We Are In A Simulation – David Icke

We Are In A Simulation – David Icke

I am in the middle of the book and I can recommend it if you are searching for a way out of the Trap we are caught in.

Watch the full interview for free on the Digital Freedom Platform at https://freedomplatform.tv/

From Scientific American

Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation

We must never doubt Elon Musk again

One thought on “We Are In A Simulation – David Icke

  1. That article was posted April 1st 2021.
    April fools!
    Elon Musk, the son of an emerald mine owner.
    Born with a silver spoon, and hoisted as a philanthropist. Buddy-buddy with Peter Thiel / Palantir and other elitists. Trustworthy like a fortune-cookie.

    I think Icke is a truth sprinkler, with a heavy dose of rabbit-holes and pointless diversions. (C.O.)

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