Who is “Jordon Trishton Walker”?: Commentary and research

Who is “Jordon Trishton Walker”?: Commentary and research

Sasha Latypova knows Pharma from the inside

Another Quick Post on “PfizerMutatingVirusGate”

James O’Keefe confirmed the following:

James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
In this video: -I was locked in a restaurant (possible Unlawful imprisonment) -I was Assaulted -Had our IPad destroyed -Pfizer director said “I’m literally a liar” -He confirmed hes Boston Consulting and Pfizer -He said he’s trying to “help the public” –

Funny things: the drunk guy became far less drunk in this section of video footage, and claimed he was lying to impress the date “like all normal men do”. Huh. Interesting part – James says this person is “Boston Consulting and Pfizer”. This refers to outsourcing of everything at Pfizer, as I noted before, including staff. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a giant management consulting firm, which hires a lot of graduates from ivy leagues. Many of my classmates from Dartmouth went to work there. It has morphed from “strategy consulting” to everything consulting, including of course all WEF supported agendas and green scams, and now into “Federal” activities too. Here is BCG’s DOD contract for countermeasures. This guy was placed at Pfizer by the DOD through this contract.

The reason he is so freaked out is this – he is in trouble not just with Pfizer by making them look like total asses, he is in trouble with his boss – the DOD and alphabet soup. Either that or he is a damn good actor.

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🔥 I had some reservations, but it is starting to look like Jordan Trishton Walker really IS Pfizer’s “Worldwide Director for R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning.” Pfizer wisely had no comment yesterday; after certain previous “misunderstandings” with the law, the pharma giant knows when to keep its mouth shut.

Yesterday, Project Veritas dropped ANOTHER undercover video featuring Jordan Walker. In the new video, James O’Keefe confronted Walker in a restaurant, tried to get Walker to explain his previous comments, and Walker pretty much freaked out.

Twitter avatar for @JamesOKeefeIII

James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
In this video: -I was locked in a restaurant (possible Unlawful imprisonment) -I was Assaulted -Had our IPad destroyed -Pfizer director said “I’m literally a liar” -He confirmed hes Boston Consulting and Pfizer -He said he’s trying to “help the public” –

As in Wednesday’s video, we see this person Walker acting like a living caricature of a diversity hire. Instead of calmly standing up, telling O’Keefe he’d be hearing from the lawyers soon, and walking out — which is what he SHOULD have done — Walker went on an painfully long, childish, hysterical tirade that devolved into an embarrassing wrestling match on the floor, smashing a laptop, and calling the police to report “a bunch of white people” were making him feel “unsafe.”

Welcome to snowflake world.

Not to mention, the entire time, Walker acted like a lampoon of gay stereotypes. He was over-the-top, SUPER gay. It takes effort to act that gay. He seemed like a character who just walked off the set of La Cage aux Folles. I only mention this because I suspect Walker owes his entire career to his “intersectional” skin color plus his sexual preferences, which he probably feels like he must make painfully obvious in order to help preserve his entitlement to his multi-layered victim status.

In other words, he doesn’t want there to be any mistake that he’s black AND gay.

It was an appalling display. Remember, Walker is an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, two levels down from the president of the largest pharma company in the world, Albert Bourla. Walker probably makes over a million dollars a year.

Yet he acts like a spoiled three-year-old.

If you watched or listened to any of the online discussion about the first Walker video, you may have heard Dr. Malone’s comments. Robert was most troubled by how unserious Walker is, given his high-level job responsibilities. To Robert, it is appalling that someone with Walker’s duties could casually chortle at the thought of — whoops — accidentally releasing the wrong virus.

Dr. Malone and Jordan Walker are from different generations. Very different.

Like me, Sasha Latypova, who has been doing great work on DOD’s involvement in the vaccine rollout, expressed some skepticism of Walker yesterday, except for different reasons. Sasha said Walker’s not a scientist — and sure enough, that’s just what Walker claimed in the new video.

Not only that. He picked the worst alibi ever: “I thought I was on a date; I lied!,” Walker insisted several times in the clips.

Insisting he was lying is a poor defense. If he admits he’s a liar, then why should we believe him when he says he was lying?

🔥 Unsurprisingly, corporate media was silent as the tomb about the encounter:

🔥 As you can see above, yesterday Florida Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to Albert Bourla seeking answers to the questions raised by Wednesday’s video. At least someone is taking it seriously.

🔥 These videos are powerful but they won’t convict anyone. I could be missing something, but they don’t ‘prove’ Pfizer did anything wrong. Walker used enough weasel words to protect himself. For example, he didn’t say they WERE directing evolution, not exactly, he said they were ‘discussing’ doing that. It’s not illegal to discuss something.

Still, the videos are huge. Even if they don’t lead to arrests and convictions, they expose Pfizer in a way that, I believe, will ultimately be the pharma company’s undoing. It’s an “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment.

