you and I have something in common, I too used to work at Booz Allen Hamilton and I held the same title you held, though my portfolio was nowhere as sensitive as yours.

All three of you chose conviction over status and you have paid the price by being shunned by your peers and, in the case of Snowden, being turned into a refugee. But you have one thing that Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity and the rest of MSM grifters do not have, you can sleep at night knowing that you honor journalism with your fearless dedication to truth. I beg you to step once more into the breach and get this article out to a wider audience.

There are plenty of disconcerting facts that I have pointed out in this article but I turn your attention to one matter in particular that reveals the truth about the US government’s involvement in the violent eruption of La Palma volcano. Two days ago, after I directly accused DARPA of manipulating the volcano to induce a tsunami, DARPA’s verified Twitter account pressed like as evidenced by the screenshot below. This by itself should have invited mainstream media scrutiny but they are too busy finding the man that bit a dog instead of focusing on the tsunami that is about to take a bite out of humanity.

I take this moment to once again pray for God’s intervention as I wrote about yesterday. The same way that Pharoah’s chariots were consumed by the Red Sea and David was delivered from Saul, may God shatter any weapon that is formed against us. If however this is our test and the ones who live on are the ones who turn away from their egos and instead quickly stretch forth their hands to Him, I will accept that outcome even if I will experience lamentation that I have not felt since my mom passed away from Covid-19 last year.

Let me wrap up this update, what potentially could be the last entry, by addressing the men and women of the United States military and veterans. The time I warned about in my first dispatch is now upon us, you have a choice to make. One option is to salute and follow orders of Luciferian globalists who are actively working to erase God and the other option is defying illegal and unconstitutional orders and joining the army of God to defend humanity from this incoming onslaught.

The same message I reiterate to all of us, we can either keep worshiping the same monsters who are about to drown millions of us or we can unite, get beyond our differences and defend our common interests. A couple of days ago, I wrote an article that focused on how we can put up an effective resistance and defeat these globalist terrorists who are coming for us. I hope you read that article fully and then stand ready to defend our homeland and humanity from the grips of Nwo-Nazis. May God be with all of us::

“Now it shall come to pass in the latter days That the mountain of the Lord’s house Shall be established on the top of the mountains And shall be exalted above the hills, And all nations shall flow to it.” ~  Isaiah 2:2

UPDATE: Friday, October 15th, 2021, 12:12 AM EST

Let me state from the outset that my aim when I started this “Crisis Chronicles” you are currently reading was never to garner fame nor was my intention to make money. I know the former to be the devil’s kiss, notoriety is coveted from a distance but hated by many who are captured by it. As to the former, given that we disavow corporate contributions at the Ghion Journal and do not raise revenues by way of selling ads, I have zero incentive to clickbait.

If you scroll all the way down to the first entry, you would realize that my objective from the very beginning was to unravel the yarn of lies related to a potential terror attack that was being promoted by our government, mainstream media and the establishment writ large. The minute I realized that a bipartisan column of grifters—from Biden, Obama, Bush and DHS—were laying the groundwork to blame “white supremacists” for a domestic terror attack so they could shred the remaining rights we have and initiate a reign of tyranny, I became determined to uncover their hidden agendas.

I started off thinking that a false-flag attack on the Department of Treasury would take place on September 19th only to shift to thinking that the terror attack would actually be a market selloff by the globalist class and blamed on the Evergrande fiasco. Like a detective investigating a new case, each time I seized a new set of evidence, my awareness of a malicious ploy by globalist fascists to subdue America on their way to establishing a “New World Order” grew.

It was not until last Monday that I realized that they were planning on weaponizing the Canary Island that I realized the terror attack that the US government was plotting would be a DARPA-engineered tsunami. Once the realization came upon me, I went from determined to shine a light on our government’s duplicity to convicted to warn as many people as I could about this impending doom. I drove myself into exhaustion walking all around the DC metro area handing out thousands of cards in the evenings with links to the articles I was writing in the mornings.

The thought of millions of men, women and children being swept out to sea would not let me rest; even as my health deteriorated, I kept trying to convince as many people as possible to leave the coastal areas and seek high ground. To my great chagrin, for every one who listened, two hundred decided to stay in place. My aim all along was to present this article not as a prediction but as a risk mitigation practice where people would take relatively minor actions in order to avoid unbearable costs.

By the way, if you have not noticed yet, mainstream media have all a sudden done an about-face and paying lip service to the threat of a tsunami emerging from Canary Island after they spend months trying to discredit anyone who covered the story by labeling them “conspiracy theorist.” their backs to be stepped on by the global aristocracy are celebrated as rational voices for truth. Eventually, the worm turns and forward-leaning thinkers are embraced.

The more information I gathered and the more the picture filled in, the more my alarm level increased, I realized that the tsunami terror attack was imminent. Although the day came and went without the tsunami materializing, we are far from being out of the woods. Given that there is only one active tsunami buoy in the whole of the Atlantic Ocean and there are questions about it’s operational readiness, a tsunami could be headed to our coast at this exact moment and we would never know it—we are sitting ducks and many don’t realize it.

Though I am 100% convinced that our government is secretly trying to create a tsunami at Canary Island, a suspicion that became a lock when DARPA liked one of my tweets where I note that they were behind the eruption at Canary Island, I am back to my original belief I expressed back on September 18th which is that the terror attack will occur between September 19th through October 17th. I still stand by the belief that the terror attack will be DARPA engineered tsunami so that leaves the attack window between now and Sunday, October 17th. Barring an act of God, I am convinced we are at the calm before the storm that Kamala/Biden is planning to unleash.

For the record, I had planned on taking a pause from updating this chronicle until someone forwarded a clip of Press Secretary Jen Psaki giving a live press briefing only for her vacuous statements to be interrupted by ABC News to show a live feed of the Canary Island volcano for more than two and a half minutes. I believe someone at ABC “went rogue” in order to warn the wider public about the gathering storm that is the La Palma volcano the same way someone went rogue at DARPA to let us know that something is terribly amiss and to warn us about the dangers to come.

Perhaps I am wrong all together and the tsunami will never materialize, perhaps Kamala Harris and her ilk had every intention of unleashing a tidal wave at us in order to help de population and a higher power stopped their scheming ways. Or perhaps I was off by one day and what I wrote about below will manifest itself on Friday instead of Thursday. Irrespective of the outcome,  I pray to God nothing comes of the La Palma volcano.  I hope at the end of the day that people will focus on the message instead of focusing on the messenger. Who I am is unimportant and expending energies debating about my accuracy is a foolhardy endeavor. Turn away from me and fix your gaze at the La Palma volcano that is violently erupting at this exact moment.

If you vacated coastal areas and sought the safety of mountains as a consequence of reading this article or being told about it through someone you know, I highly recommend that you stay right where you are at for at least another day or two. The volcano is only getting more unstable and conditions are still in place for a tsunami to occur. In fact, there is a greater chance of one developing today than there was the day before.

Although the 14th came and went without a mega-tsunami emerging, the events of today from La Palma volcano’s violence eruption to Jen Psaki’s strange to ignore. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

If you did not leave the coastal areas or have no choice but to head back later on this morning, I will pray for you as I have been doing the whole day and will continue to ask for God to extend his hands of protection over you and your loved ones. As for the serpents who are manipulating La Palma volcano, you are confident that you will never be found out but I know in time every one of you will be brought to justice. In the end, may God’s will be done::

“Then the Lord will create over all of Mount Zion and over those who assemble there a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night.” ~ Issiah 4:4

UPDATE: Thursday, October 14th, 2021, 7:58 AM EST

Barely able to sleep throughout the night with thoughts of tens of millions of people who reside in coastal areas being kept in the dark about a potentially catastrophic tsunami that might be headed their way sometime today, my eyes have been glued on the live stream of the La Palma volcano. I dozed off a couple of times only to wake up around 5:30 this morning and fix my attention on the volcano again. What I witnessed send shivers down my back, the tell-tale signs that I mentioned during the update from last night were taking place in real-time as thick grey to blackish smoke was emerging from the volcano’s mouth.

I posted the tweet below to warn people about this fact and to highly advise them to leave the coastal areas, a few minutes after I posted the tweet, the camera angles turned and the volcano was no longer visible. I am sure that the change of the camera angle was “pure coincidence”, but now people have no way of getting any type of reading of what might be taking place on Canary Island. This is further proof that our powerful agencies within the government-media-corporate complex are determined to keep people in the blind in order to potentially condemn millions of people to their graves.

What the “elites” are doing is no different than what was done to second and third-class passengers on the Titanic. They are locking the bottom 99% in place in the coastal areas so the rich and affluent can get out of dodge. I mentioned during yesterday’s update that there have been droves of helicopters flying due west and due north from DC, they are taking “dignitaries” to either DWI or to Andrews Air Force Base to be flown out of danger while the tens of millions of men, women and children face the prospect of being washed out to sea by a killer tsunami that DARPA has been engineering ever since the volcano erupted on September 19th.

The fact that DARPA’s verified Twitter account actually liked my tweet warning of this US government-sponsored manipulation of La Palma volcano is a tacit admission of guilt.

If you are in coastal areas in America or anywhere throughout the world, GET OUT! Consider this boat one, two and three; if you ignore this warning after reading this article, whatever comes next is not on God but on you because you have been relayed countless messages but you ignored all of them. I pray I am wrong, oh God I hope I am proven to be a “conspiracy theorist” than to be proven right at the cost of millions of people perishing.

TSUNAMI RED ALERT! If you are in any coastal areas within 100 miles of a body of ocean, get on the road ASAP and head towards the mountains. Your life is at risk! #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

Whatever comes next, I accept your will God because this is not of your doing but the works of Luciferian politicians, pundits and pundits whom we were advised by Yeshua and countless prophets to stop worshiping. May we turn to you God instead of “electing” our leaders only to end up with public serpents who are about to feed us to the wolves. May God be with all of us::

“The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat.” ~ Isaiah 65:25

UPDATE: Thursday, October 14th, 2021, 12:01 AM EST

We are less than 30 minutes away from the day I have been dreading ever since I started the “Crisis Chronicles” on September 18th. I have been getting inundated with emails and direct messages throughout the day and it’s taking a mental toll; I can feel the anguish in people’s correspondences and the sense of helplessness I feel is a bit overwhelming. I will try my best to answer all the questions that I can while I remain in prayer that my worst fears about a deadly tsunami being triggered by DARPA’s “transparent earth” program will not materialize.

First, it is still not too late to get out of dodge and seek the safety of higher ground or even better the back end of a mountain. You do not want to wait until mainstream media announces the warning, by then there will be a stampede as a crush of cars race to exit big cities. The prudent thing to do would be to leave now, even if it is in the dead of night, and get as far away from the coastal areas as you can.

We are now within 24 hours of a potentially mass-causality being loosened upon world. May God intervene and teach these Now-Nazis. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

I do want to make a statement as a point of order, when the political establishment and mainstream media personalities finally ring the bell and warn people about the tsunami, just know that they knew all along and that they waited until the 11th hour to create a bottleneck and condemn millions of people to their deaths as they get swept out in their cars into the ocean. I don’t believe in mob justice but I do believe in accountability and corrective measures.

Anyone who knew about this tsunami not only weeks and months ago but as far back as seven years ago when Christine LeGarde signaled to those in the know about an impending doom slated for October 14th will have their “come to Yeshua moment”, this I am certain of. By the way, I was able to pinpoint 10.14.2021 as the day of impact for the tsunami because I was able to crack LeGarde’s coded speech that she gave at the National Press Club in 2014.

If you are watching the La Palma volcano live on YouTube, signs to look out for that a tsunami will ensue is the emergence of thick gray to blackish clouds, a sudden and loud explosion and of course an implosion where the volcano collapses into itself. I hope and pray that I am wrong about everything I’ve been writing for the past three weeks and that nothing comes of the La Palma volcano outside of the eruption we have been witnessing.

Lastly, if a deadly tsunami emerges in the next 24 hours, that will be but the first jab of a one, two, three punch that is intended to subdue the United States of America and eventually place a boot on the necks of billions of people globally. After a planned tidal wave wipes out the east coast of America and devastates the west coast, 50,000 Afghan militia members, dressed up in military or police uniforms with their faces and eyes covered, will brutalize Americans the way foreign mercenaries continue to terrorize Australians.

The third punch will be even deadlier than the killer tsunami as the internet will most likely be shut off globally. Back on July 7th of this year, the World Economic Forum initiated a tabletop exercise called “Cyber Polygon” where they studied contingency plans “in case the internet gets taken offline”. They were not preparing for a disaster, they were planning it as they were identifying ways to plunge humanity into the dark ages while allowing the NWO police state to continue using the internet.

Covid-19, an emerging tsunami and the shuttering of the internet are audacious attempts to implement a “New World Order”. We should have heeded the advice of Maya Angelou who once said, “when they tell you who they are, believe them”.  They were telling us all along that they were going to destroy as part of the “Great Reset” only to turn around and “Build Back Better” on our graves. Their “Great Reset is about to become their greatest regret.

I published a separate article dedicated to dealing with the Trojan Horses that Joe Biden imported into our country. The main advantage these Afghan militias have is their anonymity given that they will be wearing masks and sunglasses. The best way to neutralize that advantage is for all the good guys to stop wearing uniforms, take off their masks and their sunglasses so people can see your eyes and make a proper decision. There are other ideas I put forth to defend our homeland, if you are a freedom defender, make sure to read it fully. Thank you and God bless.

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, 5:38 PM EST

Although I’m on my way to Abingdon, Virginia to seek shelter from the impending tsunami behind the fort that is Mount Rogers, I’ve been receiving countless eye witnesses throughout the day of an endless stream of military and non-military helicopters leaving DC heading due west. Those would be our elected officials, mainstream media personalities and military-financial complex big honchos, including President Joe Biden, scurrying out of harm’s way while leaving tens of millions of Americans in the dark about a killer tsunami DARPA is unleashing that is headed their way.

I’m pretty sure that when the tsunami hits tomorrow, they are going to pretend that Biden was one of the victims as a way to cover their tracks. Rest assured that Biden is perfectly safe in a bunker, the whole thing will be a ruse to install Kamala Harris as the next president of the United States and the first leader of the “New  World Order”. After hiding their hands for centuries behind rigged elections, Nwo-Nazis are about to reveal their tyrannical faces. It’s time for Americans and people around the world to unite and defend our common humanity.

For many reading this, what I’m presenting sounds too far-fetched to believe. Bit if, God forbid what I fear comes to fruition, everything will make sense because time reveals all things. May God be with all of us::

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, 7:47 AM EST

While mainstream media continues to distract us with their shenanigans, 3,487 miles away off the west coast of Spain, the La Palma volcano on Canary Island continues to erupt in ways that should send shivers down the spines of everyone reading this article. Here is what we are not being told unless you are actively following the live broadcast of the La Palma volcano on YouTube. The cone of the volcano just was blown off by a violent explosion yesterday.

We are now hours away from the worst-case scenario where a significant chunk of the island will sink into the Atlantic Ocean. When that happens, it will not be a natural occurrence but a planned detonation that will hurl a large landmass into the seas as broken waters deliver a mega-tsunami. The fissures have separated wide enough for a sudden jolt to send the landmass into the ocean. They are waiting for the 14th of October, a date that Christian LeGarde cryptically warned about seven years ago to people in the know who are considered a part of the social “elites”.

You know have the same intel that the political insiders, mainstream media personalities, the establishment writ large and their globalist plutocrat masters know. Failure to act at this point, after reading this article, is akin to suicide. If you wait until mainstream media notifies you, don’t even worry about getting on the road to head out to the safety of mountains as I have been advising for close to ten days, you won’t have enough time, you will get caught in traffic and you will be washed out into the ocean in your cars.

My advice is simple, if you are on the east coast, head to the western side of a high mountain and if you are on the west coast head to the easter side of a high mountain. Even if you are not in the coastal areas but live in a city, get out now and go to a rural part, you do not want to be among throngs of people when panic sets in. Moreover, our government is going to loosen the storm troopers from Afghanistan I mention below to lock people in place in big cities.

URGENT! 24 hours before a massive tsunami is set to devastate coastal areas globally. When that happens, just know it was the US government, working for their British masters, who set the tsunami off. #BrokenSparrrowCLICK TO TWEET

If you decide to act after reading this article, I highly advise that you take as much cash out as possible, but enough food and water for at least two weeks and fill up your gas tank. Do not wait any longer, head out now before traffic kicks in because a lot of people are reading this article and making decisive moves. Lastly, as you chose to save yourself because you ran into this article, I beg you to share this same article using social media, text messages, emails and voice conversations so that others can save their souls too.

This is a very lengthy article that I have been updating since I first published it on September 18th, scroll below to get a full understanding of the hell that Nwo-Nazis have in store for us. Yet, no matter their malicious plans, a greater God watches over all and He will have the last word. May God bless these United States of America, my birthland Ethiopia and humanity as a whole, may His will be done::

UPDATE: Tuesday, October 12th, 2021, 9:55 PM EST

I just received confirmation from a very connected source that a potentially mass-life ending tsunami is poised to materialize from Canary Island within 24-48 hours and that he should make plans to evacuate his home before tomorrow evening at the latest. This tsunami will wipe out the east coast of the Americas and ravage coastal areas around the world. This is not a drill, this is a matter of life and death.

As I’ve noted in the write-up below, if the tsunami emerges, it will strike on the 14th of October. I did not arrive at this date because I am a psychic or a prophet, I was able to decode Christian LeGarde’s cryptic message she delivered in 2014 at the National Press Club. This is going to be hard for a lot of people to accept but the truth is that the US government, along with governments around the world, has been planning this tsunami-terror attack for at least the past seven years.

