WHO to meet in secret

WHO to meet in secret

***BULLETIN *** FLASH – URGENT: W.H.O. Meeting in Secret to convert themselves to Enforceable Law under EXISTING Treaty; FORCED VACCINES, OUTLAW GUNS “Public Health Issue”

The International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to meet in secret from Monday, January 9, 2023 to Friday January 13, 2023. The IHRRC will be working to finalize what is now a 46 page document that includes proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

The proposed amendments would:

  • Change the overall nature of the World Health Organization from an advisory organization that merely makes recommendations to a governing body whose proclamations would be legally-binding. (Article 1)
  • Greatly expand the scope of the International Health Regulations to include scenarios that merely have a “potential to impact public health.”
  • Seek to remove “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.” (Article 3)
  • Give the Director General of the WHO control over the means of production through an “allocation plan for health products” to require developed states parties to supply pandemic response products as directed. (Article 13A)
  • Give the WHO the authority to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine and to implement contact tracing, quarantine and TREATMENT. (Article 18)
  • Institute a system of global health certificates in digital or paper format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms and a traveller’s health declaration. (Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8)
  • Redirect unspecified billions of dollars to the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex with no accountability. (Article 44A)
  • Allow the disclosure of personal health data. (Article 45)
  • Greatly expand the World Health Organization’s capacity to censor what they consider to be mis-information and dis-information. (Annex 1, page 36)
  • Create an obligation to build, provide, and maintain, IHR infrastructure at points of entry TO ENABLE THE W.H.O. TO UNDERTAKE THIS CENSORSHIP (Annex 10)

The 76th World Health Assembly is scheduled to occur from Sunday May 21, 2023 to Tuesday May 30, 2023. In order for the proposed amendments to be considered during the 76th World Health Assembly, they must be submitted to the World Health Organization at least 4 months in advance.

The IHRRC plans to submit these proposed amendments to the WHO by Sunday, January 15, 2023.

The International Health Regulations are existing, legally-binding international law. If the proposed amendments are presented to the 76th World Health Assembly, they could be adopted by a simple majority of the 194 member nations. According to the already agreed upon rules of the IHR, if the proposed amendments are adopted, the member nations would not need to take any additional actions.

The United States Senate would not be required to provide a two-thirds vote to give their “advice and consent.” No signatures by national leaders would be needed.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

This is precisely how all the elected politicians around the world intend to FORCE Vaccines on everyone, FORCE Vaccine Passports, and FORCE quarantines; by DELEGATING those powers to unelected people at the World Health Organization, then telling YOU “Our hands are tied, this is required by International Law and Treaty, we have no power to stop it.”

Worse, the WHO deems to decide for you and me, what constitutes “disinformation and misinformation, and they are giving themselves power to not only decide that, but to be able to actively CENSOR all of us, to prevent us from getting information out to the public when WHO and their pals are all wrong . . .  as in the just recently proved “COVID-19” nonsense, and their phony “vaccines” that are causing people to drop dead in public.

Because they are making changes within an EXISTING TREATY, no vote by the US Senate is needed and nothing can be done (other than abrogate the Treaty and quit the WHO) to stop these FORCED changes.

You, your family, your children, could be FORCED to be vaccinated with God only knows what, simply because these unelected people in Geneva, Switzerland, say so!  You or your children could be FORCIBLY QUARANTINED just because these unelected people in Geneva Switzerland say so.

This is the single most outrageous power grab in world history.   It should be stopped.  Now. 

Because this is an existing Treaty, it, along with the US Constitution, is, by virtue of the Supremacy Claus of our Constitution, “the highest law of the land.”  No state would be able to “opt-out.”  There could be no redress of any of it via courts because it is a Treaty. All of us would find ourselves completely helpless.

It has never been decided by a US Court, as to whether or not a Treaty can usurp or over-rule provisions of the US Constitution. Are you willing to trust the present US Judiciary to protect our rights?  I’m not.  I’ve seen the federal courts in action up close and personal.  They are now fabulously corrupt and completely unreliable. 

If this secret meeting is allowed to put forth the changes outlined above, you and I would no longer have a right to speak the truth about things they do; they can censor it by law.  You and I would not have the right to say “no” to their new, phony, and harmful, ‘vaccines.”

This is a usurpation of liberty taking place right before our eyes.  We must step up right now to put a stop to it while we can still do so peacefully, and not by force of arms.

Oh, and “arms” . . . could be deemed a matter “potential to impact public health” and they could BAN the private ownership of firearms, and it would be legal because . . .  a Treaty!


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  1. “Legal” has lost it’s meaning, now serving as an excuse for almost anything. But the real world and the picture presented in the media don’t match very well lately. If “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”, we’re just about there.

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