To me, the most significant import of the video is that it exposes the quality and character of the people managing Pfizer. Instead of carefully-scripted public relations images, Project Veritas gave us a quick, candid glimpse of the ugly, unvarnished truth. The Pfizer managers are amoral, woke caricatures of human beings.

If there ever was a good company there, it’s been hollowed out and re-filled with people like Jordan Walker, who might check some diversity boxes but have no business directing labs in third world countries to dabble in viral evolution.

And through these videos, Pfizer is exposing Fauci and the DOD. They started it; they came up with the clever disguise of tinkering with viruses “in order to be prepared for future strains.” Fauci and the DOD developed the pathetic excuse that it’s possible to out-think nature and predict the stochastic evolutionary paths of real viruses by creating synthetic viruses using off-the-shelf genetic strings and patented codes.

Pfizer is just using Fauci’s logic to justify adding functions to deadly diseases by “directing” their evolution. They just want to be prepared.

It’s all been a back-alley shell game, right from the start, and the Project Veritas videos tear the mask right off the whole odious enterprise. Unless they manage to bury this somehow, these videos will wake people up to the real problem: what happens when the technology reaches the point where anyone can build a “directed evolution” lab for a few hundred grand.

In other words, I think these videos will be an inflection point. It’s hard to predict where we’re going, but we’re going to get there faster now.

💉 The FDA held its joint VRBPAC Vaccine Committee meeting yesterday. They voted to drop the original strain shots completely, and to move forward with the “bivalent booster” for now.

The Committee discussed, but did not vote on, an annualized covid vaccine program like with flu vaccines. Based on what came out during the meeting, I am thinking they didn’t have the votes to approve an annualized covid regime. And perhaps not for the reason you might think.

During public comment, person after person told the Committee their heartbreaking stories about being vaccine injured and then being gaslit by their doctors and ignored. If the Committee thought these folks would go away, they were wrong.

The emotional testimony seems to have had some effect. At the end of the meeting, following the public comment period, the CDC’s Tom Shimabukuro shockingly acknowledged that some people are experiencing debilitating illness after getting the injections. He said, “We are aware of these reports of people experiencing long-lasting health problems following COVID vaccination.”

He stopped short of making a causal connection, but neither did he rule it out using the boilerplate gobbledygook that we have become used to hearing about the jabs.

Who is “Jordon Trishton Walker”?

Project Veritas recently released a video featuring “Jordon Trishton Walker,” Pfizer executive who revealed shocking new info. But finding anything about him is tough. Here is what I’ve found so far.


NEW YORK – [Jan. 25, 2023] “Project Veritas released a new video today exposing a Pfizer executive, Jordon Trishton Walker, who claims that his company is exploring a way to ‘mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ to preempt the development of future vaccines.” -Project Veritas

(Original Project Veritas Story: https://www.projectveritas.com/news/pfizer-executive-mutate-covid-via-directed-evolution-for-company-to-continue/)

Essentially Dr. Walker said a lot that I think we all suspected but now we can be pretty sure we knew. So is he an actual Pfizer Senior Executive? So far it looks like he’s the real deal, though he may be on loan to Pfizer from the Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”). However, like with any case, I put my excitement aside and started to do what I do as a standard practice in my work as a Private Intelligence and Security Consultant: Human Capital Due Diligence (aka Due Diligence on Human Sources).

I don’t want to waste time with lots of narrative, so I will just share what I’ve found since 8pm.

(Disclaimer: I love and respect Project Veritas and their work is excellent. This in no way indicates I doubt their due diligence practices. I just like to check things out for myself when I cannot see sources or citations which were not available when the video first came out. All the same, they did, in fact do excellent due diligence which became available throughout tonight during a 3 hour Twitter Spaces conference hosted by Project Veritas.).

(Disclaimer 2: All information found is publicly available. It may be hard to find soon, so I have indexed every URL cited here on WayBack Machine and have downloaded PDF – Print versions of every page mentioned here).

(I also wanted to give a gigantic THANK YOU to Project Veritas! They are all heroes, and we should all support their work in anyway we can!)

The key takeaways that I want to highlight, based on the results below are somewhat chilling in the context of the “pandemic,” Covid-19, Pfizer’s and the FDA’s cozy relationship with China, and the timing of Dr Walker’s experience with the pandemic and all of its outcomes:

  1. He helped create market forecasts for therapeutics related to oncology in 2021 (Operation Moonshot comes to mind).
  2. He “conducted impact evaluation of Value-Based Payment models and COVID-related changes in hospital reimbursement policies for a US federal health agency”. (Does this mean Boston Consulting Group or Pfizer or both were working with the US government to actually create POLICIES THAT AFFECT US TAXPAYERS???)
  3. He took a BCG sponsored Mandarin (Chinese) language and business immersion course…RIGHT BEFORE THE PANDEMIC HIT THE UNITED STATES. Does this mean BCG and/or their Clients (who are either Pfizer, the US Government, or both) knew that these vaccines would be (or were already) being made in China? Business immersion (I am guessing business terms and colloquialisms) was also a focus. Does this mean he and his Clients knew in 2019 or earlier that a mass vaccination/pharma boom was about to hit that both the CCP (who control the Chinese pharma industry and, of course, all of the BSL-4 labs the research occurred in) & Pfizer et al would be partnered on?
  4. He is clearly a marketing specialist in the pharma space. Was Dr. Walker one of the “Vaccine Confidence” team members that created the strategy to manipulate the American population into taking an experimental, and as we now know dangerous/deadly mRNA experimental shot?
  5. Did he actually go to Yale? Only one profile lists his attendance there.