This is not a Democrat nor  Republican plot, this is a bipartisan act of sedition that is being committed at the behest of globalists like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and their secret society ilk. This same information has been intentionally suppressed by mainstream media and social media companies. The establishment writ large will have the blood of millions of people on their hands, a day of judgment will be had for all who took part in this malicious depopulation agenda.

If you doubt what is about to take place no Thursday, realize that Joe Biden will be in Kansas far away from either coast and Kamala Harris’s schedule is not being made available but I promise you she will not be within a thousand miles of Washington DC. On a related note, another source just confirmed that all United Airlines flights will be grounded effective tomorrow morning.

Though I am still chasing down this information to confirm this from pilots I know, the fact that United Airlines tweeted this cryptic message below is further proof that something major is about to take place on Thursday. #IYKYK means “if you know you know”, United Airlines is signaling their essential employees of the hell that is about to come while withholding this life-saving information from the rest of their employees and Americans as a whole.

BREAKING! A mass-causality tsunami that has the potential of sweeping out millions of people into the ocean is imminent within 24—48 hours. Seek high ground. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

Expect one last grand act of government deception and mainstream media distraction by tomorrow morning. Five days ago, reports emerged that the US Marines were sent into Taiwan. This “act of aggression”  made the Chinese government clutch their pearls as they pretended to be outraged. Do not be surprised if there is a hot conflict between the US and China sometime tomorrow, when it happens just know that it’s nothing but slight of hand as crooks in DC and Beijing conspire to draw our eyes away from the Canary Islands long enough for millions of Americans to be stuck in place so they can be swept out into the sea.

The same way factions within the US government and Chinese governments colluded to create and release Covid-19, they are working hand-in-hand to hoodwink billions of people around the world. We will find out very shortly that there is no sovereignty, countries are but chess squares and governments only chess pieces to be moved around at the whims of the globalist plutocracy. If we do not rise up after they drown millions of people by way of a DARPA-created tsunami, then we deserve the dystopian state Nwo-Nazis are about to deliver to us.

My fellow Americans, you now have 24 hours to leave the coasts or risk certain death if a significant part of the Canary Island splits and falls into the ocean. When that happens, just know that it was not an act of God but an intentional act of mass-holocaust by every head of state who belongs to the United Nations. I have laid out specific actions to take in my latest article once this tsunami passes, but for now seek high ground and be safe.  May God be with all of us.

UPDATE: Tuesday, October 12th, 2021, 8:44 AM EST

I just published a new article that was so compelling that I had to post it as a stand-alone article. The issue is about what to do once the planned tsunami arrives upon our shores. It is extremely urgent that we get organized quickly to defend our homeland and to stand up for our common humanity. If we do not act fast, we will be blitzkrieg by Now-Nazi storm troopers whom Joe Biden flew in last month pretending to refuges when all along they were fighting-age men meant to brutalize Americans.

Read the full article by CLICKING HERE and get prepared ASAP to be a part of a wider army of creators and empaths who are go to stand against the destructive serpents who are trying to reduce our (carbon) footprints.

UPDATE: Monday, October 11th, 2021, 9:46 PM EST

In yet another sign that our government and mainstream media are actively suppressing a major story that could, in short order, make the tsunami that wiped out Banda Ache in 2004 look like a puddle by comparison, the north wall of the La Palma volcano cone collapsed last week. This most violent eruption, which is being triggered and fueled by DARPA’s active manipulation of the Canary Island’s fissures under the auspices of a program called “transparent earth”, is teetering at the edge of a global cataclysm.

While everyone is paying attention to the surface lava flows, the truly worrying development could be taking place underground and below sea level. The volcano is disintegrating in real time because the bedrock is eroding. At any time, a big chunk of Canary Island can crash into the ocean, if and when that happens, the east coasts of the Americas and the west coast of Africa will be leveled. Now is not the time to dither, if you live within 100 miles of the ocean, move far inland and seek the mountains. Read below for full details about the volcano, the likelihood of a mega-tsunami and what to do to save your soul.

UPDATE: Monday, October 11th, 2021, 11:02 AM EST

THIS IS A LIFE & LIMB ALERT!! Read the rest of this article below the special broadcast as if your life and that of your loved ones depends on it, seek the shelter of mountains BEFORE THIS THURSDAY if you live in coastal areas and tell others so they can save their souls too. May God be with us::

“In the last days the mountain of the LORD’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted above the hills, and peoples will stream to it.” ~ Micah 4:1

*the Lord’s temple is HIS PEOPLE, we are the temple that Solomon was supposed to build up but he failed because he got duped by his ego and by unclean souls to build a mega-church instead::

URGENT! People who read my writing know how much I’m uncomfortable monetizing Ghion Journal. However, I’m exhausted and we can’t continue bleeding money to warn people about a potentially killer tsunami. We need others to join the effort because only collective effort can overcome the evils of globalist serpents. Please CLICK HERE or on the picture below to find out about the campaign and contribute as you are able. 

UPDATE: Sunday, October 10th, 2021, 12:42 PM EST

From the outset, I want you to know that I understand if you feel the need to turn away and instead get lost in the latest outrage of the day. The topic you are about to read is very heavy, it brings me no joy to deliver this news. If I was not so driven by the sheer gravity of the moment and fueled by adrenaline caused by fight or flight syndrome—I am choosing to fight instead of withdrawing—I too would seek the comforts of mainstream media, politics or the latest Hollywood scandal.

The bad news I am bearing is related to the La Palma volcano that is currently spewing out lava in ways never witnessed in history. I now know, after extensive research, that the “safety and security” alert that was issued by the Department of Homeland Security, which caused major events like the Marine Corps Marathon to be canceled, is directly tied to the lake of fire that is flowing from the mountain to the ocean on the Canary Islands.

Politicians, mainstream media and the establishment writ large are not telling us about the worst-case scenario because they don’t want to “create a panic”. Perhaps there is merit to that line of thinking because having a crush of people fleeing the coastal areas and heading to high elevations would be a public safety nightmare. But their rationale goes out the window when people who work the White House, Congress and the uber-rich they answer to are being given a heads up so they can take precautionary measures while the rest of us are being kept in the dark.

I know that the “elites” are acting on this intel because I saw a White House staffer at Giant a couple of weeks ago buying up two carts full of non-perishable items and a reporter from NBC news confirmed that he knows about the terror alert that was issued by DHS while acknowledging that the news is not being told to the general public. Like cowards, the aristocrats are preparing to flee at the first sight of trouble while not giving the rest of us poor schmucks a chance to save our souls.

What is taking place now is exactly what happened on the Titanic when the ship hit the berg. Second and third-class passengers were locked in place and told lies about the integrity of the cruise liner while the first-class passengers were allowed to calmly stroll off the ship and enter lifeboats to save themselves. The aristocrats saved themselves by using lifeboats that were only 50-75% capacity while the less affluent were left to drown.

Being rich means never saying sorry and it also means you don’t care about humanity as evidenced by these first-class passengers who got off on half-filled lifeboats

Past is prologue. The volcano at La Palma is not a natural phenomenon, mad scientists at DARPA, in conjunction with corporate and non-state actors, are manipulating the earth’s core to produce an eruption that is unparalleled in human history. Their desired outcome is to set off a gigantic landslide that could lead to a huge chunk of the Canary Island falling into the ocean. If they are successful, the tsunami that is produced would make the tidal wave that killed 230,000 people in Thailand in 2004 look like a puddle.

Imagine a wall of water as high as 3,000 feet that could arrive in DC and New York within 45 minutes of impact. By the time the tsunami warning goes off, it will be too late for people to act; people who are fleeing west will be swallowed up and swept out to sea. It is hard to phantom but the reality is that our government, working in conjunction with governments throughout the world, is hell-bent on a “Great Reset” by way of a calamitous seismic wave.

Nwo-Nazis like Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Naftali Bennett are telling us that they will  “Building Back Better” after manifesting our final dissolution by setting off a global mega-holocaust. The ever obsequious mainstream media have been working overdrive to distract us from this coming doom, the specter of a government shutdown, the absurd notion that China will attack Taiwan and risk sparking WWIII and the sudden reappearance of Trump are all cunning attempts to derange us with outrage so we don’t look towards the Canary Islands and take measures to save our lives.

Look at the image below, it’s a high-level shot of the Canary Island being cut like butter with a hot knife as the lava flow and underground fissures are separating a large chunk of landmass from the rest of the island. It’s a matter of time before a humongous portion of the Canary Island falls into the ocean. When that happens, the water breaks and delivers a global holocaust that Hitler could have never thought up in his wildest dreams.

If I were you, no matter how much mainstream media tries to distract you or politicians try to lure you with their bullshit, disregard it all and keep your eyes glued on the live cast of the La Palma volcano and the minute you see this image appear, hit the road like inland or else you will drown. Think it through, if you leave and nothing happens, you are good and if something happens you are golden. Imagine the flip side, if you stay and nothing happens, you are good, but if you stay and something happens, you are dead.

There is no need for me to recycle what I have already written below, you can scroll down to get all the details, including the fact that 50,000 Afghans, almost all of them fighting-age men, were flown into the US to “restore order” with brute force once the unthinkable yet meticulously planned tsunami occurs. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Hitler also used 50,000 Storm Troopers to install a reign of tyranny in Germany after his goons intentionally burned down the Reichstag building.

This is a picture of a cargo plane that was used to fly in 50,000 Afgan “refugees”, go ahead and zoom in and let me know how many women and children you spot

Let me close off today’s entry with this final thought, I have no idea whether these monsters will succeed in their diabolical scheme. What I am confident in is that they will fail spectacularly in their desire to establish a “New World Order”. As much as our government believes they observe all through their technology as they snoop on all of us, there is a bigger God than their mammon who sees, hears and knows all.

I have no idea how God works and how His time operates, after all, I am but a writer, a husband and a father—I am no prophet. But I know the minute they pull the trigger, they will have a tiger waiting for them. Although, based on intuition and the decoding the speech IMF head Christian LeGarde gave in 2014, I am pretty certain that the date of planetary deluge will occur either on October 14th or October 23rd. I explain how I arrived at that conclusion below in the entry logged October 4th at 9:11 AM EST.

If you value your life and limb, look to the east at the Canary Islands. The volcano that is erupting could unleash a global holocaust by way of a mega-tsunami. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

As for the rest of us, the bottom 99% who have been maligned and mauled by the greed of the globalist plutocrats for centuries, I earnestly hope that we wake up in time and unite so that we can defend our common interests. To echo Benjamin Franklin, we shall either hang together or surely we shall drown apart. I pray, for the sake of our own lives and that of future generations, we choose togetherness and love over division and anger. Good luck and good night::

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” ~ Hosea 4:6 


UPDATE: Friday, October 8th, 2021, 10:01 AM EST

I prayed continuously throughout the night that the earthquake I feared would be headed for San Francisco would be a minor one and not the kind that hit the Bay Area in 1989. Thank God the earthquake that struck in the vicinity of San Francisco thus far is a relatively minor 2.9 magnitude tremor with an epicenter located 211 miles South in Kettleman City.

We are not out of the woods yet as the 24-hour window I discussed in the article below has not come to an end. Moreover, given the sheer number of earthquakes happening around the world, thanks to DARPA’s experiment with the earth’s core I discussed below, there is still a chance that Southern California and Seattle can be hit with a major earthquake at any time in the near future.

Let us all pray that what happened in Pakistan and Japan doesn’t happen in California and Washington. In other news, a political earthquake could shake up DC like a thunderclap and really send coffee mugs crashing throughout Google, Facebook and Twitter’s headquarters when the heavily censored news related to Biden/Kamala’s decision to attack Ethiopia is revealed and people start to realize that the developments in my birth land are directly related to the La Palma volcano that is being intentionally manipulated to create a mega-tsunami.

Read about the latest update related to Nwo-Nazis attacking Ethiopia with the help of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and make sure to scroll down to read about DARPA’s manipulation of the La Palma volcano and how that story is linked to Biden’s decision to fly 50,000 unvetted fighting age Afghan men into the United States of America. Both items could literally be a matter of life and death and ignoring the developments in Ethiopia could lead to a lot of people drowning in sorrow.

EXIGENT UPDATE: Thursday, October 7th, 2021, 11:33 AM EST

The earthquakes I warned about yesterday that would hit San Francisco and Seattle within short order will most likely occur within the next 24 hours. The reason I say this with such a high degree of confidence is because of the litany of earthquakes that are breaking out all over the world. A deadly shake hit Pakistan yesterday and a large one also hit Croatia. This morning, a large earthquake hit Japan that registered a 5.9 on the Richter scale.

All this seismic activity is not taking place in a vacuum, the tremors have nothing to do with nature and they most definitely have nothing to do with God. The earth’s core is being manipulated are manipulating the earth’s core that is led by the US Department of Defense and co-managed by a cabal of corporate and non-state actors to manipulate the La Palma volcano. Their expressed intention of setting off a catastrophic tsunami that has the potential of wiping out major cities near shorelines from DC, New York, Miami and beyond. Watch the video below to see what could be in store for us in the very near future.

If these depraved and unaccountable mad-scientists, who are on the payroll of the US government and on the dole of Nwo-Nazi plutocrats, succeed in their mission, they can half the world’s population by way of a global holocaust. I detail the full scope of their agenda below but today’s update is not about information but about action. Time is running out for billions of people to take steps to save their lives and protect their loved ones.

I’ve been warning people to take proactive measures to protect their savings and safeguard their 401Ks. Money is no longer the focus, it’s not all about life and limb. By my thinking (which I lay out below), we have less than a week before the La Palma volcano leads to a massive landmass sheering into the Atlantic Ocean. That is what will set off a tsunami that could be up to a hundred times bigger than the one that hit Thailand in 2004. You are now reading a warning that people in Thailand did not get. Scroll down to prior updates to find out what steps to take to prepare for the worst as I pray for the best-case that nothing happens and I am proven wrong.

While we have roughly a week to prepare for any eventuality in terms of a potential tsunami, the immediate danger is the distinct possibility of earthquakes hitting San Francisco and Seattle. I do not know what time they will hit or even if they will hit at all, this is like a weather forecast where I’m telling you of a very real risk that could materialize or could fizzle out. When earthquakes start breaking out in bunches all over the world, you can take it to the bank that areas that experience a lot of seismic activities will start feeling the ground shake.

If there is a significant risk, you should not ignore it but take active steps to mitigate the risk of harm or death.

For the people in San Francisco and Seattle, that means avoiding large buildings, being outdoors as much as possible and in the event a quake hits and you are indoors, immediately go under a sturdy desk or a furniture and cover your head. Avoid windows, walls and items that can fall and cause injury. We can discuss accountability for the monsters who are experimenting with earth by playing god another time, for now, it’s time to safe life and limb.

This is an urgent communique, if you are in #SanFrancisco or #Seattle, take steps to prepare for a potentially significant earthquake. This is not a drill, this is a #BrokenSparrow alert!CLICK TO TWEET

Please spread this urgent communique widely by any and all means because I am conveying to you what our government, mainstream/social media corporations and the establishment writ large are actively suppressing and denying from the public. Within short order, it will become very evident that the people we trust to protect us are instead trying to reduce our numbers. It is time for us to turn to a greater power than politicians, pundits and media personalities. Just as important, it is time for us to unite; we shall either hang together or we shall drown apart.

URGENT UPDATE: Wednesday, October 6th, 2021, 8:27 AM EST

Ever since I’ve been trying to warn my fellow Americans about the prospects of an imminent attack starting on September 19th through October 17th, the amount of censorship that Ghion Journal has been met with has increased by magnitudes. The number of visitors we get from social media plummeted and the engagement levels (shares, likes, retweets etc) has cratered.

After being permanently deleted from Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn, which caused me to create secondary and tertiary accounts to get my message out, social media corporations are now reverting to algorithm-based censorship to prevent this news from reaching a wider audience. I know I am not the only independent journalist who is experiencing this level of suppression but what is being done to deny this article and the Ghion Journal, in general, is truly breathtaking.

It’s not like I’m spreading disinformation, everything I’ve written below, from DHS issuing a “safety and security” alert which ascertained from a connected source and caused the Marine Corps Marathon to be canceled50,000 Afghan “refugees” who are almost all fighting age men to be flown into America to the wealthiest 1% quietly selling off their positions on the markets, is verifiable as I cite and source everything. I talked to a reporter from local NBC news in Alexandria, Virginia and he confirmed that there is a terror alert that has been issued but when I asked him why his station is not reporting on it, he drew a blank.

For the record, my words should not be confused for xenophobia. I am a refugee from Ethiopia who recognizes America’s greatest blessing is her grace in welcoming immigrants. Afghans are wonderful people and their contributions to our country is invaluable. My concern, and that of every American including Afghan-Americans, is the way these 50,000 so-called refugees were flown into our towns and cities with barely any background check. They could very well be Trojan Horses who will be set upon Americans the same way Hitler unleashed 50,000 Storm Troopers after his goons set the Reichstag Building on fire on the night of February 27th, 1933.

Zoom in, these are the “refugees” who will be wearing uniforms facemasks and sunglasses to brutalize Americans in the event of a US government planned terror attack

What is taking place is evident, our political leaders, mainstream media outlets and the establishment writ large are actively sitting on a huge story. I am sure they are justifying this malicious decision by deluding themselves into thinking that they do not want to generate chaos. If there is any merit to that line of thinking, it gets thrown out the window the minute they act on intel to protect themselves while not telling anyone else about this intentional and approaching danger. This is precisely what is taking place right now as I saw a guy at Giant with an Executive Office Building (EOB) facemask on buying two grocery carts full of non-perishables for about two weeks.

