Where are you, Australia?

Where are you, Australia?

When I was younger (about 20 years ago) I used to visit a favourite aunt who was a “born-again Christian” who used to tell me how the New World Order was coming along with the Mark of the Beast.

I have. never been a scoffer so I never did that but I never embraced what she had to say but kind of humoured her.

Years later, looking back I can see she was more right than wrong and we are living through what she warned of. 

Nowhere more than Australia, right now.

How did we get there so quickly? 

I said at the beginning of the year when people said on social media, “I will never have this vaccine” “yes you will!” And so it turns out. 

Many of those people have relented and had the job, whether just for some perceived inconvenience or perhaps because they are mind-controlled.

This morning I came across this impassioned outburst by an Australian mother who drove 300 km to join the truckies’ strike only to find there was none. She says she cannot believe in the “Australian spirit” but only in God. SHE WILL NOT BE ALRIGHT.

This is the moment we have come to.

I now believe that the only people that will come out of this intact are those who have faith in a Higher Power and determine that even if their body dies they will not, under any circumstances have their soul ripped from them.

People who believe that this can be turned around through a legal action or a protest (if we just get the right number of people) are deluded. 

The evil entities are not going to pack up and just go home. 

This is a spiritual battle.

I am not admonishing people to be passive. On the contrary. We have to do whatever is within our strength but WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT TO THE OUTCOME.

3 thoughts on “Where are you, Australia?

  1. Your so right ! Many thought this was coming through but so swift ! so intense ! Now we have around in 1984 in all it’s horrible glory. I didn’t know it was going to come via a cold virus but I knew it was coming .If I looked harder,deeper,longer I would’ve seen it .It was there for all to see ! psalm 73:25-26 There is no-one else !

  2. Excellent post Robin, and unfortunately so very true. But what an amazing time to be alive! Evil is in the saddle now, horsed upon our lives. The question now is how to deal with it. Listening to our inner beings, we must ask ourselves where is our own personal line in the sand?
    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ~ Winston S. Churchill

  3. Watched & listened fully to her outburst, and it was good to be reminded there will be many feeling it far worse internally. Probably not as hot there, yet (well, maybe close) as it was earlier this summer in our westernmost province — 49.6 degrees Celsius, and most of an entire town got wiped out by a wild fire.

    Robin stressing this all comes down to the ‘spiritual’ had me recalling December 21, 2012, with the controversy among those who believed it, that the world was going to end then. Because that was the end day of the final ‘5,000+‘-year stretch of the approximate 25,800-year calendar of the Maya of Central America (a calendar more accurate than our western version). The current generation of elders of esoteric Mayan knowledge surfaced to inform us that one full round of the calendar was indeed coming to an end, but not yet our world, and for us the way through these dark times was a ‘spiritual’ one.

    My good friend, SA, or ‘So(u)lAmigo,’ as I call him — because, while an extreme introvert, he’s well-adjusted, and thus a very sunny sort — has discussed this with me, and we share ‘the view,’ Though his understanding is deeper and broader (because, including realization) … that with the so-called mass extinction, arrival of which is clearly accelerating, still, my sunny friend, more strongly than I, senses the possibility of what he refers to as ‘pockets of survival’ (while not disclosing where they might be … but as the cliched expression goes: it’s not rocket science).

    But in the end, bodily survival, comfort and discomfort, won’t matter. By then one will have by needs or necessity, self-effort, Karma, or good fortune, or boon from Fate, found the razor-thin ‘crack in the Cosmos’ that one will easily be able to slip into, to fade safely off.

    Back to the woman in the car in hot Oz land. Better that one never says never. So, with the word she used — ‘hope’: I hope Fate is good to her in some way, because there is still a little time, even if not much.

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