When those informed about the jab decide to have it anyway

When those informed about the jab decide to have it anyway

This is a first cousin who actually asked me for information about the mRNA vaccine back in January when this was first getting into the headlines.

So, he knew exactly what this was about and decided to get the jab before the pressure was applied.

My contempt for such people at this given moment knows no bounds.

Almost without exception, these people fish for approval by posting selfies.

This is what I wrote earlier when thoughts were crowding my head.


I am contemplating what I should say to the most unprincipled people I know and that is those that had early information about the “vaccines” but decided early on (back in Jan or Feb) to have the job for their own narrow reasons, such as travel.

I wonder how these unprincipled people are thinking now that young people are being squeezed out of anything like a normal life and it must have dawned on them by now they will have to get second shots and boosters ad finitum, all because they imagined they were somehow going to lead a “normal life”.

I have nothing but the highest contempt for these people. I understand those who are ignorant and listen to the propaganda and have great compassion for those who have been forced to take the jab.

Have any of these lowlives ever stopped to wonder how a majority of Germans could have looked the other way while people were carried off to concentration camps? They should look at themselves in the mirror and hang their heads in shame.  Their fathers or grandfathers went away to war to fight for our freedom and these people just look the other way.

I don’t think I will be leaving these as generic comments but may confront a couple of people as  my contempt for these people has not gone away at all over the past 11 months.

I am very unwell and approaching the end of my time in this body so there is little I can do but I can say that I HAVE NO INTENTION OF COMPLYING with people who are carrying out genocide.

These thoughts are reinforced when I read the following:


Community member Rozanne de Wild shares her experience of this…


Nicole at ACC New Zealand phoned me this afternoon

She wished to discuss my claim that had been lodged by my doctor

She advised me that all my injuries are just “symptoms” and they only accept “physical injuries”

Therefore ACC have rejected my claim.


Once again, this disgusting excuse for a government and its departments have let me down, discarded me, refused to acknowledge me.

They have left me damaged, suffering, in pain, with massive medical bills and loss of income from their own product.

The fact i have suffered a severe head trauma and brain injury as a result of the v they administered into me, this is not acceptable

I have been clear from the start, I was prepared to be collateral damage if necessary to achieve the best end result for the country…

but when your government disowns & refuses to acknowledge you, that is simply despicable.

Yet they still expect me to go get my 2nd shot, despite all this, and will penalise me until I do.

Where the hell is my safety net?

Where is YOUR SAFETY NET should this happen to you or your family?

Could your family survive if it was your main income earner?

Could you afford the specialist appointments and scans?

Could you afford the weekly doctor appointments?

Could you afford the time off work?

Could your family survive without you?

Where is our protection?

Where is the ACC “No Fault” guarantee?

We need answers!!

2 thoughts on “When those informed about the jab decide to have it anyway

  1. This is the question I’ve been asking too – What personality traits do the purebloods have in common? We have a very deep confidence in our own intellect, our ability to research an issue from all sides. We value the truth more than we value the virtual opinions of virtual friends. We’re able to evaluate risk vs reward in an objective way. We’re ready to survive and rebuild a better world with our skills and knowledge.
    Robin, many thanks. Sending love and energy from the far side of the planet.

    1. @Field Mouse, yes we definitely value truth highly, have an open mind that allows us to change our opinion in the face of new evidence and are willing to stand up to strong social pressure, i.e. not easily swayed due to “authority,” or popular opinion.
      @Robin, so sorry about your failing health. Wish you all the best.

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