Public serpents are doing what I used to train DoD officials about during my tenure at Booz Allen Hamilton. It’s called risk mitigation where you take decisive steps to curtail risks to professional or personal matters even if the chances are small. For example, if you are planning on going out of town for a month and I told you that there is a 4% of your toilet overflowing, fools would dismiss that threat because 4% is not worth the effort. The wise do something to mitigate the 4% risk to almost zero by taking a very simple step—shutting off the water for the month you are going to be out of town.

The establishment is also engaging in an exercise called Continuity of Operations (COOP) which is why the guy from the White House was buying two grocery carts full of non-perishable items. He is planning on continuing his operation (life) far from DC in the event of breaking water wash over our nation’s capital. I am sure he also took plenty of cash out and keep putting enough fuel in his car in case he have to bug out at the last minute. Like cowards, our leaders plan on dashing to safety while denying everyone else the right to seek shelter in the case of an emergency. Witnessing this level of cravenness is the reason I started this Daily Crisis Chronicles; it’s my way of alerting people about emerging threats and letting them know to seek the high ground in the event of an imminent disaster.

What dawned upon me two days ago is that the terror act—if and when it is to emerge—will not involve a biological release or bombs as I suspected on the 18th of September. If what I suspect comes to pass, it will involve a set of events that is truly unimaginable. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency I am familiar with given my work at the Fort Belvoir DOIM during my tenure at Booz Allen Hamilton, has been experimenting on mother nature in an attempt to weaponize weather for decades under the auspices of HAARP.

If you want to know why there are freaky weather conditions emerging in usually bone dry Los Angeles and up and down temperatures in our nation’s capital, look to DARPA because they are the sources of this sudden instability. If you likewise feel unusually fatigued and your health seems to have taken a turn for the worse lately, let’s just say there might be some unusual frequencies in the air thanks to some mad scientists who work for our government and think they have the right to play God in our lives.

The Orwellian developments I described above are nothing compared to the Big Bang that DARPA is working on. I turn your attention to the La Palma volcano that is erupting in ways that resemble the horrors of Mount Vesuvius. Reports are emerging of weird weather phenomena and surreal lava flows that have never been witnessed in recorded history.

That is because what is taking place off the west coast of Spain is not natural at all, DARPA and other private entities like the one based in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania are attempting to induce a biblical tsunami that could alter life on earth as we know it and wipe out countless millions of people by way of a big wave that would match the tidal wave that wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah.

If you want to know how a tsunami of such epic proportions can occur, just look at the feature image from SciTechDaily’s latest article about the volcano. You will see lava cutting a path from Cumbre Vieja straight to the Atlantic Ocean. If a sizeable portion of landmass falls into the ocean as described brilliantly in this video below, a tsunami that can have waves as high as 3,000 feet can be generated.

For some perspective, Washington DC is 410 feet above sea level at its highest point and most of New York City is only 16 feet above sea level. A potentially 3,000 wall of water versus 410 feet of elevation—the math does not work in anyone’s favor who lives near a coastline. The volcano erupting in the Canary Islands could literally be a canary in the coal mine for humanity.

Fools will dismiss what I just presented and laugh me off as a “conspiracy theorist” even though I provided endless links to bolster my logic. The wise would spend the day researching everything I’ve written, do their own independent verification and validation (IV&V) and then act immediately to mitigate the risk of being turned to salt by way of oceanic waves.

For the record, you have time to act, I don’t think this tsunami, if it actually emerges, will take place until around October 14th because that is when the La Palma volcano is slated to climax and that is also the date Christin Legarde gave her Masonic friends an advance heads up about in this video from 2014. If you need help deconstructing what she is saying, scroll down to the update from Monday, October 4th, to get help with the answer and to also find out why 50,000 Afghan “refugees” were flown into America.

Now that I’ve warned the general public about what might be coming for us, let me turn to the staffers within DARPA and other government agencies as well as employees within social media corporations who are denying this story. I believe that the vast majority of you are a good and decent lot who are complying with immoral orders for the sake of paychecks and acceptance. I don’t judge too harshly because I supported the Department of Defense during the height of the Iraq War even though I was squarely against Bush’s planned genocide against a nation that never attacked us. Most of us empower this ghastly capitalist machine that is destroying life in order to maximize profits so we should think twice about pointing at the splinters in other people’s eyes when there are planks in our pupils we should extricate first.

However this time is different, though one innocent life taken is no different than a million being snuffed out, I believe we have arrived at a time foretold a long time ago. After engineering wars, famines and poverty for centuries, the globalist plutocrats have reached the apogee of mendacity as they attempt to cull the global population to a more “manageable” size. They are doing this to appease their master who is the source of their illumination and because they fear the second coming of the French Revolution.

Even though their actions are truly monstrous in ways that exceed the evils of Hitler, there is actual rationality to their dastardly decision. Listen to this TedTalk below given by Bill Gates given in 2010 starting at the 4:30 minute mark and also check out the top bullet of this Masonic statue located in Georgia, they are telegraphing their plans but we are too intoxicated by idol worshiping devils in Armani suits to realize the harm they are planning for us.

Uber-billionaires like the British Crown, the Rothschilds, George Soros, Bill Gates and their puppets like Kamala Harris (who is about to become president in short order), Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and my birthland’s Abiy Ahmed know they are going to go to hell anyway so it behooves them to extend their stay here on earth even if that means committing a global holocaust.

However, average workers at the various soup letter agency and social media corporations don’t have the same skin in the game, they are playing in a Satanic game even though they have an offramp that can lead to their salvation. For the record, the uber-wealthy who are engineering this Armageddon scenario also have the same opportunity to gain absolution if only they repent but they have zero interest in doing so because they would rather go to hell with their money than find redemption but end up being equal before God with the rest of humanity.

This last section is thus reserved for the mid-level managers and even some executives within private and public agencies who are taking part in this nefarious attempt to depopulate the earth. Walk away from this endeavor before you get run over by a truck. This is not a threat on my behalf, after all, I am not a prophet I am just a husband and a father who observes and writes as a passion. I am passing on a message because I’ve been rooted in prayer since September 18th and my faith in God led to a revelation about the vile deeds that you are committing in the dark.

Today’s message I am passing on is simple: because you doubt God exists, He is about to make His presence known to you. I had a dream about an earthquake that will be felt at Google, Facebook and Twitter’s headquarters that will shake some unbelievers out of their cognitive dissonance. That will be a warning shake, if you continue to take zero action after you feel rumble below your feet, every man and woman who has cast their lot with Nwo-Nazis will have pestilences visit their homes as the very evils you are attempting to unleash will envelop you in unbearable tribulation. You will become the staff who turns to serpents that will eat dust for the long days of your life if you do not cease and desist your Machiavellian agenda. Do not say you have not been warned!

I had another dream about thunders echoing throughout DC’s corridors as loud booms are set to announce God’s presence. If this actually happens—who knows if it will as what I am writing now is only a recounting of my dream—it should be proof that the wrath of God is about to be loosened against globalists and their puppets in government, mainstream media and other private and public entities who are behind this wicked depopulation agenda. If you continue to toe corporate lines even after you witness a fraction of God’s glory, then you truly do deserve whatever hell is coming for you next.

There are some who wonder what gives me the audacity to speak to very powerful people this way without fear of consequences. Simple, first I am a child of God as are nearly 8 billion people around the world. I put my faith in Him so I fear no man, a thousand might come at my right side and thousand at my left but all of them will fall by the wayside because my Father in heaven protected me from the fire in 2015 and He will continue to repel any man or woman who tries to harm me. I walk everywhere without fear because I placed my life in God’s hand.

While we are distracted by our differences and fighting over petty issues, a volcano is brewing at #LaPalma that could lead to a global mega-holocaust. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

Besides being a child of God, my bloodline is one that traces back to Ethiopia’s greatest hero by the name of Emperor Tewodros II nee Kassa Hailu. He too was a man of faith who united Ethiopia and defied the greatest empire in the history of humanity as he stood up to the evils of the UK’s Queen Victoria. After losing his wife Tewabech, Atse Tewodros let pain and ego get the best of him which is why he lost his life at the Battle of Magdala in 1868. Unlike my forefather, my wife and my rock Bethlehem Bekele is with me and tempers my ego by reminding me at all times that the credit belongs to God at all times.

I trace my bloodlines back seven generations on my father’s side to Ethiopia’s Emperor Tewodros II. He traces his ancestry back to King David and Bathsheba

Accordingly, I wrap up today’s update by giving credit for all things to God and acknowledging that I am but a mere servant who is blessed enough to pass along this message. In the spirit of my Lord and Savior Yeshua, I turn to Wall Street to present this closing thought which is an article I published last night. I am looking for a Matthew to be a Mark who will make a bold decision to come out from the market.

I have a feeling Wall Street will thus shake to the core as well because a trader convicted by God is about to set off a stampede of Bulls as they run from a polar bear that is about to maul the god Masons honor on the back of their fiat currency. Let’s witness what the day holds as I watch CNBC while working from home. May the one true living God’s will be done. Since I don’t want to close out this update on a sour note, I end it with my latest podcast from this weekend which turns the waters of tears into the grape flower of hope.

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” ~ Matthew 10:27

I have been doing all that I can to warn my fellow Americans about this upcoming planned disaster whether it’s the economic implosion, a domestic terror explosion or both. However, one man can only do so much. I ask you to please push this article on your end and let others know what our leaders are keeping from us. Also, I plan on getting ads on social media and printing out more cards to give out, consider contributing to the cause and empowering the Ghion Journal by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the David vs Goliath picture below. Thank you and God bless.

URGENT UPDATE: Monday, October 4th, 2021, 9:11 AM – The terror attack I’ve been sounding the alarm about, if and when it happens, will not be limited to conventional weapons like bombs, planes or chemical weapons. As I noted below on the September 18th dispatch, terrorists never attack the same way twice, we keep getting caught off guard because we insist on fighting old battles while they plot new ways to destroy life. Let me reiterate that if there is a domestic (or global) attack, the perpetrators will not be foreign extremists or homegrown “white supremacists”—the culprits are factions within our own Federal government.

These are called facts: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been experimenting on the weaponization of weather and natural phenomenon for decades. Most people know about High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and how DARPA manipulates the atmosphere to create extreme weather events. What most people don’t know is that DARPA has also been experimenting on manifesting earthquakes, volcanos and other terrain-related calamities.

The US government’s interest in weaponizing mother nature dates back to the 1940s when Nazis were imported to America under the auspices of Operation Paperclip. Their desire was to come up with a weapon that is lethal, controllable and untraceable. By setting off weather events like droughts, hurricanes or extreme rains, DARPA can attack countries that do not toe America’s national interest. However, our country is just as much of a victim of DARPA’s and the Federal government’s diabolical schemes because both are captive to the demands of Nwo-globalists like the British Crown, the Rothschild family, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and other names we have never heard of.

I thus turn your attention to the volcano that suddenly erupted on the Spanish Island of La Palma on Saturday. Out of nowhere, a dormant ridge has sprung to life and is currently spewing lava at an alarming clip. La Palma is strategically located to create havoc in the event a large landmass sheers off and plummets into the Atlantic Ocean. We are looking at the potential of a tsunami greater than the tidal waves of Tōhoku and Banda Aceh combined. If this happened, countless hundreds of millions of people who live near coastlines could be in peril as they face the prospects of a Biblical seawall washing over their cities and town.

Again, I pray that this does not happen but the conditions are ripe for this exact scenario to play out. The US government would not be dumb enough to launch a terror attack that exceeds the horrors of 9/11 because people on the inside will not bite their tongues like they did 20 years ago. They need a new way to destroy and a tsunami or another “natural phenomenon” would be the perfect way to strike while maintaining culpable deniability. Everything I’ve been writing about, from the destruction of the global economy, the elevation of Kamala Harris to president and unleashing 50,000 Afghan paramilitary forces dressed up in military and police attire could then be executed and catch the American public—including our brave men and women in the US military and federal, state and local police—off guard.

As I noted earlier, what I am presenting before you should not be taken as conclusive proof that everything I stated will occur exactly as I wrote it. I do not know for fact whether or not this terror attack will take place nor am I predicting that everything will unfold as I foretold. I am no prophet and I am not the second coming of Nostradamus. Who I am, besides a child of God no different than the 7.6 billion people around the world who are likewise His children, is a writer who questions everything, researches exhaustively and connects threads to reveal hidden patterns where most are happy to accept everything they are told as gospel truths.

For the record, I am not some random “conspiracy theorist” spewing off at the mouth. A bit about me, I am an IT professional who currently offers technology and business consultation to Department of Defense clients in Northern Virginia. I have a Masters in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University, graduated from George Mason University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. I worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, a preeminent consulting company, and held the same position with a lesser clearance level as Edward Snowden until 2014. During my tenure at BAH, I worked at the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir, Walter Reed, MWR, DITRA, DSCA and a whole host of DoD agencies within the National Capital Region. I attained a PMP and a Six Sigma Accreditation.

I only wrote the paragraph above for the skeptics who refuse to believe anyone unless he/she is blessed (cursed) by establishment gatekeepers and welcomed into the 8th circle of celebrity hell. My dad Fikremariam Million, may he rest in peace, used to tell me all the time that there is no need to boast because the proof is in the pudding. I will let my work by way of my writing speak for itself, some will believe me and act and others will dismiss me, as my friend Chuck used to say, that is YP not MP, as in your (their) problem, not my problem if what I have been trying my best to warn about comes to fruition.

I return to the creepy video by Christine LaGarde that I posted below where she used numerology to signal to her Masonic friends about a day of reckoning. I want you to watch it for yourself to see what you get out her speech, here is what I decoded. She gave the speech in 2014 and she noted that we had 7 years o bad luck and that we will have seven years of good luck which puts us to 2021.

But then she mentioned G7 and G20 and I knew at that exact moment that she was giving a potential date that only the initiated would scan and pickup. She was signaling the uber-wealthy to add the letter and the numbers to get to a month and date. Thus G7 = seventh letter + seven = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 and then G20 = 7th letter + 2 + 0 = 9. So I thought that whatever she was trying to warn about would occur either on September 5th or May 9th.

I believe this potentially man-made Armageddon will occur either on October 5th or October 14th with an outside chance of happening on October 23rd. That is because all those dates collapse down to 10/5. I can’t tell you what to do but as for me, I am now going to go fill up my car (no need to fill up both), stock up on some more food and take cash out. I’ve already booked a motel in the mountains of West Virginia and plan on taking my wife and child there to enjoy mother nature. I’m going to download a map because a mega-disaster like this would be a perfect pretext for the World Economic Forum to enact Cyber Polygon and plunge the world into Dark Ages 2.0 by turning off the internet globally.


What you choose to do is up to you, but if the worst-case happens and oceans wash over where you live, don’t be salty because I have been warning a Lot and now I must stop warning and save myself. Kind of biblical ain’t it? However, even now as we stand at Zero Dark Thirty before a potential Tsunami, I am publishing this article to warn others and ask our readers to contribute to the “five smooth stones” campaign to help pay for Google, Facebook and Twitter ads so this article can reach a broader audience. Contribute as you are able by CLICKING HERE so we can go all out to make this article viral.

Besides contributing money, you can also make it your purpose to let others know about this article by sharing it on social media and then going the next step by sending this article link to your network of family, friends, associates and even strangers via email, text and other apps you use to communicate to others. Lastly, where they go high-tech to censor this article, we can go low-tech by using the oldest form of communication and using our voices to pass this on. Pick up the phone or print out this article and give this out to people you meet to let them know because our government is keeping us in the dark for a reason.

Let us save each other instead of depending on public serpents who are intent on leading us to our final dissolution to deliver us. Can we be the change we have been waiting for? Can we be the revelation we have been longing for? You know the answer. Yes. We. Can! Now let’s lock and load, put on the armor of God, the helmet of salvation and get ready for the war these devils are about to bring to our homes. I believe in love and disavow guns but I don’t begrudge my fellow Americans who turn to the Second Amendment to defend themselves.

For the men and women who are serving this ungodly Government without realizing exactly who you are saluting, consider this memo staffs that are being thrown at your feet. Before the stick turns to snakes, bites your ankles figuratively and delivers a poison that will wither your souls, I HIGHLY advise you to take a step back and disavow your loyalty to the senile Biden and Kamala who is priming to be president. I especially repeat this advice to the DARPA office in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania who are flocking to this website. You might want to join God’s army because a decision to remain loyal to Illuminated foot soldiers will lead to your Greatest Regret. Consider this a revelation that is being delivered to you by an Ethiopian-American.

As for Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Jack Dorsey and all the employees of Facebook, Google, Twitter and social media corporations writ large, consider this one last chance to repent and join the good guys. If you insist on running interference for the globalist agenda and continue to censor my articles as well as that of independent journalists who are trying to get the word out, trust me there will be a day of reckoning for your duplicitous actions. If you release my posts and stop censoring me, all is love but if you deny this article that is trying to warn people about imminent danger, blood will be on your hands if the worst comes that can only be washed off by sulfuric acid. Temporal comforts evaporate the minute you are greeted with eternal distress.

To the men and women in the US military, police and anyone who is currently serving America or is a retired veteran, if this unnatural or natural terror attack takes place, I ask you to immediately get out of your uniform and wear only a white t-shirt with no logos on it, take off your sunglasses and don’t wear any face coverings. I am asking you to do so to protect you and so that you can identify friend from foe in the event the 50,000 Afghan mercenaries are let loose to brutalize Americans wearing military/police attire and hiding their faces with sunglasses and facemask. Can you identify the nationality or intention of the bogies below?

