Watching “Sound of Freedom”

Watching “Sound of Freedom”

I have had several days of bad health that has stopped me from posting on this blog as I would otherwise have liked. Yesterday, my symptoms cleared long enough for me to watch a daytime showing of “Sound of Freedom”  in a practically- empty auditorium, although I took a fall going down the stairs at the end of the film.

Seeing it on the large screen made a big impression on me although I could not hear all the audio and has has set me off thinking about this issue and what it means to me.

I have covered some of the reactions to the film and the attempts to stop people from seeing it.

However, the film has been criticised from both the Left and the Right. The reaction from the Left is understandable and as full of hypocrisy as anything that comes from the British Press. 

The Guardian titles its review, Sound of Freedom review – anti-child-trafficking thriller that plays to the QAnon crowdIt calls the film “dull” with a “a wooden lead performance from Jim Caviezel“.

They tie the whole thing to “Q-Anon” conspiracies while at the same time while intoning with typical British hypocrisy, “all decent people share a fundamental horror and outrage at child sexual abuse”

Well, they can hardly say anything else but can only use innuendo to dismiss what was a serious film that must not be seen as entertainment.but would be truly shocking to the millions who have seen it.

The proof is in the eating.  See this.

The Guardian website still has columns by convicted child offenders who have written opinion pieces criticizing pedophilia investigations

To take this to its illogical (and completely false), conclusion watch this from CNN:

There is also criticism from the Right.

Brian Shilhavey of Health Impact News who I pay some attention and give very  condional credance to (in the way I do to, say Hal Turner) wites the following:

The fictional account of “child trafficking” portrayed in the billionaire-funded Mormon film “Sound of Freedom” that centers around a story of child trafficking in Columbia has probably done more to deflect attention away from the REAL child trafficking and child sex abuse that happens right here in the United States, than anything else in recent times.

I don’t know about Tim Ballard but I know that both Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel are conservative Catholics, and certainly not Mormons. Perhaps he thinks that because he discovered that the makers got some funding from a couple of Mormons (“with Ties to Human Trafficking?).

For me, that begs the question why would people, “with ties to human trafficking?”want to help a film such as this get out to the public when the usual reaction is to preventing the public from ever having access to this information.

Deflecting attention away from the REAL child trafficking and child sex abuse??! Although the film does not “name the names” or centre on either sex trafficking within the United States or the elite pedophiles that are behind it the film is suitably hard-hitting for a general public that is unaware of what is going on. 

The normal response to something so incredibly dark is usually to avoid it and often to go into denial. 

I hardly think that any number of blog posts  or Bitchute videos is going to being people on board.

Hopefully watching the film will stimulate people to look further and to discover the entire, dark truth.

In any case, in the interviews given by Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel they reveal the truths that Brian Shilhavey claims they are trying to “deflect” from. See this interview of Tim Ballard with Redacted.  

It is all a question of what is palatable to people. 

That is what this film has done.

It has revealed a very dark truth to many, many people who would have been hitherto unaware.

My question is WHY people have not taken this message on completely.  People on the liberal Left have taken on messages from Mass Media that the sexualisation of pre-pubescent children is perfectly acceptable and even desirable. Perhaps they are starting to accept an agenda of “minor-attracted people”  whereas a few years ago, condtioned by media to regard pedophiles as the lowest-of-the low. Now, at the flick of the switch they are being asked to accept the opposite.

I highly recommend this serious discussion between psychologist, Jordan Peterson and Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard, which discusses this and other questions in detail.

This video from Shaun Attwood gives another reaction to the movie in which Shaun asks similar questions as what I have been asking myself.

All of this raises uncomfortable questions for me as to why I didn’t see this earlier.

I think that it all comes back to following a spiritual path that although it has brought me to where I am today also told me that spirituality is fundamentally about ME and MY liberation. Look hard and a lot of the folk following either New. Age philospophers or Eastern gurus are essentially inward-looking and even self-centred. 

To deny that there is a divide between Good and Evil leads one, I believe, to a kind of moral relativism which reaches the level of a spiritual teacher I know here who uses mental constructs to take any blame away from Adolf Hitler.

I know this because I’ve been there.

I can say I would be surprised if my fellow travellers from the past would show any concern about child sex trafficking would show the least concern – I admit I haven’t tried anybody.

When I look back at my own past all I can say is there “but by the grace of God go I”.  

I really do think that it comes down to a matter of Grace. 

For the mass of people – already addicted to convenience, avoiding at all costs anything uncomfortable, exposed to the worst propaganda I could imagine, accepting it all uncritically and exposed to whatever the covid death shots are doing to them, are wide open to whatever demonic powers are out there. 

For an insight into how quite ordinary people (in this case, a policeman) can be manipulated and led down the path to Absolute Evil I suggest you look at the history of Fritz Stangl who became the commandant of a death camp in World War 3.

Anyone of us, without the Grace of God can be led down in easy stages to the sorts of Evil described in the above interviews. To those who are not there yet I would strongly suggest that they get right with God as a matter of utmost urgency.

Time is short.

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