Warnings of food supply crisis because of lack of workers

Warnings of food supply crisis because of lack of workers

NZ Supply Chain Crash

“I have worked at corporate level for both COUNTDOWN and FOODSTUFFS. This is happening, it will become painfully obvious rather quickly”

—Damien de Ment (via Telegram)

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Firefighters’ vaccination mandate deadline pushed back

The deadline for firefighters in New Zealand to get vaccinated against Covid-19 has been pushed back two weeks.

Fire and Emergency originally required 13,000 staff or volunteers to be vaccinated to do their jobs after the November 15 deadline.

But professional firefighters’ union national secretary Wattie Watson confirmed the deadline had been extended to November 29.

“The two weeks extension is so that FENZ [Fire and Emergency] can appropriately plan and organise for a reduced ability to maintain the response, the same levels and standards of response,” she said.

Watson said about 300 career firefighters had told the union they were unvaccinated or would not disclose their vaccination status.

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