To my fellow Americans, if this attack takes place, that means your government sold you down the river. In which case we have the rights enshrined by Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence to tear down a government that is treasonous and start all over again. Do not, under any circumstance, start the war or attack anyone first, but if men dressed in military gear and hiding their faces approach your house with ill intentions, offer them thunderclaps and send them to hell where they belong looking Swiss cheese.

This truth is about to be revealed to USa: we’re being governed by thugs who follow the dictates of a globalist mafia that is Luciferian in nature. Before they reduce humanity to #BrokenSparrow, we must act.CLICK TO TWEET

As for me, now I finally realize why my dad was so tough on me, I was an unruly child and the last thing I needed was peace, I needed corrective action. I believe that humanity has become a wayward child, including myself, so I am not here preaching peace, I believe we need TOUGH lough and the best way to do that is with a sword which is the word of God. But if one is to slay giants, one must first defeat the demons inside. I am going to visit my mom’s grave today and ask for forgiveness before I leave for the day. After that, I pray that God gives all of us the strength to face whatever evils come next. May His will be done.

One last thing, if you reside in West Virginia, have a farm or land that is well fortified in the event of the disasters which I conveyed above and are willing to accept strangers like my wife and child as friends, email me at info@ghionjournal.com or send me a text at 513.724.4466. Thank you and God bless. For now, I leave you this, my latest message…

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” ~ Psalm 5:11

BREAKING: Monday, October 4, 2021, 12:57 AM EST – Shares in Evergrande, one of China’s largest real estate developers, have just been suspended in Hong Kong. According to Reuters, this latest selloff, “sparked speculation about a possible asset divestment at the cash-strapped company.” I do not write this to say I told you so but to push back against the media narrative to come that will attempt to blame one company for crashing the global economy the same way the establishment pinned the “Great Recession” on Lehman Brothers in 2007.

While I was wrong about Senator Sinema as she ultimately voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill, I stand by my call that the global economy will crash caused either by an intentional selloff using velocity trading that led to multiple flash-crashes in the past or due to a planned terror attack against America that was sponsored and executed by factions within the US Federal government. I highly suggest that you scroll down to find out about what will happen shortly after a terror attack happens, it has something to do with 50,000 Afghans—mostly fighting-age men—who were flown into America last month.

Zoom in and you will see almost nothing but fighting-age Afghan men huddle in these cargo planes. As Public Enemy rapped about in the past, welcome to the Terror Dome

For the record, it is not too late to take care of your own wellness. When the markets open up tomorrow, the wise would reposition their 401K to the most conservative fund possible. For example, ones that have T-bills and utilities in their portfolios and have zero exposure to stocks and bonds. I can’t tell you what to do, but I sold off all my cryptocurrencies and also liquidated all my personal brokerage accounts. I would rather take my chances with money under my mattress than have my savings tied up in accounts I can’t access.

Additionally, do you remember what happened last year when Covid-19 hit as people panicked and started buying up everything in sight? Here is what I did, I took a $1,000 in cash, bought enough food, water and toilet paper for at least two weeks and have the tanks on both cars filled to the brim. Why do I do this? Well if the worst-case scenario which I have been warning about below comes to fruition, I do not want to be out on the streets looking for food among thousands of people rummaging through empty shelves.

BREAKING! Trading of #Evergrande shares has just been suspended in Hong Kong. This is a planned economic implosion meant to destroy our wealth and ‘build back better’ on our graves. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

I hope that my intuition is wrong, I was way off base about Senator Sinema scuttling Biden’s agenda—I am not a prophet after all. However, I would rather plan for the worst and pray for the best instead of expecting all to be good only to end up being screwed if a black swan event takes place as I fear. As for the banking cabal who have been planning for this day of economic Armageddon and worse, go ahead and pull that trigger but there is a bigger Tiger who awaits the minute your “Build Back Better” scheme kicks in. Your “Great Reset” will end up being your biggest regret.

One last thing, the media narrative about the Pandora Papers where the supposed “free press” are pretending to actually do journalism is nothing but state-sponsored propaganda. The globalist plutocracy are yet again attempting to distract and displace blame by pretending to throw a few billionaires to the wolves. If this was truly a leak that the powerful did not want, they would have gone after the leaker the way they savaged Julian Assange. It’s all smoke and mirrors meant to distract us from the upper cut they are planning for us.

Nothing will come of it, not one billionaire will go to jail and in a year or two, they will go back to stealing from all of us. How much longer will we keep falling for their bamboozle before we wake finally wake up?? Are we fated to be Charlies for the rest of our lives as we keep lining up to kick the football only for Lucy politicians and media personalities to pull it out from us at the last minute as we end up on our backs? How about we heed Maya Angelou’s advice and believe them when they tell us through their actions exactly who they are.

I leave you with my latest message for now, to be continued…

UPDATE: Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 5:33 PM EST – do not pay any attention to the comic-CON show that is our politics. Senator Sinema will almost certainly not vote for the infrastructure bill and when she defies the Democrats, she will in fact “sink the infrastructure bill. Contrary to the gnashing of their teeth and handwringing that is taking place in the District of Caligula, the truth behind the propaganda we are being fed by mainstream media is that both parties and the globalist plutocracy who own almost every government around the world want this bill to fail.

If in fact Senator Sinema holds out and scuttles Biden’s supposed “New Deal”—which was nothing but a raw deal for all of us except the same banking and corporate criminals who bled the global economy in 2007/2008—it will set off a sell-off when the Shanghai stock exchange opens Sunday night at 9:30 PM EST that will exceed the horrors of “Black Monday” in 1929. Nwo-Nazis like Jamie Dimon, Janet Yellen and their puppet Joe Biden will then jump into action and blame the ensuing global depression on one eccentric Senator from Arizona they propped up to vote no on this deal when they rallied behind her campaign in 2018. The rich think long-term while the rest of humanity keep reacting to their mendacity.

Black Monday 2.0 will not even be the big story because it’s nothing more than a distraction that will cause us to focus on politics so that we don’t see the domestic terror attack that can occur at any moment. This is not a drill, scroll below to read about DHS’s “safety and security” alert that caused the Marine Corps marathon to be canceled, led to the imprisonment of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, compelled the US government to attack Ethiopia using Egypt as proxy and is leading the 1% to sell all of their stocks and bonds.

If in fact @SenatorSinema votes no on @JoeBiden’s #InfrastructureBill, it will have been planned all along to give cover to the globalist plutocracy who are about to destroy the global economy. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

It might be too late to do anything about your 401K and your other investments but at least you still have time to take cash out, buy groceries that can last at least a week and fill up your gas tank(s) fully. You have now been forwarned, if you don’t act, you can never say you were not warned.

UPDATE : Friday, October 1st, 2021, 8:11 AM CST  -When one makes a mistake, the Godly thing to do is to immediately admit it, the cowardly thing to do is to act like politicians and mainstream media by pretending like an error was never made or trying to rationalize it away. To this end, there are two glaring mistakes I want to rectify given the gravity of this topic.

Let me state for the record that this alert that I am issuing is based on provable facts (DHS did issue a safety and security alert that was so concerning that the Marine Corps Marathon was canceled as a consequence and I’ve also corroborated DHS’s alert with a local news reporter and three police officers). The ever obsequious and deceitful corporate “press” is spinning this development in ways that would make Baghdad Bob look like Honest Abe by noting that the marathon was canceled because of Covid-19. Now ask yourself, since when did Covid-19 become a “safety and security” risk?

As far as the mistakes, the first one relates to the Battle of Saratoga, which is what led me to believe that some sort of calamity would happen when I first started this chronicle of updates on September 18th. I feared that either a terror attack, an intentional financial selloff so severe that it would implode the global economy or both would occur between September 19th to October 7th. I arrived at this thought because I know that terrorists always attack using either religious events (see 9/11 which was a Jewish and an Ethiopian holiday called Enkutatash) or a historical milestone.

We are facing an imminent terror attack that, which if it occurs, will have been planned and executed by the Federal government to unleash 50,000 Afghan militia upon US. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

The mistake that I made is in thinking that the Battle of Saratoga concluded on October 7th when in reality the battle ended on October 17th. To that end, I am revising the window of peril for the United States, based on DHS’s advisory and my interviews with countless military, police officers and officials of the law, to potentially occur between September 19th and October 17th. Which leads to the second mistake. I marked on my calendar that the Marine Corps Marathon would take place on October 5th when in reality it is slated for October 29th through October 31st. I don’t believe the terror strike, if there is one, will occur that late into October for a reason I will explain shortly so I will stick to the dates of September 19th – October 17th.

The reason I am fearfully confident that a potential terror strike will happen between now and October 17th is based not only on interviews, historical research and DHS’s own “safety and security” alert but also because I have spent countless hours each day in prayer at an Ethiopian Orthodox church called Kidane Mehret in Alexandria, VA. Yesterday, while praying and asking God to deliver America from this potential terror attack that could make 9/11 seem like a play date by comparison, a video I’ve been trying to deconstruct for more than six years was finally revealed to me.

In 2014, Christine LaGarde, who was the head of the IMF at the time, gave a very cryptic message that I knew was intended for a select few who had the Masonic cunning to decode her speech. She gave the speech in 2014 and she noted that we had 7 years o bad luck and that we will have seven years of good luck which puts us to 2021. But then she mentioned G7 and G20 and I knew at that exact moment that she was giving a potential date that only the initiated would scan and pickup. She was signaling the uber-wealthy to add the letter and the numbers to get to a month and date. Thus G7 = seventh letter + seven = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 and then G20 = 7th letter + 2 + 0 = 9. So I thought that whatever she was trying to warn about would occur either on September 5th or May 9th.

The revelation I had yesterday while I was praying at church is that Legarde was using Greek alphabets. G is Gamma in Greek and it’s actually the third letter. So if you take the same equation from above, it would be as follows:  G7 = 3rd letter + seven = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 or 10 and then G20 = 3rd letter + 2 + 0 = 2 + 3 = 5. That means the potential date that Legarde was telegraphing a warning about will occur in either January or October during the 5th, 14th, or 23rd. As Legarde noted on her video, it’s all about collapsing numbers by adding them together to get to prime numbers.

Since January already passed, we are looking at the globalists’ D-Day (devil’s day) of attack on either October 5th or the 14th. I don’t think it will occur past the 17th but take this with a grain of salt, I am after all just an observer who writes, I am not a prophet—I will let others claim that title. It is based on this analysis that I am advising all Americans to brace for impact, stock up on food and water that will last at least two weeks, get as much cash as possible out to have on hand and fill up your car(s) to the brim.

If a terror strike happens, as affirmed by DHS’s “security and safety” alert, do you want to be this person who was out shopping last year when Covid-19 first hit America?

I saw a white house staffer with an EOB face mask buying two grocery carts full of food. While our political leaders and mainstream media personalities are telling us to stay calm, they have already taken steps to protect themselves. This is exactly what the rich did to 2nd and 3rd class passengers on the Titanic. I don’t know how many times we are going to keep getting stepped on both political parties, how many times we will keep getting spit on by mainstream media and how many times we will keep getting stabbed in the back by the establishment writ large before we stop bowing before the very public serpents who are leading us over the cliff.

As cowardly as that guy from EOB was, he was smart enough to act. Be smart like him and stock up before you end up scavenging for food if and when this terror attack occurs. If you think that won’t happen, just remember what happened last year when Covid-19 hit and if you need further proof, go out to your local grocery store and check out how empty the shelves are becoming—especially toilet papers. That’s because people in the know are preparing for the worse. They are also selling their stocks quietly and converting everything to cash while mainstream media is brainwashing you to “buy on the dip”. Go ahead and purchase during “dead cat bounce” (Google that term) and your 401K will be roadkill.

I can’t tell you what to do, but as for me, I repositioned my two 401K accounts into the most conservative funds available (T-bills and utilities) and then sold everything in my Robinhood and my Schwab account and decided to hold cash instead. That includes bitcoin too, I mean how will I withdraw cryptocurrency in the event of a global internet outage takes place as the World Economic Forum has been practicing for since July. If nothing happens, I can always reenter the market with a minimal loss if not even a profit. But if I do nothing and the market crashes, well let’s say I am financially FUBAR’d.

While they are distracting us from this upcoming storm that is about to hit America with the force of a category 10 hurricane, the political-media-corporate complex are concurrently creating bogeymen to blame when the very act of terror they are hatching manifests itself on our TV screens. Malicious politicians like Biden, two-faced demagogues like George W. Bush and empty suits like AOC are laying the groundwork to blame police officers and veterans who are lining up to protect us from the terrorists that our government imported.

Now to the important part. If and when the terror attack happens, it will not be because of a “white supremacist” groups or a lone wolf, the whole thing would have been planned, coordinated and launched by Joe Biden’s administration through the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security and the support of both political parties, mainstream media and the establishment writ large. They are trying to reenact the treachery of Hitler who burned down the Reichstag on the night of February 23rdunleashed his 50,000 Storm Troopers and then took full control of Germany by declaring martial law.

It’s no accident that Joe Biden, with the help of the same military brass who locked up Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, flew in 50,000 Afghan “refugees”, a vast majority of whom are fighting-age men, into the United States. When the planned terror attack takes place, these Afghan men will dress up in military and police attire, have facemasks on will be wearing sunglasses to hide among our police and military who will dispatch to protect us. This has the potential of creating a nightmare scenario where the Afghan-trained mercenaries will have the upper hand because the good guys will not be able to differentiate friend from foe.

Go ahead and zoom in and you will realize that these “refugees” are almost all fighting age men with barely any women and children. Biden flew Trojan Horses into America to brutalize US

The only way out of this morass is to have the good guys disavow their uniforms in the event of a terror attack and instead wear grey pants and white t-shirts with nothing on them. I noted during the earlier dispatch below that the shirts should have a red O on them, but the only thing that really matters is that we are able to identify friends apart from foes, having a plain white t-shirt or sweatshirt without logos on them will do the job. What is most important is to not wear sunglasses and facemasks so we can separate Americans from foreign mercenaries in order to avoid the fate of Australians who are getting brutalized by flown-in thugs.

I will wrap this up with a motivational speech I wrote to Lt. Col. Scheller that I fear was the reason he got locked up three days ago. I wrote about his ordeal and my connection to him the day after he was arrested and placed in the brig.

The way to establish trust is to look into his eyes directly with the tenacity of Chesty, if he looks down to the left or right the only inch you should consider is your finger getting closer to the trigger, if he wavers and looks away occasionally, give grace because few can look devil dogs in the eyes without pissing their pants, but if he looks at you dead into your eyes, fear not, he is God’s people because only a person who believes in an awesome Father fears not a leatherneck who can put the fear of God in Satan himself. Oorah!

What I shared with Lt. Col. Scheller, I am sharing with all Americans. I am a man of faith and I don’t believe in the gun, my pen in my AK47. However, I will not begrudge anyone who opts to turn to the 2nd Amendment and defend themselves against foreign-trained terrorists. If they show their eyes and their and face and they have a white shirt on with no logos, assume they are friends but confirm just to be safe.

If, however, they have their faces covered, they are not showing their eyes and they come at you menacingly, put away the niceties and offer them thunderclaps that will send them to hell where they belong looking like Swiss cheese. This message is only to be heeded in the event of a terror attack where consolidated powers try to use a false flag to deny all of our freedoms. Whatever the future holds, I pray that we stop letting devils in expensive suits divide us and instead unite as Americans and love one another as fellow brothers and sisters like all faiths say. Either we come together as one or, I promise you, we will perish apart::

Check back tomorrow, I am going to publish an article on how American revolutionaries were able to defeat the most potent military in the world by using decentralized means to trump the hierarchy-based red coats. This method is one that can lead to a second American revolution’s victory over federated fascists. Check out this video below which talks of the only way to defeat evil and that is through unity and love.

It is urgent to get this message out to the broader public but one man can’t do it on his own. So I ask you to not only spread this article everywhere, I also ask you to contribute to the Ghion Journal to defray some of the costs associated with maintaining this website and printing out thousands of cards which I have been spreading around the DC metro area. Contribute as you can by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the David vs Goliath picture below.

UPDATE: Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 8:21 PM EST – Wall Street got mauled by bears today as all major indices sold off and fear set in among hedge fund managers and brokers. Keep today’s economic developments in mind as you read the rest of this article; the 1% are selling their shares and covering their assets because they know what is about to happen. The question is will you follow their lead act to protect your assets or will you sit on your assets and wait until the worst manifests?

UPDATE: Monday, September 27th, 2021, 9:11 AM EST – Twenty years and sixteen days ago, terrorists armed with evil intentions and empowered by domestic public serpents weaponized planes to attack America and magnify the virus. That act of evil became a catalyst for two decades of war as America lashed out continually seeking vengeance and disavowing forgiveness in the process. A land blessed by God became a shell of herself because our political leaders were hell-bent on paying back malice with hatred over an act that was sponsored by factions within our own government.

The war in Afghanistan finally ended after thousands of American lives and countless hundreds of thousands of Afghani men, women and children were lost. Joe Biden, a war vulture who has never seen a genocide he did not love, improbably ended a war that Bush initiated in 2003. Some could interpret Biden’s act as a “road to Damascus” moment, perhaps he ran into Yeshua and realized that fighting wars for peace is like having sex on behalf of virginity.

Alas, Biden did not have a come to Yeshua moment, he had a rendezvous with the devil for his decision to pull out of Afghanistan had nothing to do with peace and had everything to do with bringing the chickens home to roost in America. Biden’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan was a pretext to import upwards of 50,000 battle-hardened Afghani paramilitary forces who will most likely be deployed the minute a terror attack occurs.

