Why do they have to lie about the temperatures?

Why do they have to lie about the temperatures?

Over the past couple of days I have been asking questions in relationship to the heatwave in Britain and the reported temperatures.

It seems I might have been wrong and the 40+C temperatures actually arrived,


But hang on a minute!  There is some important information that is certainly being left out of what we are being told.

The record-breaking temperatures were measured from Britain’s two biggest airports.

Paul Joseph Watson may be a climate change denier but he is often right when it comes to the facts.

He cites the following information.

‘Net Zero’ Global Warming Alarm Based on Temperatures Measured Next to Airport Runways With Hot Jet Engines and Tarmac

I can attest to the distortions with recorded temperatures.

About three years ago I measured temperatures on the coldest side of our house during winter and found that they differed from the officially-recorded Metservice temperatures, sometimes by up to 4 degrees C – in this case the official temperatures showed it as being cooler than the actual temperatures.

So, I rang Metservice and got a very helpful young employee who confirmed my recorded temperatures were accurate and the reason for the difference is that the temperatures we see are based on a model of what they expect the temperature to be.

I checked an item from the British Metoffice on how they measure temperatures

How we measure temperature

Temperatures is taken using specialist thermometers dependent upon the surface for which temperature is required.

So, it tells me that we no longer have dedicated people measuring temperatures manually (and more accurately). We even have something called concrete minimum temperature. But, nowhere do they actually say what temperatures are used in their reports, so there is no reason to doubt that they actually distort high temperatures by measuring next to the tarmac.
Where, I wonder, do they get their minimum temperatures from?
From the midst of a forest?
Based on the idea that the most accurate temperature readings might be from measurements from people’s backyards I looked at the following article, which contained peoples’ reports.

Will it Really Hit 43°C Today? Send Your Thermometer Readings and Let’s Find Out

A temperature of 40.2°C has been recorded, the first above 40° for the U.K. It was, of course, at Heathrow airport, where tarmac and jet engines raise the temperature above the surrounding areas. A reader near Heathrow says his thermometer has only hit 39.1°C today. The new record is 40.3°C, measured at 5pm at RAF Coningsby – another airport. It was certainly a hot one today, particularly in certain areas (and airports), but once again the forecasts were way high. 43°C was forecast, 3° above the actual maximum. This is even further out than yesterday, where a forecast of 40°C was missed by almost 2°. In Warwickshire, my phone app read 39° in the middle of the afternoon but never hit 40°.

I placed my thermometer outdoors on Sunday, July 17th. The forecast said 29 degrees for Adel in north Leeds and the highest temperature reached on Sunday was exactly  29 degrees. Good job, Met Office! However, today (Monday July 18th), the Met office forecast said 34 degrees, but the garden thermometer strangely never rose above 31 degrees. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Met office says 37°C for Adel. I’ll believe it when I see it!

Stop Press 2: One reader in Yorkshire wonders why the Met Office’s forecasts for today are a full 5°(!) hotter than the BBC’s…

Some replies by email:

  • “Interesting where some of the highest temperatures were recorded today: RAF Northolt, RAF Coningsby, Heathrow, Charlwood (village right next to Gatwick runway).”
  • “Letchworth Garden City, Herts. Forecast high of 39C. Actual reading: Peaked at 35.6C.”
  • “London Hampstead. Max 39 at 3pm. Forecast 41.”
  • “Temp peaked in Sidcup, Kent at 34.6c at around 430pm.”
  • “Daventry again, 39 forecast, dropped to 37 forecast mid morning, highest temperature touched was 36.”
  • “Telford Max 30 degrees centigrade (Met Office forecast 35).”
  • “Stevenage high 39.5 3pm. This was as predicted.”
  • “Northampton. Met office forecast max at 1500 of 102F (38.9), my reading at 1500 96.6F (35.9C).”
  • “Bolton on outside thermometer on shaded wall at 1.0pm 34.5C, now at 3.30pm 32C. Strong wind has sprung up and dissipating the heat. Met Office forecast 37C.”
  • “Temperature 39 degrees in the shade in West Suffolk at 2pm.”
  • “Teddington, Middlesex, 35.5C actual – 1pm. Forecast, 41C.”
  • “Tiptree, Essex. BBC forecast 37 currently. Reality is 30.7. 12.33 Tuesday.”
  • “Bedford. Forecast: 39 C. My mid-day reading: 34.”
  • “In Owslebury, Hampshire, 12:30, it’s 28 degrees according to wall thermometer. Unremarkable.”
  • “Here in Buckingham it’s currently [noon] 34degrees and even the BBC is forecasting that it won’t get above 36 degrees. We managed 38 degrees yesterday, according to the temp gauge on my car.”
  • “34.8 in Stroud. 12:20. Temperature taken in the shade.”
  • “Here in Norwich 11am 35C by calibrated thermometer – forecast was for 38C.”
  • “In cloudy Plymouth Devon at 10.45am the outside temperature is 25.5C, it’s raining (so I don’t have to water the garden), there’s thunder and lightning and we about to get hit by the mother of all storms by the look of the sky.”


I have learned to be a little more questioning when it comes to what people say.

When it comes to people on the Right, I have found that whatever their positions are on other things when it comes to anthropogenic climate change they can throw evidence out the window and say things that are, let’s face it, wildly counter-factual.

In this regard, there is a comment from a reader that I would like to reproduce here:

“While all of us who research and dig deeper than mainstream media allows has gravitated from the formerly anti-war Left, toward what is commonly referred to as “the Right”, it bothers me that so many supposed “free thinkers” have swallowed the whole Right package which includes a rejection of the notion of man made climate change.

“Mike Adams is a perfect example.

“So what’s behind this parallax view? Primitive christians cannot accept that they actually do have the power to destroy this planet that God gave us to care for. They want to remain “God’s Children”, and simply cannot wrap their heads around the power they actually have, but prefer remain in a passive state of denial — blaming solar cycles, ice age cycles, and such.

“Simply put, when a colony of yeast reaches the edge of the petrie dish and the colony collapses and dies, whose fault is it? Dimitri Orlov knows. It’s all about access to resources. Are we humans smarter than yeast? I hope so, but fear that we are not.”

Field Mouse

When it comes to the Left we have found that when it comes to most things that are important, for them the message is far more important than the truth. In fact, they seem willing to lie to put forward their message. 

Many of them will retort that just coming up with objective data that contradicts their narrative (whatever it is), constitutes, in itself, “climate change denial”.

Mention methane clathrates or the melting of the polar ice they may say the same!

Just look at any “fact checker” to confirm this.

So, I repeat my question relating to this –

Why do they have to lie about the basics?


One thought on “Why do they have to lie about the temperatures?

  1. I suppose I am not a “Primitive Christian.”
    When the sky is dusty and you feel like you’re in a greenhouse. You watch the “dust” come from planes and form a dusty layer of “cloud.”
    The ice is melting, we have volcanos or some other heating element on the seabed just west of Svalbard.
    Droughts and floods all over. Probably from “Cloud condensation nuclei” over saturation.
    End times? According to some yes, and maybe not.
    We’ll see, I know it will get much worse.

    “As in the days of Noah.” Which were worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.
    In the story of S-G, The entire town starts a riot, because they want to come into Lot’s house, and rape whoever is visiting them.
    Not quite there yet. Not even in Detroit, Chicago or Portland.

    Then again, “Faster than expected.”

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