Why is Joe Biden relegated to the edge of the G20?

Why is Joe Biden relegated to the edge of the G20?

That’s Joe off to the extreme left of the front row.

Are they keeping him there in case he poops his pants?

Sometimes fact is stranger than satire

Secret Service Agent Spotted Carrying Diaper Bag

SCOTLAND—With Biden attending the COP26 climate change conference in Scotland this week, many were concerned that he might poop in his pants again. Fortunately, his Secret Service entourage seems to be prepared this time, as agents were spotted carrying a presidential diaper bag.

“Biden’s diaper bag is state-of-the-art,” said one anonymous source. “It is completely bulletproof, fully stocked with extra-large Depends and wipes, equipped with an applesauce dispenser, and has a special pocket for the nuclear football. We don’t expect any further presidential ‘explosions’ during this trip.” 

Local media in Scotland took photos of Secret Service agents as they loaded diaper bags into Biden’s vehicle. 

“We categorically deny that Biden has an incontinence problem,” said Jen Psaki to the local press. “He has never pooped in his pants. In fact, he has never pooped. He has been holding his poop for over two years because he is so dedicated to his job as President. We do not use diaper bags in this administration and to suggest otherwise is a far-right smear.”

Suddenly, a nearby Secret Service agent called a “code brown” into the radio, and ran to Biden’s vehicle with a diaper bag as the live feed was cut. 

One thought on “Why is Joe Biden relegated to the edge of the G20?

  1. Completely off subject, has anyone noticed all of Paul Newman’s salad dressing products have been removed from supermarket shelves (in my area anyway) probably not worth noting really. They gave all of their profits to charity $560,000,000 to date. Perhaps this sort of legacy doesn’t fit with the new world order?
    Or perhaps just not an essential item any more for those of us that enjoyed these quality products whilst at the same time knowing we were contributing in some small way. All good I am sure Elon, Jeff and Bill will cover the shortfall???

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