Biden’s decision to bring the Afghanistan War to a close was not about peace, it was about importing mercenaries to America to brutalize us once a US government act of terror is initiated

Now it makes sense why Biden and the military’s top brass were so anxious to get every man and woman in uniform “vaccinated”. It’s an ongoing attempt to weaken military readiness and potentially eliminate the ability of soldiers, seamen, marines and airmen from mounting an effective defense of our homeland from a hoard of foreign invaders who were invited in by our political leaders and the military’s top brass.

For the record, this does not give license to racially profile Afghanis or people from the Middle East. I am originally from Ethiopia and I have features about me that resemble that of Afghanis and Arabs. The vast majority of Muslims are kind and peaceful people, do not target or harass them because they do not have anything to do with what might be taking place. In fact, if the worst-case scenario happens, they will be on the front lines with us defending our homeland. The only people you should profile if a terror attack happens are people who are wearing sunglasses and have their faces covered, if people are showing their faces, leave them alone.

This is the same playbook used by Hitler on February 23rd, 1933 as he unleashed Storm Troopers to implement tyranny throughout Germany. We stand at the precipice of the death of the American Republic as Biden, with the help of both political parties and mainstream media, is chomping at the bit to set rabid mercenary dogs on an unsuspecting public. In order to hide their Afghani nationality, they will be wearing sunglasses and covering their faces much like the picture below.

If a terror attack occurs, treat anyone you see looking like this not as law enforcement but Afghani paramilitary forces trained to terrorize us and deal with them accordingly

As I wrote about yesterday, there is an active terror alert that the Department of Homeland Security has issued even though the broader public is not being notified of this potentially imminent attack that could occur at any moment. This is why I am advising all US military, police and law enforcement entities to throw off their uniforms, put on grey sweatpants and white t-shirts with a red circle on the front and back and to not put on sunglasses and face coverings. It’s a way to identify friends from foes and to determine who is an American peacekeeper apart from Afghanistan-trained terrorists who have infiltrated the military and law enforcement agencies.

If a terror attack occurs, I am also advising Americans to turn to second amendment solutions and to treat anyone who is wearing a white t-shirt with a red circle and who doesn’t have sunglasses and face-covering on as a friendly but to offer thunder and lightening to anyone who approaches menacingly looking like the people below.

Based on off-the-record conversations with people who are working in government and consult with the Department of Defense, countless interviews with military and police personal, countless hours researching past patterns to determine future outcomes because history does repeat itself as well as prayer because my faith informs my outlook, I believe the terror attack will occur between September 19th to October 7th.

Of course, I could be wrong, and I sincerely pray that I am, but my intuition is in line with the bulletin that the DHS has issued, then we better brace for the worst and take steps to protect ourselves. I will state this again, if another 9/11 type of attack happens, the markets will sell off in ways that will make the recession of 2007/2008 seem like child’s play. I can’t tell you what to do but I have repositioned my 401K from mid-level risk investments to the most conservative fund available that deals with T-bills and utilities. I also sold all of my stocks in my personal brokerage account and took out cash. I would rather have money under the mattress than have cash in bank accounts under this level of risk and uncertainty.

But I did not stop there, realizing that a devastating attack could lead to panic buying, I bought food that will last me at least a week and filled up both of our cars to the brim. I remember what happened last year when Covid-19 arrived in America when people lost their minds buying up everything in sight. Except they did not lose their minds, they were the smartest people around because they were mitigating risk by ensuring that they have food, water and toilet paper in case Covid-19 led to a supply chain shock. The people who went on shopping sprees while the rest of us were watching TV were most likely government employees who were trained in Continuity of Operations (COOP). They were worried that Covid-19 could lead to a shock to the markets so grave that it could induce chaos in the streets.

Which brings us to today. If in fact, a terror attack does in fact occur today, the anxieties that led some people to go on a shopping spree last year could very well come to fruition. You have been now and October 7th to take action to save your assets or else your inertia could become a liability to your future peace of mind. I pray that none of the things I’ve been writing about takes place because I know the havoc that could unleash. However, if the worst does occur, I am also confident—based on my own personal experiences with homelessness six years ago—that the waters we cry will in time turn into the wine that delivers happiness.

One last note, we were attacked on September 11th twenty years ago for a reason. That day fell on two holidays, one Ethiopian called Enkutatash (trouble to joy) and another Jewish called Roshashana (forgiveness). The monsters who rule the world with an iron fist live to invert the essence of God as they turn holidays into horror days as they use the Torah, the New Testament and the Quran to spread terror around the world. To this end, today is an Ethiopian holiday called Meskel where we mark the discovery of the cross in Israel. Today could very well be the day Biden and his globalist henchmen decide to pull the trigger and unleash tyranny upon America the same way Hitler did nearly eighty years ago.

Last night I had a dream where a terror attack using biological agents occurred in Washington DC today on this day of Meskel. In that dream, we were told that Biden died even though he left DC long before the attack occurred. Kamala Harris was promptly declared Vice-President and shortly thereafter revealed herself as THE Antichrist. Her revelation led to the revelation of Yeshua and a final battle between good and evil ensued. Though the war led to mass casualties, in the end, the good guys won and Yeshua was able to turn the water of our tears into the wine of our happiness. I’m not sure exactly what this dream means, I will leave it to people who deconstruct dreams to interpret my dream.

For now, I am going back to church to pray for my new home America, my birth land Ethiopia and humanity writ large. I will close today’s scroll with a poem that I wrote a couple of months before I became homeless in 2015. Sometimes we speak our destinies into existence—such is the power of words—but even when we talk ourselves into a ditch, God is there to offer assistance if we only turn our hands quickly to Him instead of offering our hand to the devil of grievance, vengeance and greed::

UPDATE: Sunday, September 26th, 2021,7:20 AM EST – I want to return your attention to the night the Reichstag building in Germany was burned on February 27th, 1933. You can scroll all the way to the bottom to read about the incident but I bring that topic up again for a reason, America might very well be facing that very same situation in short order as domestic terrorists—imported from other nations—could unleash their pestilence upon this blessed land at any given moment.

Here is what the American people should know that mainstream media is refusing to tell them. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a high-level terror alert and notified government and law enforcement entities of the likelihood of an imminent attack in America. That event came and went without incident but DHS issued yet another terror alert which compelled major events like the Marine Corps Marathon to be canceled. The threat of a devastating attack is very much real and should be taken by all Americans irrespective of your location.

Even though DHS issued this terror alert, mainstream media and our political leaders have been conspicuously silent. They made it a point to blare leading headlines of a potential terror attack on September 18th but now that an even more dangerous situation is afoot, the establishment have swallowed their tongues as if they are being ordered not to say anything about it. I know that the American people are used to our government and mainstream media failing us but what they are doing at this exact moment is beyond the pale. If these are not seditious actions that rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, I don’t know what else would qualify as one.

Two days ago, as I was taking my own advice and took cash out, filled up both of my cars’ tanks and buying enough food and water to last at least two weeks, I saw a guy in line at the grocery store wearing a mask with a White House logo on it who was buying two carts full of food as if he was getting ready for the end of days. While elected officials and people in positions of authority are stocking up for mayhem the likes of which America has never witnessed, they are keeping this vital information from the rest of the public.

This is the height of cowardice akin to the cravenness that took place on the Titanic. I have access to that same information and I have made it a point to tell this secret to the world as I’ve run around the DC Metro area handing out cards with this link warning of a potential imminent attack as if my name was Lot. Last night, there was a fatal stabbing in Alexandria, Virginia that led to a homicide. I traveled to the crime scene and talked to a police officer; he affirmed that they have been alerted of a potentially imminent terror attack.

Though I’m not sure what the terror event will be, I have my suspicion it will be related to a biological agent release. The reason I’m so confident that will be the case is because the Department of Homeland Security telegraphed this exact scenario three months ago in a tweet. As incomprehensible as it sounds, if we are attacked with a biological agent, it will not be some “white supremacist” group or a lone wolf but DHS at the behest of President Joe Biden and with the agreement of both political parties. If you are in a big city, avoid crowded areas and go visit family and friends if possible outside of what the military calls “high value targets”.

When I first arrived at the crime scene, I talked to a reporter from a local NBC news reporter; he likewise confirmed that they have been notified of a potential terror attack that could occur at any time. The problem is that the broader public is not being informed about the likelihood of a 9/11 type of attack that could unleash chaos in America and compel the US government to follow in the footsteps of Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed in shutting off the internet using “public safety” as a pretext to declare martial law.

If you think this is a conspiracy theory that I am spinning, I turn your attention to Australia where “police” with weird logos are terrorizing Aussies. The scenes taking place in Victoria are astounding to say the least, using Covid-19 and “public safety” as an excuse, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared war against the good people of Australia. The Australian police are literally killing and maiming people using supposedly “non-lethal” bullets to shoot protesters as if they are shooting fish in a barrel.

The Armageddon scenes taking place in Australia is an appetizer, the main course will be served to Americans at a time of their choosing. When that time arrives, the people who will be committing atrocities upon “we the people” will not be the US military nor local police but imported mercenaries who will be wearing US military and police uniforms that will make it impossible to separate friend from foe.

If this sounds familiar it’s because this tactic is exactly what Hitler used when he first gained power on January 30th, 1933. As soon as he became Chancellor, he infused 50,000 storm troopers within the military and law enforcement agencies. 50,000 SAs compared to million-plus uncompromised public servants seems minuscule, but when the Reichstag was set ablaze intentionally by Nazis, 50,000 SAs were able to seize the initiative because they enjoyed an advantage over the rest of Germany’s military and law enforcement entities.

The SA’s chief advantage was rank, Hitler made sure that a lot of higher-ups were loyal to his agenda. Once the emergency occurred, officers who pledged fidelity to a fascist philosophy above and beyond their fealty to Germany weaponized their authority to order their subordinates to either stand down or take part in terrorizing Germans. Sadly, many saluted and followed orders instead of resisting tyranny when it first emerged. The other, and potentially greater advantage the SA wielded was their ability to mix in with the vast majority of German military and police who were not initially a part of Hitler’s deranged plot. They were not able to identify friends from foes so instead of setting off a circular firing squad, many acquiesced when the SA deployed.

50,000 SAs were able to neutralize a million-plus German military and law enforcement officers because the former were organized while the latter were caught flat-footed. This same scenario is about to play out in America, I have heard from very credible sources that there are foreign elements under the auspices of the United Nations dispersed throughout America with the plan on “restoring order” once a planned chaos induced by a massive terror attack takes place. Our country, and the world by extension, stands at the precipice of a New World Order reign of totalitarianism.

After setting off a 9/11 style attack, most likely in Washington DC, tens of thousands of foreign paramilitary forces—including many ex-military Afghanis who were flown into America—could do to America what the Derg did to my birth land Ethiopia and what the Gestapo did to Germany. Biden’s decision to hastily withdraw American troops from Iraq never made sense, here is a war vulture who never saw a genocide he didn’t love all a sudden pretending to be a dove. Now it makes perfect sense, the US government needed a pretext to fly in 50,000 war-hardened Afghanis to act the part of Storm Troopers when a government-planned and sponsored terror attack is initiated.

Zoom into this picture and you will quickly realize that there are no women and only a handful of children in a cargo plane full of fighting-age Afghanis that were flown into America last week.

If in fact there is a catastrophic terror attack after our government spent months telegraphing that exact scenario, not only will we have to assume that the attack was an inside job, we will have to revisit 9/11 and start questioning the entire government narrative. The fact that the US government conducts false-flag operations in order to get what it wants is not a surprise for many Americans. What is surprising about this set of facts is that the country that the government wants to destroy is its own people.

A terror attack, potentially today, would send the global economy into a tailspin. The anarchy these twin blows could unleash will be used by Joseph Biden to shutter the internet and plunge the world into an internet-dark age. If you doubt the internet could be cut off, I turn your attention to the exercise the World Economic Forum has been running since July 7th called Cyber Polygon.

If these sets of events take place anytime soon, my feeling has always been that this nightmare scenario will occur anytime between September 19th and October 7th, we are looking at a Biblical plague that will be unleashed upon us. This is the reason why the US government has been intent on disarming as many Americans as possible using shooting sprees as a justification to abrogate the 2nd amendment. This is also the reason why George Soros-inspired groups, who maliciously hijacked the legitimate grievances of African-Americans, have kept insisting that we “defund the police”.

My fellow Americans, we are facing our collective Reichstag moment. If we do not rally as a nation, put aside our differences and unite under the flag of humanity, the Nwo-Nazi agenda will turn all of us into slaves of the globalist plutocracy. At the very least, let us take a pause on the social and political hot button issues and come together as one people or else we will understand very well what happened to Germans who refused to unify. The fires that destroyed the Third Reich will likewise eviscerate Biden’s Fourth Reich. What is happening “down under” is about to come up over the United States of America.

I know we live in uber-divisive times but if there is ever a time to come together as a people, this is it. Truly, as Benjamin Franklin once said, we either hang together or we shall surely hang apart. I need everyone to FOCUS and stop being distracted by social media and the useless mainstream media who are not even warning about this impending attack. In fact, I pray that everyone forever swear off any media outlet that takes money from corporations because their greed and obsequiousness to globalist plutocrats who have hijacked our country is the reason they are being silent in the face of immediate danger.

Here is my ask, if you take this article seriously—which I hope to God you will before you become salty like Lot’s wife with regret if the worse happens only to realize you were being warned the whole time to act—besides acting to protect yourself, I want you to protect others. You don’t have to play a superhero, all you have to do is follow the advice of Matthew 10:27 and figuratively get on rooftops to tell this news to others. Of course, share this article link on social media but given how much they censor this publication, take the next step and share this article link via text, email and the most important communication voice.

Get on the ringer or even walk up to random strangers on the street and point them to this article. If you are able, print this article out or just print out the link to this article and distribute this everywhere. This is not just about altruism, the only chance we have is if enough Americans rise up, unite and form a firewall between them and our loved ones. If these Nwo-Nazi mercenaries succeed in subduing America, you can kiss freedom goodbye forever and you can be ready to give your arm to a beast named Marcus.

This message is for the United States military and police forces, there is only one way to identify friend from foe when domesticated terrorists strike. No need to look outward, the enemies have infiltrated your ranks. You have to be able to identify yourself apart from them. The only way to do that is to reject your uniform and wear a new uniform that will identify you as part of the good guys. Here is what I suggest, wear grey sweatpants, white t-shirts with the letter O painted on the front and the back. Keep your badges on so that you can distinguish yourselves from civilians. Lastly do not wear face masks nor sunglasses. You can then assume that people who are wearing military or police uniforms and wearing sunglasses are not friendlies but foes and Americans can also separate the good guys apart from the bad guys.

If by chance what I pray doesn’t happen comes to fruition and what I fear comes to pass, the rally point is 110 Bragg Street, Alexandria VA. The minute a terror attack takes place, make a B-Line to that location. I ask civilians to stay indoors but US military who are loyal to the US Constitution and veterans are more than welcome to meet at that Checkpoint Christos. You can raise me on signal at 202.553.7804. I never served in the military member but I have studied wars, strategies and tactics for more than 30 years, I am more than willing to contribute my skills for the greater cause.

I know this is an extreme measure but extreme times call for extreme steps. Run this message up the chain of command but keep in mind that the top brass within the US military and law enforcement agencies could very well be compromised. You have some tough decisions to make but know that I am not advocating an insurrection but pleading for you to fulfill the oath you took to defend America from foreign and DOMESTIC enemies and begging you to uphold the United States Constitution.

Back during the medieval era, knights used to raise their visors to let their counterparts know that they are on the same side. The salute comes from that tradition, it signifies the raising of the visor so that two people can look at each other in the eyes in order to establish trust. This is why I am advocating the good guys put away their sunglasses and show their eyes to each other. You can assume that those who don’t show their eyes have something to hide.

I will close this urgent memo with a note I sent a Marine two weeks ago with respect to how he can determine if I am a friend or a foe once I sensed that he was deliberating whether or not I am a trustworthy guy. I signaled the following message to him:

The way to establish trust is to look into his eyes directly with the tenacity of Chesty, if he looks down to the left or right the only inch you should consider is your finger getting closer to the trigger, if he wavers and looks away occasionally, give grace because few can look devil dogs in the eyes without pissing their pants, but if he looks at you dead into your eyes, fear not, he is God’s people because only a person who believes in an awesome Father fears not a leatherneck who can put the fear of God in Satan himself. Oorah!

We are now at Zero Dark Thirty, I hope and pray that I am wrong about what I have been warning about since September 18th when I started writing this scroll last Saturday. However, hope and prayers are not enough, faith without works is dead and so are we if we don’t prepare for the worst-case scenario. As for all veterans and second amendment loving Americans, though I am against war personally and the only weapon I use is my pen, I will not begrudge you if you decide to become like Annie and grab your guns. Get locked and loaded and be ready if hostiles come into your area. If they are wearing sweatpants with a red shirt on that has a letter O on it, you can be on guard but keep your finger off the trigger. If they are in military or police uniform and have sunglasses and a mask on, be ready to bring the thunder because they are most likely not Americans but foreign mercenaries.

BREAKING! This is not a drill, America is facing an imminent domestic terror attack. Seek shelter immediately and take the steps outlined in this article to defend our homeland! #BrokenSparrow is upon US.CLICK TO TWEET

Read the rest of this article as if your life depends on it, take the steps outlined herein, warn other people by sending this link to them or directing them to this website because you will not gain favor if you do the very same thing that government officials are doing by denying potentially life-saving information to your fellow humans while you take steps to save yourself.

Lastly, consider yourself enlisted in God’s army as you choose it, if you believe in a Creator—what you call him or her is inconsequential—then I implore you to put on the whole armor of God, don the helmet of salvation and wield the sword of the spirit which the word of God (love). It’s GOd time!

