WW3 Alert: NATO Provoking Russia to Start War

WW3 Alert: NATO Provoking Russia to Start War

The United States has placed approximately 8,500 troops on standby for possible deployment to eastern Europe to strengthen NATO forces near Ukraine. As many as 50,000 US troops could eventually be sent to the eastern front. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Russia had massed 60 battle groups on its border for a lightning war to capture control of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city. It said such a move would be a disastrous step for Russia and that it would be painful, violent, and bloody.

President Joe Biden held a video call with European leaders today to discuss a NATO war with Russia. And stock markets around the world slid on Monday as war fever increases and US Federal Reserve stimulus money decreases.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 1/24/22

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