World Wr 3: RUSSIAN Doomsday Planes Sent to SIBERIA

World Wr 3: RUSSIAN Doomsday Planes Sent to SIBERIA


From Hal Turner

***** FLASH ***** Numerous Russian Military Executive Jets Traveling from Moscow to Underground Bunker Area in Ural Mountains

As of 5:00 PM today, 31 May 2023, numerous Russian military executive jets (TU-134A) are traveling from Moscow to the huge government underground Bunker facility in the Ural Mountains near (or beneath) Mount Yamantau.

It is not known which government officials are on those flights or why they are heading to their underground Bunkers.

Moscow is seven hours AHEAD of U.S. east coast time, so as this story is written, it is about 1:00 in the morning over there.  A very odd time for such flights.

RUMORS from the Ground in Ukraine: “Tonight”

There’s a TON of RUMORS coming from the ground in Ukraine all saying “Tonight.”  It is believed these RUMORS are about the much-vaunted (but yet to happen) Ukraine Spring Counter-Offensive.   But these rumors hint at something new: “Inside Russia.”

We all know that the first casualty of war is truth.   It is entirely possible that this is a false RUMOR, perhaps even deliberately released in Ukraine as a Psy-Op against Russia; maybe to get their stress levels up.

But what’s coming out from people on the ground in several parts of Ukraine is all very consistent: “Tonight.”

The new twist is that the “Counter-Offensive” will actually begin “inside Russia.”  Specifically, the RUMOR says “the opening salvo is going to be inside Russia, before the offensive will actually happen on the front lines in Ukraine.”

I am carefully reiterating this is a RUMOR for those who cannot discern very well.   It may be false.  But again, it is something very prominently being spoken on the ground in Ukraine and that, in and of itself, makes it unusual, and worth passing along.

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