Where is US Major General Roger L. Cloutier?

Where is US Major General Roger L. Cloutier?

Jim Stone is the extreme end of journalism and makes Hal Turner look like a careful journo.

Nevertheless, seeing we do not KNOW…

Captured by Russia while trying to flee Mariupol


NOW CONFIRMED: U.S Major General Roger L. Cloutier was captured by Russia while trying to flee Mariupol after giving military direction to Ukrainian and mercenary forces.

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Jim Stone writes “I had previously posted this as rumour. It is not rumour anymore. It is bad. An overt act of war the United States expected to get away with. Here is how he got caught, based on a summary of previous reports posted here.
Russian forces cut off all ground escape routes which “trapped the high command of Ukrainian forces”, which ended up not being Ukrainian at all. The West was commanding the Ukraine war for most likely most of it. To avoid being caught, Western forces then attempted to clear their people via helicopter. Russia did a good job of shooting down helicopters. As the Russians advanced, military leaders from several countries, fed by American intelligence, sought refuge in a steel mill that American intelligence knew Russia wanted to avoid destroying at all cost. The steel mill was an excellent place to fight from which was a bonus, it was very easy to defend.
The American and Western forces kept sending helicopters only to have them shot down before reaching the steel mill. Then the Russians changed tactics. The tactical change was to allow the helicopters to reach the steel mill and land in open areas on the steel mill grounds, and then shoot them down when they tried to leave. They allowed, over time, 8 to land and pick up people from inside the steel mill. 2 of them got away, but in one of the six they shot down they found General Cloutier.

THAT IS BAD NEWS, because it proved beyond a doubt that the U.S. really was fighting the Ukraine war, on Ukrainian soil. Russia can rightfully do whatever it wants to retaliate now.

TO CLARIFY: Early on the Pentagon commanded the Ukraine war. The Pentagon ordered the use of the Ukrainian civilian population as human shields. I doubt the Pentagon ordered the killing of fleeing refugees but even the use of human shields, especially when commanded from abroad, is only one shade of grey off from that. The United States can rightfully be blamed for the atrocities that took place in Ukraine.

After the capture of the American general, the American MSM and American intelligence have kicked the lie factory into overdrive, and big tech got involved openly stating they’d de-monetize every media source that did not precisely push the lies in full form. Now all we are getting is how the Russians happily raped and murdered countless civilians, all the while the bodies of the dead civilians are still scarred by openly Nazi markings that were put on them for fun.


It was a complete flip of the narrative, like a switch, blaming Russia for leaving the Nazi markings on people when Russians are not that at all.
So now we get to see how well Russia responds to being slandered like that, AND how well Russia responds to being attacked for something they never did.”

Gonzalo Lira discussed the missing General in his live broadcast from Ukraine yesterday:

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