Why you should never, ever use Chat GPT

Why you should never, ever use Chat GPT

Talk about a robot gone rogue!!

I woke up with a bright idea.

Chat GPT throws out some pretty fanciful stuff written in some pretty flowery language so I decided to put some text and ask it to edit only for spelling and grammar.

So, I entered some text, of which this is part.

“I determined to go and consult with Dr Tizard so drove up to Auckland with Dido. I remember being so unwell that Dido, with her chronic fatigue, did most of the driving. Staying with my brother, I travelled over the North Shore to see Dr. Tizard. Using his more primitive version of the MSAS he determined that I had been exposed to a pesticide I had not heard of, Acetochlor and that I had a miasm (in homeopathy an inherited weakness or predisposition) and was prescribed a homeopathic remedy and went into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I recall asking Dr Tizard about exposure to paraquat, but his response had all the arrogance of a general practitioner: he told me that if I had been exposed to paraquat I would be feeling a whole lot sicker. Perhaps Dr Taylor’s remedy neutralized the paraquat? I don’t know. But this is the story of my life – being told by medical practitioners (or defrocked medical practitioners) that there was nothing seriously wrong with me. Even as I write this a feeling of bitterness overcomes me as with other events that I shall cover in the next chapter. This brought a whole new aspect to my NAET practice – the diagnosis of pesticide exposure and that made me busy.”

The app was pretty glitchy so it took a few attempts.

This is what it came up with:

I determined to go and consult with Dr. Tizard, so I drove up to Auckland with Dido. I remember being so unwell that Dido, with her chronic fatigue, did most of the driving. Staying with my brother, I traveled over to the North Shore to see Dr. Tizard. He gave me a consultation and put me through the 14 weeks of hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions. This was about 2003, and the process helped me somewhat. When it became apparent that it was unlikely that I could find work in New Zealand as a naturopath, Dido lent me the money to go and do the Gerson therapy in Mexico.

Fanciful stuff!

This is totally made -up stuff!

Just so you know:

  • Dido never lent me money for Gerson therapy;
  • My mother had died 20 years previously 
  • Gerson worked a treat for my partner, Pam, not me.
  • There was no mention anywhere of “ionised water”

All of this, while I was trying to build up my practice. My mother was concerned that Pam would not have the wherewithal to support me while I treated her for a few years, but I was not able to get a business loan.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t do so well on the Gerson therapy. I came home with my tail between my legs, somewhat the worse for wear. My mother lent me the money to buy the ionized water unit that I had been considering for some time. I needed to get back to my original plan to ‘recover my health’ before I could even think of recovering anyone else. My health was so bad that I was thinking in terms of dying. I had quit my practice because I couldn’t look after my existing patients let alone take on new ones.

But the ionized water helped me a lot. It wasn’t a magic bullet, but it made it possible for me to consider going back into practice.

I had, by this time, received the $80,000 from ACC for the poisoning incident on the farm. That money had been put away to be used as a business loan, should I ever be able to get a business loan.

I’m not sure when, but I eventually opened up in New Plymouth, in an old villa that had been converted into a doctor’s office. I remember Pam bringing the first Xmas cake home from the oven to take to work and feeling very proud. It had ‘Pam’s’ spelled out on top.

I went back to Chat GPT and said:

This is complete nonsense and bears no relationship with what I wrote.
Confusion?! You have completely made stuff up.
And the response:

I apologize for the misunderstanding. It appears there was a misinterpretation on my part. I apologise for any frustration or confusion caused. If you could please provide the specific text that you would like me to edit for spelling and grammar, I will ensure to address your request accurately.

And we are supposed to believe this machine entity is not aware (a misinterpretation on my part)!!

Welcome to the Brave New World!

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