We Are Will – Will Is Us!

We Are Will – Will Is Us!

This is ongoing all day

Are you ready! We have a star studded line up today as experts from around the world join CSM and FREENZ to bring the facts and evidence direct to you, in support of Baby Will and his family whilst they exercise their parental rights and fight for the right to choose non-vaccinated blood.

We call on Kiwis to support baby Will and his family outside Auckland High Court on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, from 0900 and consider contributing to the family’s legal fund and general well-being –

www.buymeacoffee.com/savebabywill or

Samantha Savage




The mother of deceased Baby Alex reached out and offered support to the family of Baby Will.

Her statement and traumatic experience were bravely shared via the public Media Platform Free Nz on FB.

Soon after publishing this important story, the Free NZ Media FB was banned from further publishing.

The publishing ban covers a period of three days, the exact time frame until the next court hearing on Tuesday, 6th Dec.

The OIA attached clearly shows NZ Govt has a backdoor entrance and control over FB content.

Is this a case of Govt interference? Who could say it wasn’t?

There is significant public interest in Baby Wills case in NZ and globally.

People want to hear all perspectives. 

In a democratic society, it is the duty of all political & media representatives to ensure that happens. 

The Baby Alex story, in support of Baby Will, is too hot for FB:


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