NAME: Jordon Trishton Walker, M.D.

AKAs: Jordan Walker; Trishton Lee; Trishton Lee Walker; Jordan Walker; Joran Trishtan Lee Walker

Profession: Physician, Consultant.

Licensed in New York:


  • May 2021 – current: Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning (Pfizer, Oct 2019 – Present)
  • May 2021 Consultant, Houston, TX; Boston, MA; (Boston Consulting Group “BCG”)
    • Biopharma growth strategy – Developed 5-year growth strategy for a large biopharma;
    • Created in-depth market and revenue forecast to support recommendations for investment in prioritized therapeutic areas to CEO and Board of Directors Oncology Diagnostic strategy;
    • Worked with cross functional and matrix team of senior executives to develop Precision Medicine strategy and clinical development plan for oncology pipeline assets;
    • Performed diligence to recommend strategic partnership with leading medical device companies Value-Based Payment Models;
    • Conducted impact evaluation of Value-Based Payment models and COVID-related changes in hospital reimbursement policies for a US federal health agency; 
    • Participated in BCG sponsored Mandarin language and business immersion (Nov – Dec 2019)
  • May 2018 – Oct 2019: Urology Resident Physician, Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts (General Hospital Harvard Urologic Surgery Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital,
  • Jun 2013 – Jun 2014: Analyst, (Greater New York City Area, IQVIA)
    • Evaluated the projected profitability of therapeutic candidates for pharmaceutical companies;
    • Developed commercialization strategies for pharmaceuticals in development pipelines.


  • UT Southwestern Medical Center;
    • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Yale University;
    • Bachelors of Science; Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology


  • State of New York Physician License: 313466 (active and current)
    • License No: 313466
  • “Signal Hire” Profile: “Jordon Walker, M.D. Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer. New York, New York, United States”

(Source: https://www.signalhire.com/candidates/bdc539145ace11e68155feb79ce8b6d8)


  • “Signal Hire” Profile (PDF Version):
(Source: https://www.signalhire.com/_/candidates/profileToPdf/bdc539145ace11e68155feb79ce8b6d8)


  • The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Class of 2018 Academic Hooding Ceremony

(Source: https://docplayer.net/91601925-The-university-of-texas-southwestern-medical-school-class-of-2018-academic-hooding-ceremony.html)
  • Scholarships:
    • Morning Star Family Foundation Scholar
    • Scholarship for African American Medical Students/Scholars
    • UT Southwestern Alumni Scholarship
(Source: https://docplayer.net/amp/84639019-Commencement-exercises.html)
  • UTSouthwestern Medical Center “Match Day 2018 by specialty”

(Source: https://www.utsouthwestern.edu/newsroom/articles/year-2018/match-day-specialty.html)


  • PINTEREST Profile: “Jordon Walker @trishtonlee”

  • Facebook: jordon.walker.100

(Source: http://www.facebook.com/jordon.walker.100)


  • LinkedIn: NOTE: It appears the linkedin page has been removed. Please feel free to comment and send me an archived page if you have one. Oh….

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordon-walker-m-d-


  • ….They took down this one too:

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trishton-walker-4a321a24


That’s all I have for now. Please subscribe and please, because it’s late, forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes! I will continue to provide updates on this case as it evolves and new information becomes known or is discovered by me…and hopefully many of you. Remember: Investigate Everything! Find me on Twitter @BrianOSheaSPI and on Gettr @BrianOShea .

Also, I don’t believe this guy should be practicing medicine. Below is the agency which governs his medical license. I am calling them and alerting them to this video and the comments he made in it. I hope everyone who is as horrified by what we’ve seen on this video will do the same. Here is Dr. Walker’s NY STATE PHYSICIAN PROFILE:

https://www.nydoctorprofile.com/NYPublic/ (Search under Walker, Jordon)

  • New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) (https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/doctors/conduct/)
    • Professional misconduct by licensed physicians, physician assistants, and specialist assistants is investigated and prosecuted by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct in the New York State Department of Health. Complaints of misconduct in these three professions should be made to the New York State Department of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct, 150 Broadway, Suite 355, Albany, NY 12204-2719. You may call that office at 1-800-663-6114 (Monday through Friday 9:00 and to 5:00 pm eastern) or e-mail the office at opmc@health.ny.gov.

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