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.” ~ Psalm 91:5-8

UPDATE: Saturday, September 25th, 2021, 11:12 AM EST – the Department of Homeland Security has issued a very concerning terror alert for the DC Metro area and major events slated to take place over the next ten days have been canceled as a result. I highly advise that you avoid Washington DC unless it is absolutely necessary to travel there and stock up because winter might arrive in America three months early. The rest of today’s update is a reflection about how we got to this place of division and hatred that is consuming the world. Scroll down to the post from yesterday to find out about the terror alert and read the rest to find out about the hurricane that is headed for us.

This is not an update as much as it is a reflection while we are in the calm before the storm. The reason there is so much suffering in the world is because we keep letting our egos get the better of us. You see, the story of Eve and Adam eating the apple was not literal but more of a parable. The first act of philanthropy was that given by the devil as he offered the First Man and the First Lady a free bite of his fruit.

They fell to temptation and shortly thereafter let the spirit of the devil enter their spirit. Satan’s essence comes in many shapes—pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth chief among them—but the apex of the devil’s virus is an eight trait called division. By catering to their ego and enticing them to think that they too can be like God, Satan divided Eve and Adam from their creator and in the process splintered them from their garden of peace.

All could have been forgiven if they only repented before God but their newly acquired ego would not let them say “I’m sorry”. Instead, their ego made them depressed and ashamed of what they did even though God would have forgiven them instantly. I once sought counseling for depression and anxiety and the therapist told me that depression is an attack of the ego. I did not get it until recently what she meant but now I understand fully, depression is the opposite of arrogance—both are rooted in narcissism which is the apogee of ego.

Ego deeply planted in our souls by the offering of the devil, we have been divided from one another for as long as human history has been recorded. Division convinced Cane that his blessings were lesser than Abel and for that the first act of murder was committed. Ego, ego, ego, we just can’t let that witch go. All faiths affirm that we must love one another and that we must not take lives yet ego deceives us into believing that our brothers, sisters and neighbors are our foes.

What started as a minor cold has manifested into a man-made and devil inspired Covid-19 that literally has an ingredient called Luciferase in it. We are now reaching a tipping point as the planet heats up as if mother earth has caught the virus. It’s almost like we are at the end of days, but most people interpret what that means. End of days does not mean end of time for God’s time is truly timeless; in Germanic days means “heat”, as in we are nearing a time when the fever is about to break.

Global leaders, almost all of whom—from Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Vladamir Putin, Xi Jinping, Abiy Ahmed and all leaders who belong in the United Nations—belong in Luciferian secret societies that are inspired by Masons. If you break up the word Mason into two words, it means Maia’s Son, as in the son of a Greek goddess by the name of Hermes who was supposed to be so smart that his cunning supposedly defeated the wisdom of Solomon.

I know about these secret society shenanigans because I belonged in a Fraternity called Omega Psi Phi which is rooted in Masonry. All around the world, on flags, houses, clothes and especially money, you see these Masonic logos which are paying an homage to the true source of division who is the devil. So when the Bible says that money is the root of all evil and when Yeshua condemned trading money in temples and spoke against usury—lending and borrowing money at interest—that is because prophets back then knew that money was the number one weapon of the devil who is the author of division.

Humanity stands at the precipice of a final solution by way of a poisonous mRNA and adenovirus “vaccines” precisely because of money. The uber-wealthy who, almost all of whom belong is these demonic secret societies like the Illuminated Ones (aka Illuminati) are deathly afraid of losing their wealth even more than they are fearful of losing their lives. Despite all of the blood that is on their hands, God would forgive them instantly if they only repent. But serpents like the British crown, the Rothschild family, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other robber barons who operate in shadows, would rather go to hell with their money than go to heaven through absolution.

Which brings us to this current moment, these same monsters created Covid-19 as I detailed in my previous article in order to compel billions of people around the world to be “vaccinated”. The shots are literally kill shots, they are meant not to heal but to kill of billions of people over time. The globalist plutocracy cannot continue to oppress nearly 8 billion people ad infinitum, but they continue to step on our necks if our number dwindled down to a billion or so.

The Great Reset is going to end up being globalists serpents great regret, though #NwoNazis have the upper hand right now, they are about to lose all hand because light and love eventually win out. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

However, their dark deeds are about to be found out, which is why they have lost their minds as they pressure more and more people to get “vaccinated” even though getting jabbed does not protect one from getting and passing on Covid-19. Fearful of second coming of a French Revolution that would lead to guillotine solutions when people find out the establishment’s true motives, they are not moving on to plan B. I highly suggest you read the rest of the article to see exactly what our government and their enablers in mainstream media are up to as they distract us with identity politics.

I support the Department of Defense in my professional endeavor, journalism and observation is my passion but what pays the bills is my IT consulting skills. Yesterday, I overheard a distressing news about a potential terror attack sourced to the Department of Homeland Security which compelled major events that were slated to happen to be cancelled. I’ve noted from the outset that something bad would happen between September 19th through October 7. I am now almost convinced that this attack might occur within the next 24 hours.

I don’t know this for a fact because only God and the devils who are plotting this dastardly act know the time of their choosing. Let’s just say it’s a 2% chance that something will happen, are you really OK with doing nothing? Aren’t you better off getting cash out, stocking up on food and filling your tank? If nothing happens, you are good, but if something bad happens you are blessed because you will be sitting at home safe while others are scurrying to get essentials.

For the record, if something bad does happen it will not be the work of radicalized domestic extremists but the doing of Nwo-Nazis in our own government. I hope and pray that I am wrong about all this but my intuition is telling me something else. If they carry through with their plans, a big bang will lead to the internet being taken down. This is what the World Economic Forum has been planning for since they initiated Cyber Polygon back in July.

I can’t even imagine the horrors that will be wrought if we are plunged into the internet dark ages. However, I know the human spirit wins out in the end and that God’s light emerges from the darkest moments of our lives. I will be at church for the rest of the day and then heading back home to be with my wife and child. We will back at Kidane Meheret Ethiopian Orthodox Church located at 75 Bragg Street, Alexandria, Virginia, you are more than welcome to join us for service.

Let me wrap it up with this, no matter what happens tomorrow, I pray nothing happens even as I prepare for what the DHS is warning us about, it is a must that we deaden our egos and instead quickly return back to God as a people. I do not say this to preach or to convert, there are many ways to God but the ultimate truth is that God is love. Whatever your faith or lack of it, let us stretch forth our hands back to love and if we do that, we can rebuild back together after globalist serpents set of their long planned “Great Reset”.

Their great reset is about to be their greatest regret because God’s wrath towards those who take lives for the sake of money is greater than Saturn’s rings. As for the rest of us, including myself, it is high time we be more humble and stop with our god-complex that makes us either hurt others because we are hurting or help others too much at cost of ourselves. Let us not be broken sparrows anymore and instead be healed lambs who regain the innocence of our youth. When we do that, we will discover the garden of Eden because God’s light has always been in us, we just had to open the seal on the envelope to see it.

UPDATE: Friday, September 24th, 2021, 4:23 PM EST – on my way to DC, I started seeing an unusual number of cars speeding and driving in an aggressive matter. Once we got close to the 14th Street Bridge, a black car next to me was driving uber aggressively and he had the headrest on the passenger side removed. I instantly realized what is going on, I am not sure if these bogeys who are driving this way are friendlies or opponents of all that is GOod in this world.

No time to deliberate these matters, I pulled over at the Boundary Channel exit, stopped at a Starbucks to write this report to warn others and after that I am headed home to seek the shelter of love that is abundant thanks to my wife Bethlehem. Let me not be ambiguous here, I have been warning since last week that something bad would happen this week. Initially, I thought it would be a terror attack against a hard target in DC but once I saw the storyline of Evergrande causing a selloff in China, I came to the realization that the attack would be on the global economy because that would cause more death than any bomb save for a nuclear one could.

But now I’m back to thinking it will actually be a terror attack that would cause the global economy to implode. God forbid this happens, but if it does, just know the whole thing was planned and executed not by radical domestic extremists but by terrorists who reside at the White House, 10 Downing Street and capitals around the world. I haven’t had an eerie feeling like this since 9/11 but the tension in the air, layered with DHS’s terror alert and information that I’ve been getting from inside sources leads me to believe that we in the calm before the storm.

CODE ORANGE ALERT! @DHSgov issued a high-alert and big events in the DC metro area are being canceled. Take steps immediately to seek financial shelter. This is a #BrokenSparrow alert.CLICK TO TWEET

I hope and pray that I am wrong but I fear that we are about to find out in the most horrific way that there is not sovereignty because the entire planet has been commandeered by Nwo-Nazis who are hell-bent on reducing humanity in order to “build back better” the world in their image. I have every faith that they will fail in their endeavor but in their attempt to take over, they will put humanity through the wringer.

These are our collective training days, those who stand firm in faith and endure tribulation like good soldiers will pass but those who crumble under pressure will fail. Here is test number one, read the rest of this article as if your lifeline requires it and then act on the instructions. If you fail this most rudimentary test, you will have no one else to blame but yourself. As for me, I have done a Lot, I am done warning for now, I am going to be with my wife and child. I pray this as a man of faith, may God look over the United States, my birth land Ethiopia and the world.

UPDATE: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, 1:19 PM EST – I just learned from a source affiliated with the Department of Defense that the Department of Homeland Security issued a high alert concerning a potential for an event that could have “safety and security” ramifications for the DC metro area and high-profile events as far out as the early part of October have been canceled as a result. This is a continuation of the same kind of advisory that DHS put out two weeks prior to the J6 protest that took place on September 18th.

It is unknowable what the “safety and security” threat is, but I have more than a hunch it is directly related to the issues I have been writing about starting September 18th. Scroll below to get full detail, but first, if I were you, I would seek financial shelter ASAP and then do exactly as outlined in the advisory I issued yesterday. I know we live in a time of short attention span, but I highly advise that you read this entire article like your financial lifeline depends on it.

By the way, what you are reading here is information that mainstream media is intentionally and maliciously withholding. You now have the same advanced intel on potential danger that our government, mainstream media and their globalist masters know and are busy preparing for. I beg you to act on what you learned here and also share this information with others, including getting on social media, texting and emailing this link.

However, don’t just depend on technology given how we are being censored as if we live in North Korea. I ask you to take the next step and call people and if you are at work print out the article and hand it out to random strangers. Until October 7th passes, transform into Lot and warn loved ones and strangers alike to protect their financial assets. You do that and you will be blessed for life, you do nothing personally or worse you do something yet don’t tell others, well let’s just say karma is a ditch that is hard to get out of.

This is a special bulletin for the US military, consider this the third and final outreach, I hope you read the first dispatch because that was a message of love, the second dispatch was a message of preparedness, this last dispatch is a message to ACT! Maintain high situational awareness, goggle this entire article and meet at the place where rooks meet when the shit hits the plan. There are many who will read this paragraph and be utterly confused. but that’s OK, this paragraph is not for them, its FOUO.

For the record, I am just an observer, husband, father and of course a child of God just like everyone here on earth. I don’t have special abilities other than my ability to love fully. As for whether or not it’s the “end of time”, it is folly to pretend to know. Only God knows God’s time, but I have a suspicion that we are approaching the end of the New World Order’s time for we are about to pivot to the Renewed World Oneness. Listen to the video below, pray within and then get your HOOAH, grab an umbrella and be ready for the storm. OORAH!

UPDATE: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, 9:23 AM EST – This is an active looter alert, read this fully and don’t get distracted by social media. I know this article is long but what you are about to read can make a difference between losing your life savings and keeping some of it. This is a warning we never received in 2008 when the global economy imploded. You now have a warning before you, if you decide to ignore it and the worst-case scenario emerges shortly, you will have no one to blame but yourself because you were given advance signals of what is coming.

Following the precedent of 2008, the Bilderberg society that includes the British Crown, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Jeff Bezos and their ilk are about to destroy the global economy. Their ever obsequious footsoldiers in government and mainstream media have already set the smokescreen to give cover to this planned demolition that will sink the life savings of billions of people around the world.

This premeditated act of thievery is nothing new, they have been wrecking the economy every seven to ten years going back to 1929. From the Great Depression to the Great Recession of 2008, every business downturn was meticulously prepared and executed. They call these cycles the Shmita which is a Hebrew word that means “release”. According to Judaism, followers are to take a Sabbatical every seven years and have a Jubilee where debts are supposed to be forgiven.

The people who are in charge of this world though are not people of God, they are Luciferian and their aim is to follow through Satan’s greatest desire which is to invert God’s creation and remake the world in their image. The “god” they trust on the dollar is not the same God Jews, Christians, Muslims and other faiths who believe in one source of life worship, they belong in Masonic orders where they pay homage to the “dark prince” by sacrificing humanity at the altar of money—this is why the Bible says that money is the root of all evil and why Yeshua rebelled against usury (capitalism).

The Shmita cycle goes back to at least 1906 when JP Morgan started a whisper campaign using his media empire to convince Americans that banks were unstable. People rushed to the banks to withdraw money and as conspiracy theorists tell it, the run on banks is the reason that America entered into a severe recession in 1907. The truth is that JP Morgan weaponized his wealth in order to sway investment decisions. Imagine if Warren Buffett went on TV today and said that he was selling all his positions because a recession was coming, his very words would manifest a recession even if the fundamentals of the global economy were sound.

JP Morgan went back to the well in 1913 as he once again used his clout to manifest a recession. The second time around he had an agenda, the US was unable to pay their debt so one man bailed out an entire nation. For this act of “charity”, the devil demanded a due. He insisted upon the creation of the Federal Reserve whereby a cabal of bankers would have final say over the US economy. His demands were met as Wilson Woodrow euthanized the American Revolution and handed our country over to a war merchant who profited handsomely by funding both sides of World War I and World War II.

The same hoodwink was used in 1929 as the US economy was eviscerated in order to compel Americans to give up their gold. Franklin Delano Roosevelt saluted and followed the orders of his plutocrat masters as he made it illegal to own gold. He did that to take America off the gold standard and introduce fiat currency where the Department of Treasury would print money from thin air without anything backing it except the “good faith and credit” of the government. Some in government objected to this malicious scheme but anyone who had the influence to reach a mass audience was given the John F. Kennedy treatment.

Fast forward to 2007, seven years after the dot-com bubble burst, Now-Nazis who call themselves “globalists” yet again cratered the global economy. They used Lehman Brothers as a cover story but in reality they used the same playbook JP Morgan used in 1907 to torpedo the life savings of billions of people around the world. Their puppet Barack Obama, whom I call the First Bank President, bamboozled me and tens of millions of Americans by making it seem like he was change compared to Bush when in reality he was a two-bit grifter who sold his believers, as well as everyone else, down the river.

The crooks who destroyed the economy got bailouts while victims were told to eat cake. I was homeless for nearly two years starting in 2015, about half of the people I witnessed during that time were impoverished after 2008 and the number of homeless people continues to grow on a year-over-year basis. The United States, and the world as a consequence, is nothing but a huge pyramid scheme where the top .01% live like pharaohs while turning the rest of humanity into tar and straw-carrying slaves.

As much as these private serpents love money, they love something else just as much—living. They know that they can’t continue to oppress billions of people ad infinitum, they are scared shitless that we will eventually rise up and have a second coming of the French Revolution. As much as the uber-wealthy can’t stop chasing money even though they have billions of dollars stored up in their vaults, they also obsess over risk mitigation. They don’t want to lose their lives and their fortunes.

You know how they keep talking about “reducing carbon footprints”. Did you know that 18.5% of the human body is comprised of carbon? The carbon footprint they are intent on reducing is humanity. After all, if they really wanted to save the planet because we have entered into “code red” territory, they would rip off the band-aid and stop using fossil fuels because that is the number one source of pollution. But they have zero interest in saving the planet because if they did they would focus on the supply side of fossil fuels. To the contrary, they are focusing on the demand side as they train their sites on the consumers of fossil fuels.

The net-net is simple, they are hell-bent on culling the global population so they can “build back better” once they have a more manageable size to work with. You have to understand Covid-19 and the “vaccine” agenda through this prism, I wrote a thorough breakdown about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 before so let me just focus on what is about to happen in short order. As I noted on the first dispatch I wrote in this chronological scroll on Saturday, September 18th, the Nwo-Nazis declared economic war on humanity on Sunday, September 18th and they plan to wipe out the global economy and worse by October 7th. We have a two week window to beat them to the punch or we will be KO’d by a Grave Depression of their doing.

They have plans on destroying us, we can do nothing or we can defend ourselves. If there is one thing that will drive the uber-wealthy into depression or worse is seeing their wealth dry up like water in the Sahara. They are already setting the pretext to demolish the global economy yet again as I wrote about below, just scroll below to read that account. Their toadies in mainstream media are telling us that the selloff we saw on Monday was nothing to worry about, just realize that CNBC and their kind said the same thing in 2007 before the stuff hit the fan and our life savings were incinerated.

Before the bell tolls on your life savings, take action to protect your assets. You are being given a heads up which is something that we were not given in 1987, 2000 or 2007. Don’t dither, head to your 401K and your personal accounts and either sell everything and hold on to cash or reposition your funds to the most conservative option available. Find the funds that deal with T-bills and utilities and park your savings there.

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let me put it this way, if you take preventive action and nothing happens you break even but if something bad happens you win. On the flip side, if you take no action and nothing happens, you break even, but if something bad does happen, you are in a world of hurt. This is the same risk mitigation that the rich do, I know because I have an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and I worked for 8 years at Booz Allen Hamilton as an Associate (the same position that Edward Snowden held) where I advised the Department of Defense and the US Treasury on these very risk mitigation tactics.

