Whistleblower Karen Kingston – missing

Whistleblower Karen Kingston – missing

 I posted this a couple of days ago. It turns out this was posted on her Gettr account but was already several days old when reposted.  Since then there has been no word of her since that video was made although the consensus is that she is probably in Mexico. 

Messages are going out (being reinforced by Dr. Malone) that she was is fine and there is nothing to see here.

This person (whoever she is) has written a substack saying she is fine but has MALARIA.

Read and judge for yourself.

Karen Kingston’s Son is Fine. Her Family Is Fine.

Our concern turns to Karen and her need for medical care. Thank you for your prayers.

As Karen was unreachable last week, many of her medical freedom associates grew very concerned. Then her Sunday night post, which was written in much poorer style than her usual prose and character, stated that her son and mother were missing – yet my sources confirmed they are fine…

Here is public confirmation from Karen’s older brother, that her family is fine. I also spoke directly to Ron, who expresses great appreciation for your prayers for Karen.

With her family being okay, we are now concerned that Karen’s malaria may be resistant to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), she may have cerebral effects of malaria, and that she needs immediate specialist care by an infectious disease doctor. Or she may have hit her head. Or perhaps she’s being poisoned ~ no matter what, she needs to see a doctor ASAP.

If you know Karen, or someone who does, please help by telling her to go see a doctor. There’s no easy way to do this; as we doctors know, one may need to be blunt. Or one may need to approach her in person, and be very, very gentle.

Meanwhile Dr Malone (yes, the one who is suing various parties and has attacked Dr. Peter McCullough) has not been silent.


It took a while, but Maria Zee and Mike Adams have come out to comment.

From Maria Zee

Many have been asking about Karen Kingston, and most have seen her GETTR and Substack posts by now.

I posted one of her updates recently in this Channel, asking people to pray for her. People have asked me to comment on the situation, so I will do my best given the limited information that I have.

We have seen a notice on Karen’s social media that she believes she may have been poisoned. She has also posted that she believes her life is in danger. 

As far as I am aware, no one is currently able to establish contact with her, including me. I have tried several times over the past few days. I am obviously very concerned, as contacting her has not been an issue for me in the past.

Until we know more about the situation and I have spoken to her directly and I am able to establish the facts, I am asking everyone to continue praying for Karen, her well-being, and her family.

Mike Adams has also offered his assistance. Broadcast coming on his end. Will update if I know more. Keep praying 🙏

God bless,


And Mike Adams has come out with this.

Meanwhile, here is another suspicious death of a doctor in Mexico

In commemoration of the recent passing of Dr. Martinelli

The SUSPICIOUS DEATH of Dr. Martinelli

In commemoration of the recent passing of Dr. Martinelli, all members of La Quinta Columna are asked to download and share this material on their social networks, as a message of unity and condolences to her family. May the death of this noble human being not be in vain. May the whole world know about it.

And there was this on Telegram

This picture was just posted by a medical doctor who fled to Mexico as well, — she was viciously targeted by pharma, police, Court (the NWO power structure).

he police ransacked her medical practice several times, searching for evidence they could use against her to indict and convict her. She went into hiding first,… Then police found out she may still be around in the vicinity of her medical practice and family. So they ganged up on her again, …. Eventually they confiscated patient files

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