YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it’s WAY Worse Than You Think

YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it’s WAY Worse Than You Think

I have been feeling subjectively that they are doing this.

From Dr. Michael Yeadon

This is VERY disturbing. Who controls the past controls the present. Who controls the present controls the future.

Something is happening to internet search, no matter which engine you use. Ok, illustrated just one search term, but the troubling observations are that while you’re told there are hundreds of millions of hits, in practise, once you scroll down a few pages, so you’re still in the top fraction of a slice of 1% of these purported “hits”, all you’re presented with is the same items, again & again & again.

At a glance, this preliminary conclusion. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, “search” is no longer a matter of mere efficiency, of pagerankview. It’s inaccessible to you. You will never see anything that doesn’t come from a WEF-partnered media organisation or its affiliates.

As the presenter says, if this doesn’t worry you, I don’t know what to say.

I’ve lived on information, professionally. When I started, there was no internet & indeed no computers. It didn’t prevent us from knowing our field very well. I’d peruse TOCs every time a new issue of a main journal published. I’d make a list & go and spend a few hours in the library. I’d often find lucky articles next to the one I’d decided to check. I’d check the references cited & maybe pull those older journals from the stacks. After a while, several weeks, I’d have a decent grasp of the topic.

I thought initially the same could be done using internet search. But you can’t. What you’ll see is controlled, restricted, decided.

Few people even know how to find information & go back in time.

There were absolutely vital volumes which were painstakingly assembled by hand.

Index Medicus & Science Citation Index.

I used to love the thrill of leafing through time find your own papers then check how many times your work had recently been cited in others’ work, and go read those papers. They probably still exist. But nobody is going to rely on physical searching. The perpetrators know this.

It’s really concerning.

There’s no obvious fix to this, but being is a helluva start. For example, do not search for anything important using WEF browsers. They’ll learn what your search interation is & ensure you or someone like you will never find things that aren’t WEF friendly.

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Disturbing Proof They’re Quietly Deleting the Internet

6 thoughts on “YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it’s WAY Worse Than You Think

  1. Google, Duckduckgo, Bing etc are heavily censoring results.
    I switched to Yandex and you’d be amazed at the results you get!
    It does have a few minor bugs but it’s worth it.
    Hang in there. We’re going to win the war with the crazy elites.

  2. I’ve noticed the Internet has become a one-way road, and echo chamber.
    I remember the day’s before advertising/subscription pop-ups, cookies, exc. all over the page.
    Email was a big deal!

    The web was always “filtered” but when the 2 dudes sold Youtube… There was a definitive change after that.
    DARPA-net being the Internet.. The alphabet groups and other internationals are working together.

    Quoting CIA Director William Casey: ” Once our disinformation program is complete… Exc.”

    VPN’s can get me onto a Russian server.

    Search results are shuffled, but the almost exactly the same on Google or Yandex.

    1. My bad, I can only find it on Spotify.
      I don’t use that. I had to turn off my VPN’s for the player to load sound. Otherwise it would spin, and time out.

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