Will China shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane?

Will China shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane?

Chinese PLA May Shoot Down Nancy Pelosi’s


The Taiwan military began yesterday a five-day live fire military exercise that simulates a land invasion of the island by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The military drill comes at the same time China said it is getting seriously prepared for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anticipated visit to Taiwan in August.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 7/25/22

Chinese Media Demands PLA Punish Nancy Pelosi if She Visits Taiwan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited Texas Republican Michael McCaul and several other influential members of the House to travel with her to Taiwan later this month, according to NBC News. Congressman McCaul declined the invitation because of a conflict with his personal schedule. However, he encouraged other House members to go with Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan in a show of force against China. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army used American missiles to blow up an important bridge vital to the Russian military.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 7/27/22.

Green light for the Chinese Army to intervene – The US sends the USS Ronald Reagan to Taiwan – YP.AM. China: “Pelosi will not land…” 

Replacements of Chinese fighters

2 thoughts on “Will China shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane?

  1. Pelosi isn’t going to Taiwan. This is just a distraction form her and her husbands insider trading. She would of called that trip off days ago, but in the mean time this media hyperbole is the perfect way to get the slaves looking in a different direction.

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