Zionists in the chair?: “WITZOPOULOS” is IN on TruNews

Zionists in the chair?: “WITZOPOULOS” is IN on TruNews

Firstly, the GOOD news.

Rick Wiles has survived the CCP bug and his breathing is returning to normal

However, I was somewhat alarmed to read the following:

I have no idea who Lauren Witzke is, but she appears to be a right-winger who appears on the Alex Jones Show.

It appears WITZOPOULOS is in the chair from Wednesday


I had been having some dark thoughts of my own over the weekend and was wondering how a bug came to affect not only Rick and Susan Wiles but some of the staff and, it turns out,Edward Szall.

My thoughts kept coming back to this interview, which was the last time we saw Rick Wiles in the chair.

On looking at social media this morning it seems I have not been the only one to harbour some doubts.


I don’t know enough about Yanis Yiannopoulos and his new-found co-host but it appears to me to be one thing to celebrate Yanis’s putative conversion and to do an interview like this.

I am not the one to judge.

But going from there to giving the chair to “Witzopoulos” is quite another. How is one’s trust earned so quickly.

Something is going on and I don’t feel at all comfortable with it.

I doubt I will be sharing anything from the “Witzopoulos”  TruNews unless I am pleasantly surprised.

My question right now is, where is Doc. Burkhart?

In the meantime TruNews has rebroadcast an interview they did with Judy Mikovits.

Today on TruNews, host Edward Szall revisits an interview conducted one year ago with Dr. Judy Mikovits, the same doctor that blew the whistle on Anthony Fauci. Paying a price by being shunned by the medical community, Dr. Mikovits is unstoppable in her scientific attacks on the diabolical origins of the COVID virus.

Airdate 06/01/21.

2 thoughts on “Zionists in the chair?: “WITZOPOULOS” is IN on TruNews

  1. Just a little devils advocate.
    Milo did spend more than one day with Rick and his family. Perhaps their relationship came easily and Rick thought. “He’s used to being on TV broadcasting… He could make a good temp. host.”

    Maybe Milo’s views on Zionism have changed… Maybe Rick spoke to him about it. Maybe they didn’t touch the subject… and Rick is making a big big mistake.

    I suspect Doc, is probably behind the scenes fulfilling his position as Vice President of TruNews. Because they have not asked for prayer.

    Now I think Milo should NOT be a host… He is a baby Christian. New to the faith… And should not be in a position of teaching. According to the Bible.

    I know nothing about the woman. But Alex Jones is and has been disinformation since the 90’s…
    He lied about Y2K… And has been for 20 years.

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