World War 3 – 11 May, 2023

World War 3 – 11 May, 2023

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has begun – media

Kiev’s troops have reportedly struck Russian positions northwest of the city of Artyomovsk in Donbass
Ukraine’s counteroffensive has begun – media

Ukrainian forces have breached Russian defenses northwest of the city of Artyomovsk in Donbass, Russian war correspondent Evgeny Poddubny reported on Thursday evening. He believes it’s the beginning of Kiev’s much-touted spring offensive.

The attackers appear to have launched a series of simultaneous strikes north and south of Artyomovsk, also known as Bakhmut, several other Russian war reporters added. The city has been the scene of intense fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops for months.

In addition, Kiev’s troops have reportedly used tanks to strike the city of Soledar. Located northeast of Artyomovosk, it was captured by Russian troops after heavy fighting in January.

Meanwhile, in Zaporozhye Region, Kiev’s troops have reportedly attacked Russian positions near the city of Guliay-Pole. They are seeking to break through the Russian forces’ first defensive line, Poddubny explained.

A large column of heavy military equipment was also allegedly spotted moving towards the Ukrainian side of the border with Russia’s Belgorod Region in the northeast.

On Thursday evening, the Russian Defense Ministry said the “general situation in the area of the special military operation was under control.” Denying the reports of any “breakthroughs,” the ministry did note there was a pitched battle near the hamlet of Malo-Ilyinovka, northwest of Artyomovsk.

Kiev has not commented on Thursday’s movements so far. Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed his military still needed more time to prepare before the attack.

The country’s forces were generally “ready” for the operation, he told a collection of Western state media outlets, adding, however, that the cost of the offensive would probably be too high at the present moment. “We can go forward, and, I think, be successful,” Zelensky said. “But we’d lose a lot of people. I think that’s unacceptable. So we need to wait.”

The long-awaited attack was originally expected to start in the spring – even as early as late winter – but has been repeatedly postponed by Kiev, which cited unfavorable weather conditions and the need to stockpile more Western weapons and equipment before the operation.

Earlier this week, German Armed Forces chief General Carsten Breuer also said that the conditions for a massive operation in Ukraine were “not in place.”

Russian military clarifies frontline situation in Ukraine

Moscow has denied earlier social media reports of Kiev’s advances
Russian military clarifies frontline situation in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied rumors of a large-scale Ukrainian counterattack, noting in a statement late on Thursday that the situation along most of the frontline appeared to be relatively calm, with the only heavy fighting in and near Artyomovsk, also known as Bakhmut.

“Reports by certain Telegram channels of ‘breaches of defenses’ in several places along the line of contact are not accurate,” the ministry said around 11 pm Moscow time. “The general situation in the area of the special military operation is under control.”

According to the Russian military, the last remaining part of Artyomovsk was being stormed with air force and artillery support, while there was an “ongoing battle” to repel the attack of Ukrainian units in the direction of Malo-Ilyinkovka, northwest of the city, with “heavy enemy casualties in lives and equipment.”

Eight Ukrainian attacks and three attempts at reconnaissance in force were repelled on the Donetsk front, the Russian military said. Russian forces continue efforts to take all of Marynka and blockade Avdeevka.

Ukrainian troops attempted two company-sized attacks towards Kremennaya but were repulsed. Three scouting parties were defeated further north, near Kupyansk. The ministry first said there had been no “active operations” on Kherson or Zaporozhye fronts in the south, but later published a list of Ukrainian losses on the Kherson front from Russian artillery, and reported shooting down 12 HIMARS rockets and a Su-25 ground attack jet.

Earlier in the day, multiple military correspondents had reported that the Ukrainian counter-offensive might have started, with a “breakthrough” near Artyomovsk and several attacks all along the frontline. One reporter cited military sources to claim the Ukrainians had used chemical weapons at a stretch of the Zaporozhye front as well.

Kiev has not commented on Thursday’s movements so far. Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed his military still needed more time to prepare before the long-awaited spring attack.

From Evgeny Progozhin

Prigozhin: “Vladimir Zelensky is being disingenuous when it comes to the counteroffensive. The counteroffensive is in full swing. In the Artyomovsk direction, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine go to the flanks. And unfortunately, in some places they succeed. We go further in Artyomovsk to take it. Like me  I have already said many times, the plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is in action – we are going to take them, they surround us. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is important now to break through the Artyomovskoye direction. The next directions will be the Bryansk, Belgorod region with access to the territory of the Russian Federation and Zaporozhye. They must first destroy the Wagner PMC in Artemovsk, and then, inspired, they will go to the Belgorod, Bryansk regions and Zaporozhye. Those military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that have been trained, received equipment – tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, they are already fully involved. Thus, the Ukrainian offensive is already in full swing. PMC Wagner continues  perform combat missions in a terrible shortage of ammunition.How we go forward, I will tell you later when we take Artyomovsk.

UK confirms long-range missile delivery to Ukraine

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has downplayed the move, admitting that Russia has more capable weapons
UK confirms long-range missile delivery to Ukraine

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed that his government is supplying long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. CNN previously reported that several Storm Shadow weapons have already been delivered.

Wallace informed parliament about the arms transfer on Thursday, claiming it was a “calibrated and proportionate response” by London to the situation in Ukraine. He described the missile as a “long-range conventional-only precision strike capability,” but declined to provide details about the latest addition to Kiev’s arsenal of Western-provided hardware.

“The use of Storm Shadow will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces based within Ukrainian sovereign territory,” the secretary predicted. He downplayed the significance of providing the new capability to Kiev, stating that the missiles were “not even in the same league” as those available to Russia.

Kiev has long asked Western nations to give it longer-range weapons, but the requests were previously denied. There were reportedly concerns that giving Ukraine the option to attack targets inside Russian territory, which is recognized as such by the US and its allies, would be a major escalation of the conflict. Kiev promised not to make such a move.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the UK decision to send missiles, pledging that the Russian military will make necessary adjustments to counter the new threat.

Moscow has warned that the continued supply of weapons to Ukraine will simply prolong the conflict, which cannot end unless Kiev and its foreign backers address core Russian security concerns. Russia views the hostilities as part of a US-led proxy war against it.

Trump Willing To Meet With Putin To Have Ukraine War “Settled In One Day”

To the surprise of many (and outrage on the left for “giving him a platform”), CNN hosted a town hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday featuring former president Donald Trump, and a key foreign policy focus in the discussion was the Russia-Ukraine war.

During the town hall he was pressed on whether he wants Ukraine to “win”. But instead of taking the bait, he instead focused on finding a peaceful outcome. “I don’t think in terms of winning and losing,” Trump said. I think in terms of getting it settled so we stop killing all these people.”


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