Words of sanity: Dr.Chris Busby on covid19

Words of sanity: Dr.Chris Busby on covid19

“There are two types of people: those who investigate and look out the window and those that are full of certitudes and pray at the altar of “Science”

Dr. Chris Busby is definitely from the first category of people.

If I was only able to post one thing on the subject of covid19 this would be it.

If I was erudite and knowledgeable enough this is exactly what I would say.  From his characterisation of modern science and the people who like to praise it (“they don’t look out the window”) to what he says about the virus, bioweapons, 5G and vaccination – along with the humility and ability to say “I don’t know” – it all resonates with me.

I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did.

Dr. Christopher Busby On 

The REAL Covid-19 Stats & 

The Truth About Those 


And then there is this…

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