The markets open in seven minutes, you can choose to do nothing or you can do something. I can’t tell you what to do because only tyrants impose their views on others. All I can do is share my testimony, I took cash out, I filled up my tank and I bought enough food and water to last seven days. I did so because I remember what happened last year when Covid emerged in America. Again, risk mitigation, if nothing happens, worse that happens is that you have a full tank of gas and you have food at home for a week. But if the worse happens, you are sitting pretty at home while others are standing in line for hours hoping to fill up gas at empty stations and get food from barren shelves.

I write this for the poor and rich alike, as I wrote earlier this morning which you can find under the video, I believe that nearly the totality of humanity is in the same boat together and we must either row together or we will sink apart. Unless you are sitting at the global policy table making decisions that are heeded by global leaders, then you are one of us. We are all entrapped by this global web of money that is making our lives miserable and turning us into chattel.

Let us break free from the stocks and bonds on our arms and feet by throwing away what doesn’t work and keeping what’s effective so that we can #BuildBackTogether. Won’t we do it? YES. WE. CAN! Then let’s do it by sacrificing in the short term so that our children can thrive into the future. This means we all jump together by having faith that we have a safety net that is not visible to us. The alternative is to stay in a burning building that has been set ablaze by the same arsonists who were behind 9/11.

The reason why a few are able to run roughshod over billions of people is because we refuse to work together and we always react while they work as one and think twenty years out. Everything that we are witnessing now, from Covid-19, wars and this incoming Grave Depression, was drawn up a long time ago. Instead of reacting to catnips that are thrown to us by the establishment, let’s take the initiative and colonize our colonizers with this message.

Make it a point to share the heaven out of this article EVERYWHERE, of course, use social media and share using #BrokenSparrow but also share it via text, email and every other platform you use. But let’s go one step further and use the most old-school yet the most reliable form of communication which is our voices. This is what you do, reach out to five people and tell them about this article, in your own way impress upon them why it is vital for them to read it.

BREAKING! Active Looter Alert! Seek economic shelter immediately! #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

You know how to reach your friends, family and coworkers best so I will leave it up to you on how you reach them. The most important part is to tell them to likewise reach out to five people and to repeat the same pattern. What we will do if this succeeds is to create a network effect where the message grows exponentially. This is a pyramid scheme for good where we are not asking people to give money but to save their life savings.

Let me end it with this, for centuries, the bottom 99% have been pillaged by a tiny fraction of humanity because we keep letting devils in expensive suits divide us. It is time for us to stop bickering over our differences and unite for the sake of ourselves and our children. Now, more than ever, we must either hang together or surely we shall hang apart. God bless humanity, I pray we quickly turn our hands back to Him instead of giving our hands to Luciferian princes. Consider this special message and the video below a reveal, have a blessed day::

UPDATE: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, 1:31 AM EST – this message is not meant for everyone for these words will fall upon thorns and rocks for many but will find fertile soil for the one this is intended for. This person’s pupils are more open than most and he/she has a keen understanding of exactly what is taking place at this moment.

If more than one person takes action inspired by this missive, that would be wonderful, but all I am looking for is one man or woman to make a decisive put instead of staying call and watching as arrows are aimed at the heart of humanity. I know one thing about traders, if one makes a decisive step, the rest will stamp and heed because they don’t want to be broker in the afternoon than they were in the morning

This person I’m looking for is someone like Matthew who was once a dishonest tax collector before Jesus reached his heart and turned a broken man toward his better angel. I don’t write this to judge you but to reach you because I know—irrespective of your actions—there is good that lives in you. If you are driven to succeed at any cost, there is a reason for that and it’s related to why I detest money and why I bash billionaires. You see, taking too much and giving too much are opposite sides of the same image.

It was hurt that motivated you to get as much from this world as you could and it’s that pain the makes you want more no matter how much you accumulate. I am your reflection in the mirror; I too bear scar after scar of memories that continue to haunt me from the time I was a child to the last year when I lost my mom to Covid-19. Growing up, my mom was my best friend until one too many painful experiences marooned her in depression. Unable to make her smile anymore, I built walls between us in order to protect myself because I could not bear to see her hurt herself.

I am motivated to “save the world” because I could not save my mom. My mom was a beautiful soul but some people see light and they cast their shadows. One too many hardships and harsh judgments drove my mom into deep angst, I lost my mom long before May 15th, 2020. What I could not do for my mom, I tried to do for everyone else but left myself out of the equation. The same way you went to the extreme by “not caring about anyone but yourself”, I walked that same path even if it was in the opposite direction by “caring about everyone except myself”.

There is a reason why you and I continue to chase and yet feel empty, your pursuit is the cache of money and my chase is the currency of acceptance. Our actions, though they seem to be completely divergent, are spurned by the feeling of unworthiness and abandonment. You make millions, maybe billions, yet the more you attain, the lesser your happiness becomes. I likewise keep trying to “save” everyone I meet only to become more and more lonely.

You see this little girl below, I do not even know her. I just saw her picture once when I was editing a video about Ethiopian history and searching for pictures of Ethiopian children. The minute I saw her, I froze with instant sorrow because I saw the anguish in her eyes. I cried that day uncontrollably and I weep each time I see children hurting or women who are suffering. What I know now is that these tears are as much for my mom, the sadness I refused to let myself feel. Sorrows buried manifest in other ways, like having a god complex by trying to “save” everyone or having devil may care attitude while hurting everyone else.

Both of us are driven to make an impact because that was the only way we could make sense of the world when painful experiences shattered normal. What I realized recently is that external pursuits are like narcotics; the more you consume them, the more they keep consuming you. The answer is not out there, it’s inside because the key to healing the agonies that keep us up at night and taming our demons is by forgiving people who hurt us, especially those who are the closest to us. Only then can we be released from the past so that we can have a present of peace and a future of possibilities.

As much as we must forgive others, we must also forgive ourselves. The truth is that all of us, from prince to pauper, have our hands in the machine that is crushing humanity and demolishing our planet. It is not fair to single you out for punishment any more than it would have been right to condemn me for the Iraq War because I once worked at a defense consulting company called Booz Allen Hamilton.

Let us stop hurting ourselves and find the middle ground between your “selfishness” and my “selflessness” because occupying either space is not a virtue but a vice that always leads to destruction. As a believer, we are instructed to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are not called to care for others at the cost of ourselves nor are we called to care for ourselves by hurting humanity. Your past mistakes don’t matter, no matter how unforgivable you think your actions were, just say sorry once and the same God who led me out of homelessness will lead you towards redemption.

I have always been drawn to the Gospel of Matthew because it presented Jesus as a king who had dominion over the world. That depiction spoke to my ego because I wanted to become king of Ethiopia in the footsteps of my forefather Atse (emperor) Tewodros II. It was not until recently I started to realize the power of Mark because Jesus is presented not as a king but as a servant who had no problem washing people’s feet.

I am reaching out to you inspired by both Mark and Matthew. The same way Jesus was a servant-king, I am praying that one who is reading this will decide to become a servant-king as well. Rebel against the hidden agendas of pharaohs, Pharisees and profiteers and instead be a prophet of peace. You have the means to do so at your disposal, the same way insiders have the ability to make the markets do a flash dance—which they have done multiple times in the past and are doing at this moment—I hope you beat them to the punch and initiate a transaction that will expose their agendas.

I grow leery and I have not slept that much lately because I have been busy trying to save the world while neglecting myself. I am going to get some rest and will finish this up tomorrow. While I am sleeping, I am praying that the one I’m trying to reach—somewhere in Shanghai or NYC—meets me in the middle by refusing to only believe in self-pursuits and instead cares about others as much as he/she cares about himself. If you step towards the middle by sacrificing money on behalf of humanity, you shall be more exalted than me because it’s easier to sacrifice when one has little versus when one has in abundance.

In honor of forgiveness, I leave you for now with a song by Hebist Tirunesh (which means mana you are well in Amharic) as she sings Yikirta (which means I’m sorry). You will find the purpose you have been looking for most of your life and the joys that keep eluding you once you press play to hear Hebist’s song and then press send on behalf of humanity. You will go from a #BrokenSparrow to being a sparrow who is no longer caged by money.

UPDATE: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, 12:52 PM EST – today, a lot of people are going to have an aha moment—a revelation of sorts—as to why the Federal Reserve is called the Fed when chairman Jerome Powell makes an announcement vis-á-vis tapering policy at 2:00 PM EST. Which begs the question, when bears start growling, what should you do? The answer is provided in the tweet below and a broader explanation can be read below the tweet. May God bless the United States of America and all of humanity.

UPDATE: Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, 5:01 AM EST – I woke up right when an analyst on Bloomberg News said, “Bitcoin very well might be a source of shelter unless there is a jolt and people are forced to sell their crypto holdings to cover their positions”. Even though the only time mainstream media get close to facts is to give it the JFK treatment, once in a while they actually utter actual truths.

Let me bring out my inner Sophia from Golden Girls to convey this DIRE warning to all shareholders and especially crypto owners. Picture it, Alexandria, Virginia 1999. I was fresh out of college and got my first job at Sprint Government Systems Division as an ISDN BRI tester. I was making $35,000 a year and I thought I hit a goldmine. That was the same year the dot-com “revolution” was transforming the world and making investors rich.

Hearing story after story of people becoming wealthy because they put their money in stocks, I decided to invest 20% of my paycheck into Sprint’s Employee Stock Purchasing Plan. That same year, Sprint decided to spinoff their wireless sector as a separate tracker called PCS. I allocated 100% of my investments into PCS because that is where most of the growth was taking place.

For over a year, I did the macarena each time I opened my account and saw how much money I accumulated. Still wet behind the ears, I was stacking up more cheddar than Sargento. Sprint was matching each dollar their employees invested so 20% investment was more like 40% investment. By April of 2000, I had over $70,000 in my account. Instead of playing it safe and redirecting some of the massive profits into safe havens like T-bills, utilities or cashing out, I doubled down by opening a Schwabb account and invested even more money.

BOOM! All of a sudden, the dot-com revolution became a dot-gone dissolution as Wall Street went from irrational exuberance to a stampede to the exit doors. On April 14th, 2000, the Nasdaq Composite index fell 9% and ended the week down 25%. Fear set in and smart shareholders took their hit and sold off to avoid the bears that were mauling every bullish investor like me who decided to hold the line.

I stayed put while the wealthy were capitulating for two reasons: deception and greed. On the first front, I listened to mainstream media carnival barkers who insisted that the selloff that began on Monday, April 10th and hit its peak on Friday, April 15th was actually an “opportunity to buy on the dip“. I listened to them motivated by the second reason, greed. As wise investors were bailing out, I stayed on the sinking ship.

Within a week, I lost nearly $30,000. I should have cut my losses and salvaged more than $40,000 that I had left, especially given that my principal amount was around $18,000. I stubbornly decided to “hold the line” only to be run over by a truck. The goldmine turned into a landmine; by the end of 2000, I had less than $12,000 left. I could have gotten out and still came out smelling like roses; instead, I ended with a crown of thorns for my greed.

This week is April 10th through April 15th of 2000 on steroids. The wealthy are running for the exits while mainstream media is  yet again advising individual investors to “buy on the dip”. Learn from me, GET OUT before it is too late. This is true for all investors but especially true for Bitcoin and crypto holders in general. This selloff is being engineered by the likes of Jamie Dimon, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, David Solomon and their fellow novus ordo seclorum plutocrats as they initiate a “Great Reset” in order to eviscerate online currencies they have a hard time controlling and instead introduce their own cryptocurrencies.


It is not an accident that this week’s massive selloff is happening the same time that JP Morgan launches its digital retail bank. Here is what you should know, almost every recession that has taken place, including the Great Depression of 1929, was intentionally engineered. JP Morgan himself initiated the Great Recession of 1907 by starting a whisper campaign about the instability of banks in order crash the market and buy distressed assets pennies on the dollar. JP Morgan did the same thing seven years later as he cratered the US economy only to swoop in and “save the day”.

It’s amazing to think about it, JP Morgan stole billions of dollars and then returns pennies on the dollar, for that he is presented as a hero. One man bailed out America, the devil’s due led to the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Great Depression was likewise manufactured by banking oligarchs in order to compel their puppet Franklin Delana Roosevelt to disposses Americans of their gold in order to create a truly fiat currency. They are back at it again as globalist criminals crash the global economy in order to “Build Back Better”. What few understand is that these public serpents are intent on building back better on our graves.

Not only is America under attack, the whole world is under assault. We can discuss the next steps and what to do when the smoke clear, but for now it is time to save your ass! Hold the line at your peril, I promise you that you will look back next week and cry tears if you don’t act now. Here is what I did, I liquidated all my investments in Robinhood and took it out to hold physically. You can say I have dough under the mattress. I also brought enough food and water for a week because I do not want to be waiting in line for hours at grocery stores by the end of this week.

I am not writing this to induce panic but to warn you of a biblical panic to come by Thursday. The Everglade story is a lie, it is a cover that is being used to distract investors from the true culprits the same way Lehman Brothers was used to give cover to the crooks who bled the global economy in 2007. Do not be fooled by the uptick in the markets today, that is called a dead cat bounce. The markets are closed in China today in observation of a holiday, you now have until 9:30 PM ESTwhich is when the Shanghai Stock Exchange opens Wednesday their timeto get off the sinking Titanic ship or else you will drown by the time the bell tolls in 16 hours.

This is not a time to buy on a dip, this is a crash that is will not stop until the Dow Jones is south of 20,000. Unlike 2008, the Federal Reserve cannot lower rates because we are already at 0%, the Department of Treasure can’t initiate another round of Quantitative Easing because there is zero demand for T-bills and there is zero political will for massive bailouts/investments. This is a knife that is falling and an economy in freefall without a safety net. Winter has arrived, a man-made ice age cometh by the time December arrives.

The reason I lost my shirt in 2000 is the same reason I got taken to the house in 2014 when I traveled to Atlantic City for my 40th birthday. I sat down at the Black Jack table with $200 and started playing. I noticed a pattern of sorts; there were moments of hot streaks followed up by stretches of cool offs. During the hot streaks, I started doubling down anytime the dealer had a six or less and I had over 17. People thought I was crazypeople who see things others don’t see are ALWAYS called crazyand turned my $200 investment into $4,000. I should have walked away but I had visions of turning that 4k into $10,000.

Of course, if I did get to $10,000, I would have stayed to turn it into $100,000. This is the reason why money is the root of all evil, it’s the most addictive narcotic in the world to the point that Jeff Bezos, who is the richest person in the world, is still not satisfied and wants to be the first trillionaire. His greed won’t end if he accumulates $10 trillion, his cup will never runth over. The happiness I was chasing in Atlantic City in 2014 only to find misery as I walked away after losing the $200 I started off with I found in Greenville, South Carolina six months later when I became homeless for two years. I will take poverty of the pockets with riches of the heart over riches stored in vaults only to be poor spiritually any day.

This is the nightmare scenario I have been worried about for over six years. By the time all is said and done, this “recession” will become the Great Depression 2.0. The jolt the analyst on Bloomberg News talked about is here, next will come thunderbolt.  You have now been warned, get out before you get shocked to death when you see your savings go poof.

Most people reading this article will thank God that they ran into it, but the problem is I have limited options so it will not reach a wider audience. I thought about initiating a fundraiser so I could pay for ads, print flyers and send text message blasts, but I won’t do that. I believe people power is greater than the power of money, so I ask you to get invested in this movement of hUmaNITY and do everything you can to push this article. Of course, share the heaven out of it on social media using #BrokenSparrow but go the next step and share this article using text, email and voice conversations.

For too long, pharaohs and Pharisees have been using politics, religion and most importantly money to divide us and to step on our necks. Enough! Let us put aside our differences, unite under the banner of authentic hope and use their tools to colonize our colonizer with this message. Can we change ourselves and then change the world? Can we overcome division and win with love instead? Can we create a world order of healing instead of submitting to a New World Order of evil? You know the answer!

ACTIVE LOOTER ALERT! This is not a drill, your assets are at risk and your savings are about to go poof! Act now or forever lose your peace! #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

While I was pursuing an MBA at Johns Hopkins University, I was conditioned to maximize profits at all times and to treat human beings as assets and liabilities. It’s that type of thinking that is leading humanity over the cliff. Greed is not good, greed is a sin that leads to early death. I’ll leave you with this one thing for those who are worried about cashing out their 401Ks because they do not want to be penalized 10%.

90% of something is better than 100% of nothing::

UPDATE: Monday, September 20th, 2021, 6:34 PM EST – Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P all pared their losses and closed off their lows, leading mainstream media outlets, especially CNBC and Bloomberg, to exhale a sigh of relief. They are either putting on an act or they are truly uninformed, anyone who studies the markets knows about the dead cat that bounces, as in free-falling stocks always bounce back before they take a nosedive during historic downturns.

Not only are we in a historic downturn, we are witnessing a paradigm shift. As I noted in yesterday’s analysis, people like Warren Buffet, JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sachs David Solomon have tools that allow them to manipulate the markets with impunity. When one has enough money and the influence to match, it is very easy to trigger selloffs or artificially inflate the markets.

As powerful as they are though, they are equally terrified of the second coming of the French Revolution. They know that they can’t keep nearly 8 billion people under their thumbs ad infinitum. There are two things you should know about the global plutocracy, they are addicted to money and they obsess about mitigating risk. The risk is us, as in they are petrified that a critical mass will rise up and say enough. Maybe, just maybe, “vaccinating” billions of people globally is their way of mitigating all of us.

