What Really Happened in Wuhan

What Really Happened in Wuhan

‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ author Sharri Markson raised questions surrounding the origins of COVID-19 during an interview on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. The award-winning investigative journalist and Sky News host spoke of her interview with a Chinese defector regarding what he knows about the origins of COVID-19 and what he revealed to American officials.

The full interview will be featured in a one-hour documentary slated to air Tuesday, September 21, on Fox Nation. In it, Markson sits down with a range of Chinese whistle-blowers, scientists, and high-ranking intelligence officials — including an exclusive interview with former U.S. President Donald Trump — in an effort to bring Americans closer to discovering the truth of what happened in Wuhan.

“It wasn’t just the Chinese defector who was desperately trying to tell American intelligence agencies that there was a problem,” Markson told Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve DoocyAinsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade ahead of the documentary’s release. “You know about the intelligence that said that the Wuhan Institute of Virology workers fell sick with COVID-like symptoms that was [sic] discovered by Pompeo’s team in the State Department in late 2020.”


“At that point in time, when no one in the world knew that there was a new Coronavirus that was about to cause a global pandemic, the U.S. intelligence agencies had two crucial pieces of information that they should have acted on,” Markson said. 

“Serious questions need to be asked about what the intelligence agencies are doing if they’ve been given this credible information, and the serious warnings from these highly-credible Chinese defectors and they’re not acting on it.”

“In my view, the virus I think broke out in September [of 2019] at least,” Markson stated when asked about her opinion regarding the timeline. 

“Some people in the documentary suggest it could have even been earlier than that.”

Markson suggested there was unusual activity during that time in 2019, which preceded a blackout at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which happened weeks after.  

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