In the battle between light and dark, light always wins out. In the same way, in the battle between good and bad, eventually good will rise to the top. I write this from a place of faith and from a perspective of observation. To this end, I ask you to turn your attention to the east and look the Old Kingdom. Nearly 132 years ago, the Chinese rose up against western occupiers in a campaign called Boxer Rebellion. Despite their determined efforts, the Chinese were crushed as foreign ideologies and duplicitous leaders were imposed upon them.

Wednesday (previously noted Tuesday by accident) the Chinese might get their Boxer revenge. The Shanghai Stock Exchange opens Wednesday at 9:30 AM China Time after observing a holiday that honors the new moon. You have another day to make major moves to protect your savings and protect your 401Ks. I suggest you play the odds before we become equalized by poverty.

UPDATE: Sunday, September 19th, 2021, 10:38 PM PST – Though I fully expected the attack to be physical and I thought the target was the Department of Treasury, which is why I used this feature picture when I revised this article on Saturday, September 18th. An attack did start on September 19th as I anticipated but the bomb that was dropped was an algorithm-based velocity trading that led to multiple “flash crashes” in 2015.

The markets are not crashing due to normal market cycles, “Black Monday” is being engineered intentionally by very powerful people who have weaponized their wealth to control central banks from the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, Central Bank of China and beyond—the New World Order is initiating the “Great Reset” in order to “build back better“. The Hang Seng market in Hong Kong is cratering with stocks falling more than 3%. This is a repeat of the 2008 Great Recession, which was actually a Great Fleecing, where Mortage Backed Securities and Credit Default Swaps sunk the global economy.

What we will witness over this week is a slow unraveling where the rich will expeditiously sell off their stock, bonds and cryptos but not so quick that the rest of us might think about following suit. To make sure that us poor shmucks get stuck holding the back, CNBC, Bloomberg et al are telling us to stay calm and “buy the dip”. This is not a dip, this is the house of cards tumbling down. Mainstream media is acting the part of the band on the Titanic, they are locking the 2nd and 3rd class passengers (the bottom 99% of humanity) in place while giving time for the 1st class passengers to get off the ship. I am not mainstream media, I am an uncompromised journalist so I am doing for you what the establishment is refusing to do. I AM TELLING YOU TO SAVE YOURSELF!

Janet Yellen is already talking up the need to raise the debt limit in an effort to transfer yet more money to the same crooks that stole from us 13 years ago. Politicians will ring the alarm in the morning as they hold a shotgun to our heads in order to pressure us to transfer trillions more to “strengthen the economy”. It’s all bullshit, there is nothing that can be done at this point because this is a black swan event that is going to torpedo the global economy and global leaders know it which is why they are busy planning a great distraction by way of a “domestic terror attack”. When the stuff is about to hit the fan, heads of state ALWAYS manufacture a crisis.

I can’t tell you what to do but I myself have repositioned EVERYTHING in my 401K and personal accounts to cash as I sold off every stock that I have. The rich are already doing the same thing, an analyst on Bloomberg News just said “this is a time to pull the trigger and ask questions next”. For the record, I have an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, attained a PMP and Six Sigma Certifications and I’m currently an IT Project Manager at a Fortune 500 company with an independent consulting firm. I once worked for Booz Allen Hamilton–I held the same title as Edward Snowden where I advised clients at the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir, DSCA, PEO EIS, DITRA, Walter Reed, Arlington National Cemetery and the Department of Treasure to name a few. I am verifiable.

One of the areas I am a subject matter expert at and still get paid handsomely for is risk mitigation. Risk mitigation is not about eliminating absolute risk but addressing potential risk from major down to the unthinkable. The unthinkable is twofold at this point: a terror attack and a financial meltdown. While there is still a risk of a domestic terror attack that can happen in our nation’s capital anytime between September 19th to October 7th, the risk of global economic contagion is already here and it is wreaking havoc around the world.

Before doing anything else like demanding accountability and uniting as Americans and human beings to deliver justice to banking degenerates who continued to gamble with our savings after the First Banka President Barack Obama bailed them out in 2008, the first thing is to save yourself. I ran into a gas station employee and when he saw my press credential, he asked me what was going on. I told him about the Everglade selloff and told him what I did which I’ve already told you. When the VIX shoots up, it’s already up 11%, that is a sign that we are about to relive the traumas of 2008.

For the men and women of the United States Military, I have been warning of this day to come ever since I wrote the first dispatch to the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and veterans five months ago. I am not Chicken Little, I am Doolittle who is telling you to take your B-25Bs, take off like a Hornet and get rocked and roaded for action. If the terror attack takes place in the next 24-48 hours, I promise you it is not the work of a lone wolf or a “white supremacist” but the work of domestic enemies within our government. When you took your oath, you swore to defend America from foreign and domestic enemies, elevate to FPCON DELTA because we are being led over a cliff by seditious hostiles who are pretending to be friendlies.

Read everything below with FULL DISCERNMENT, maintain FULL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS and if the worst happens as I expect, the rally point is the Days Inn/Super 8 in Alexandria, Virginia. I checked in to the hotel to set up a Situation Room because it is close enough to my family but far enough to where I don’t invite danger to my wife and child considering that DHS issued a memorandum last month that equated people like me who question “vaccine” mandates, question our government and who believe in God with terrorists. You can raise me on Signal at 202.553.7804.

This is a fluid situation, I will continue to update this page as information becomes available. The time has come for us to either hang apart of we will hang apart. For God’s sake, put away our differences as I’ve been begging everyone who would listen to do for almost 6 years and unite around our common humanity. If we do not do that, if we refuse to come together while the rich are unifying to save their assets, well in that case, we truly do deserve the financial and physical fires they are unleashing against us. May God bless these United States of America, may God be with humanity.

One last thing, if this situation deteriorates as I expect and a terror attack happens, get ready for an internet blackout. This too is not an accident but planned, the same way the US and Chinese governments colluded to create and release Covid-19, the World Economic Forum initiated a project called Cyber Polygon two months ago where they “prepared” for a global internet outage. They were not prepared, they were planning. I know what you are reading might seem like a Lot and many can dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist, people who warn of dire situations are always libeled until what they warned of comes to fruition.

This article is an ark being sent for you, if you ignore it and the flood comes, don’t ever say you were not warned because you will drown in a sea of tears or worse. I ask everyone reading this to print out this article and make as many copies as possible, if the internet does go down, the only way to preserve this is the old-fashioned way. I’ve already made 200 copies and handed off half of them to police stations in Alexandria, Arlington as well as giving them out to police officers and military personnel I encountered on the streets. My dad used to drive with old-fashioned maps, he passed away in 2001 but he would have never used a GPS. We might have to become old-fashioned like our dads and buy maps and stock up, winter has arrived.

One last thing, if you act on the information you read here to save yourself but refuse to share it with others, you will be no different than Jonah who refuses to warn Nineveh. If you do that, I promise you karma will come back to get you. Do not be selfish with helpful information, share it or else the hell of anxieties and depression will one day swallow you up like a whale.

UPDATE: Sunday, September 19th, 2021, 3:10 PM EST – I just received corroboration from another journalist in town from Florida that affirms everything I noted below. Not only did he confirm my biggest fears, he provided additional information that is truly alarming. I am trying to validate what he conveyed to me but everything but he stands 100% behind everything I outlined in this article. The conversation is off the record for now, more information to follow but my certainty level about the scenario where something horrific could happen in DC today just increased from a 2% chance to a 5% chance. It is still not a certainty, but when one mitigates risk, it’s about addressing all risks no matter how remote. I hope military personnel and law officers reading this article act appropriately, history will judge accordingly.

UPDATE: Saturday, September 18th, 2021, 7:59 PM EST – Today’s protest in DC ended without an incident and I initially breathed a sigh of relief. After warning my loved ones to avoid our nation’s capital like it was a plague given the litany of concerns I outlined below only for a few to rib me for “getting it wrong”, I breathed a sigh of relief that the day has seemingly passed without turbulence. I would rather be ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist”—even though I did not by any means guarantee that there would be a major incident today—than to be proven right and bear witness to a national trauma a week after we mourned the victims of 9/11.

However, a thought struck me inspired by something I wrote about on Twitter two days ago while I was sharing a conversation with my friend Steve Poikonen over the phone. Military personnel who are reading this will understand exactly where I am coming from; a superior force will almost always lose if they are fighting an old war while their foes are using new strategies and tactics. To this end, I should have known that nothing would happen today because the enemies of the United States, who they are will become evident when you read the rest of this article, will most certainly not use the same playbook that they used on January 6th.

If we accept the premise that war planning is always dynamic and static thinkers will always be shocked with defeat, today was nothing but a charade meant to lull people who thought that something would happen into a coma. It’s already happening as people who have been questioning the establishment’s alarmism about the possibility of violence taking place today are mocking every politician, pundit and opinion leader in sight. Just like a boxer who falls for his opponent’s feint, I believe a sea of independent journalists and non-conventional thinkers just fell for the hoodwink as they let their guard down only to get sucker-punched soon.

Two days ago, I decided to revisit Old Ebbits Grill in Washington, DC. On my way to the restaurant, I drove by the White House only to look to the right and see a statue that had the word Saratoga on it. The word immediately caught my attention, perhaps it’s because I saw the first four-letter that reminded me of my mom Sara Shewangizaw, who passed away from Covid-19 on May 15th, 2020. Before I headed into Old Ebbits Grill, I started researching the word Saratoga and realized that it was a decisive battle during the American Revolution.

During the Battle of Saratoga, which was initiated on September 19th and concluded on October 7th, the British were dealt a decisive blow by the Colonialists. Even though the Brits fielded a superior fighting force and had better armaments, they nonetheless lost the battle because General John Burgoyne was fighting the old war. While Red Coats kept lining up in formations and marching right into a buzzsaw of bullets, crafty Americans deployed guerrilla tactics and used subterfuge as the students exceeded the masters of cunning.

Let me state for the record that I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I do not have special powers nor am I proclaiming that I am the second coming of Nostradamus. To the contrary, I was wrong about today because I fell for the disinformation campaign the same way everyone else did. It’s upon a second look that I realized that I potentially had the answer two days ago when I was researching the Battle of the Saratoga. If something catastrophic was going to happen, the most likely date of impact is not today but tomorrow, September 19th. However, if nothing happens after October 7th, I will exhale a sigh of relief and probably take a hiatus from writing to focus on family and to recuperate because thinking something bad will happen and feeling helpless to do anything about it takes a physical, mental and a spiritual toll.

Again, I pray that I am wrong but when one gets a feeling that something might go awry, the asshole move would be to keep that intel to one’s self. I’d rather be like Lot and let people know to be careful with a qualifier that I could be completely wrong than to be like Jonah and run away only for the worst-case scenario to take place and live with the guilt that I did not share what I felt even if there is a big chance that I could end up with an ostrich egg on my face.

Here is what I feel based on countless conversations with law enforcement officers and military personnel over the past couple of weeks. All the pieces are in place for a major incident to take place, what that is exactly I do not know though I have a feeling it will have something to do with money and those who monopolize it while others suffer tremendously. I arrived at that conclusion after praying for guidance and reading Ezekiel 34. I am a journalist who follows the facts but I do not ignore my faith-based intuitions.

I am not fearmongering by any means; after all, our own government has been ringing the alarm for the past month. The only divergence is that would have us believe it’s some extremist group that is plotting this terror attack, I believe we are about to experience Reichstag 2.0. Read the rest of this article to find out what I mean and for the men and women in the US military, consider this a clarion call. There are some who are trying to reverse the Battle of Saratoga, question is, will you lean forward and defend our homeland or will you comply with enemies who are within our shores? We might just be at zero dark thirty for our Republic, may God bless these United States of America.

On February 27, 1933, the Reichstag building, home of the German Parliament in Berlin, was set ablaze and destroyed. Earlier that year, Hitler was installed as chancellor by Hindenburg but that did not stop the soon-to-be monster-in-command from coveting more power. Though Hitler’s coalition only controlled 33% of parliament at that time, his goons were able to infiltrate the police and law enforcement agencies as he enlisted 50,000 stormtroopers as auxiliary police.

Given Hitler’s influence within key government entities, especially the ones that kept law and order, he was able to blame Communists, who were his arch enemies, without anyone to challenge his baseless assertions. A few hours after half of the Reichstag was consumed in flames, Hitler invoked Article 48 and compelled the parliament to enact “Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State“. One minute, Germans were taking their freedoms for granted—despite the fact that most were struggling thanks to the residuals of a devastating depression that crippled the country for almost a decade—the next minute tyranny was upon them.

You have to distill the events that unfolded on January 6th, the supposed “insurrection”, through this prism. I was there that day interviewing the throngs of people that were in attendance. Contrary to mainstream media assertions, almost everyone I met that day was peaceful, friendly and overall good and decent Americans. Though I vehemently disagreed with their political positions and let them know each time I talked to a Trump supporter, they did not in any way malign or threaten me.

Later on that day, the US Capitol was “invaded” by an angry mob intent on destroying the fabric of America. But if you watch videos of that day, protestors were actually being invited into the “people’s house” as barricades that were erected specifically for that day were lifted and doors were opened for the very folks law enforcement officers were told to be on the lookout for. Far from being treated like terrorists, some Capitol Hill officers welcomed them inside as if they were their brothers in arms.

It doesn’t make sense, why would the police receive the mob so that they could destroy the US Capitol, kill innocent people and potentially topple the US government? Einstein once said, “eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. The only way the events of January 6th makes any sense is if you deconstruct it through the lens of what occurred in Berlin on February 27th, 1933. The same way Hitler used the Reichstag fires as a pretext to declare martial law and birth an era of totalitarianism upon Germany, a bipartisan group of traitors was hell-bent on fostering tyranny in the United States.

Why am I bringing this up given that January 6th came and went and yet we still have our limited freedoms in America? Because what took place at the beginning of this year was not the main course, it was most likely the appetizer. Our government has perfected PSYOPS that Nazis started as they use propaganda, weaponize media and gaslight the citizenry. It’s the same model used by Hitler and his henchmen, which is not surprising given that the US government actually imported countless numbers of Nazis through the auspices of Operation Paperclip and employed them at the OSS, which eventually became the CIA, and other powerful institutions.

Which brings us to today. Over the two weeks, mainstream media outlets from the Washington Post, CNN, the Hill and beyond, have been signaling the potential for violence in our nation’s capital. The “bogeymen” are the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other  “far-right” groups who are arriving in Washington DC to speak up on behalf of the January 6th protestors. The District of Columbia is yet again looking like a war zone even though attendance is sparse and the Proud Boys officially said they are not a part of today’s events and chatter in various right-leaning groups is that today is not an organic movement but an astroturfed event that has the potential of getting out of hand.

I hope and pray that I am wrong but usually past is prologue. In the next couple of hours, we could very well witness a “terror” attack and if that happens Joe Biden will be quick to rush to the microphone to declare a national emergency the same way Hitler invoked Article 48 to demolish his opponents. The Department of Homeland Security already signaled last month who their real targets are, our government is itching to round up anyone who opposes “vaccine” mandates, questions Joe Biden’s legitimacy and people of faith who oppose Big Government’s impositions.

I’ve been reaching out to the US military for the past six months warning of a day where our government declares war on the citizenry. I can’t say with certainty that day is today because I am just a blogger with limited knowledge about the dirty deeds our government commits cloaked in the darkness of secrecy. However, I have been blessed with a gift to discern and freely connect with people. There is a reason I have been writing less the past couple of weeks and my activity on social media has decreased significantly; I took my activity offline and started to communicate with people in real-time.

The United States of America is slowly becoming the Fourth Reich, if we do not stand up and defend our freedoms from fascists in government, we will know in real-time the fires Germans in Dresden felt. #BrokenSparrowCLICK TO TWEET

What I have been hearing from police officers, military personnel and other people who did not divulge their jobs, which is divulgence of their jobs, is extremely alarming. Everyone is on edge about today, including an Army Colonel whom I met at an Einstein Bagel this morning who was accompanying his daughter because he is fearful of what could take place. If a carnage takes place in DC later on today, just know that it was not an accident nor was it the work of “white supremacists”, the blame belongs to the White House, the US Congress and the globalist plutocrats our elected officials work for.

Men and women of the United States Military, keep your head on a swivel today and have situational awareness at all time, especially if you are in or near our nation’s capital. If the worse happens, you will be faced with a decision that I outlined in my first dispatch to the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard. Will you follow unconstitutional orders like Germans did in the 1930s or will you keep your oath to protect your fellow Americans and preserve the US Constitution? The choice is simple, but your decision is crucial—I pray that you make the right choice. This is the mother of H.O.O.A.H. One last thing, it is time to let the devil dogs out. OORAH!

In the military, there is a term called “broken arrow” which can refer to one of two things. One is the potential for a nuclear detonation and the second is a signal that officers give requesting immediate air cover when their position is about to be overrun by hostile forces. I am definitely not expecting the former but the latter is on the table. If that unthinkable proposition happens, I am using broken sparrow as a rally cry for all military personnel and civilians to unite and defend our homeland from domestic terrorists who reside in halls of power. This is threat con delta for America and the world.

“Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear and act! For your sake, my God, do not delay, because your city and your people bear your Name.” ~ Daniel 9:19

It is urgent to get this message out to the broader public but one man can’t do it on his own. So I ask you to not only spread this article everywhere, I also ask you to contribute to the Ghion Journal to defray some of the costs associated with maintaining this website and printing out thousands of cards which I have been spreading around the DC metro area.

Give as you are able be ready and able to defend our homeland and humanity from public serpents who have the arrogance to believe they can defeat God and implement a New World Order. Americans have something to say about that and ultimately God will have the last word. Contribute as you can by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on the David vs Goliath picture below.

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